Thien Cung Cave


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Thien Cung Cave

Due to the hands of the Creator, Thien Cung Cave is one of Halong’s attractions having the remarkable natural beauty. Together with Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay you cannot miss. This cave situated in the north of Dau Go Cave. The cave has a lots of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites with special forms.

How Thien Cung Cave is Unique?

View from thien cung cave

Thien Cung cave has always been one of the most attractive destinations for tourists from all over the world. Not only by the wonderful natural beauty but also by the legends of a thousand generations.

This cave is located near Dau Go cave, 25m high at the entrance of the cave. This is the most beautiful cave in Halong known to man. The nearly 10,000m2 wide cave has a very complex structure, consisting of many levels, many compartments with very high and wide ceilings and walls.

Especially in the cave, everywhere we can see countless blocks of stalactites and stalagmites with strange shapes. So people have envisioned a legend about the love and breakup of Father Dragon, Mother Dragon that took place on the cliffs or thought that this was the image of the labyrinth of the Persian Emperor in the Thousand story odd one night.

where foundation cave of thien cung

Top things to do in Thien Cung Cave

1. The first compartment in the cave

As mentioned above, the first scene that you should pay attention to is the extremely majestic picture of the legendary characters on the east wall. In the north, there is a picture of fairies dancing to celebrate the wedding of the Dragon King. Above the dome-shaped ceiling, there are beautiful drooping stalactite systems like unique and delicate crystal chandeliers.

2. Dynamic centre area

This is the most beautiful place of the cave with four large pillars and many strange shapes such as birds, fish, the wedding scene of the dragon king, natural flowers, … On the cliffs are still scenes of fairy dancing to celebrate the wedding of May and the Dragon King.

Especially, not only images but you can hear the sound of the drums of the wind blowing between the rocks or the bustling sound of this ceremony. This is also one of the areas with many angles to give you the best virtual life. Let’s continue to explore the end of the cave right below

3. The end of the cave

The area at the end of the cave is where you will see a beautiful picture with white, blue, and red interweaved light reflecting down on stalactites, silhouetted into 3 extremely sparkling pools. According to legend, this is also the place where May bathed her 100 children.

At the end of your journey to explore Thien Cung cave, you will feel like you are going to an art museum with unique, delicate and meticulous sculptures of nature to every detail. human imagination

Legendary of Thien Cung image

How to get there?

Thien Cung Cave is located in Dau Go island range southwest of Ha Long Bay, about 4 km from the cruise ship port. Also located on Dau Go Island, Thien Cung cave is located in the north compared to Dau Go cave, so visitors will visit Dau Go cave before coming to Thien Cung cave.

Because it is located on the bay and quite far from the shore. The best way to visit Thien Cung cave is to rent a boat to visit the bay or buy a tour. However, you should pay attention to buy tickets, choose tour number 1, because not all sightseeing routes stop at the cave.

To get to Thien Cung cave, you have to go through a road located on a cliff, both sides are covered with trees. Although there is a narrow opening, but then there is a fairly wide space above a quadrilateral surface with a dimension of 130m. The scene is quite beautiful and airy, creating a motivation for the upcoming journey of dynamic discovery.

inside cave photo

What to eat?

You can order meals on the cruise. If not, here are the specialities in Ha Long you can enjoy:

Vermicelli surface and surface salt roast

Surface or crayfish is a small shrimp, usually living in coastal waters. The new mantis shrimp is the standard name and is widely used throughout the country, but in Quang Ninh, the name surface is the official name and gradually becomes a speciality.

Vermicelli and Cu Ky steamed – grilled

Cu Ky or thunder crab, rock crab is a small crab that is usually only available in Quang Ninh and Khanh Hoa, so they become specialities in Ha Long and Nha Trang. The feature of the island is that they can only eat 2 more, but more of the island is much larger than the normal crab.

Grate the squid by hand

Many coastal provinces have it, but the most special delicious flavour is Quang Ninh squid.

The secret of Quang Ninh squid paste is to pound it by hand, the squid is fresh, so the meat is fragrant and smelly. Squid pies can be eaten with fish sauce or served with white sticky rice or rice rolls.

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Just 4km from the tourist dock so this is perfect for visitor who have very limited time for Overnight Cruise in Halong Bay. So this cave is a great for Halong 1 day trip from Hanoi. If you are limited time for Halong Bay you may replace by other destination as Trang An. It’s called Halong in Land. or drop us an email. Our local expert will customized it for you.

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