Soi Sim Island


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Soi Sim Island

It is the favourite destination of everyone when arriving in Ha Long because it offers many interesting experiences. With wild beauty, peaceful, airy space, along with white sand stretching under golden sunlight, clear blue water…

All this has created a very romantic natural sea and sky scene. You can not only immerse yourself in the cool seawater but also sunbathe on the white sand, watch the clouds and sky, fully enjoy the tropical beauty.

Soi Sim Island

How Soi Sim Island is unique?

Soi Sim Island is a relatively new tourist destination for tourists because the island has just been put into operation for about 10 years. In the islands located on Ha Long Bay. Soi Sim is considered to be the most unspoiled because of the least human impact, the richest and most beautiful vegetation. The space is extremely peaceful and fresh. The beaches are clean with fine white sand and the seawater so clear to the bottom that swimming creatures could be seen as well.

One thing about the name of the island is equally interesting. That is Soi Sim, which has been called by people for a long time. The explanation for this unique and strange name is that there are many sim trees on the island. In the season, each array of sims blooming to purple the whole of a mountain, the poetic landscape is even more lyrical. While walking on the island, you can also enjoy the very safe, sweet and purple ripe sims.

When exploring this unspoiled island. You can climb to the top of the island to have a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery. From here, both the Southeast and Northwest regions of Ha Long Bay seem to be shrunk into your eye level.

Top things to do in Soi Sim Island?

Travelling to Soi Sim island without visiting the ecological system here is a big omission. Because the scenery here is completely gifted by nature, has not been exploited for tourism, so it is less affected by humans, so it still retains its inherent natural beauty. Besides the rich vegetation, you can also see a lot of animals on the island. Make sure to come here you will not be disappointed in your choice.

View from Soi Sim island

Travelling by motorbike around the island:

To serve tourists, there is also a water motorbike rental service. You can rent them right on the beach there are many. If you do not know how to drive, it’s okay, because there will be a guide to help you do this.

1. Conquering Soi Sim peak:

According to the interesting and memorable Soi Soi island travel experience, after the experience of water motorbike, you can go ashore and conquer the top of Soi Sim mountain with more than 400 steps. Although there are not many adventure games here like other developed tourist destinations, from above you can see the entire scenery of miniature Soi Sim and check-in with many beautiful shooting angles, helping you save have many beautiful memories in the trip.

2. See the sim flowers on Soi Sim Island:

If you travel to Soi Sim Island in April, you will have the opportunity to see the endless ways of the simmering forest, a purple colour covering the island, like wearing a new shirt.

3. See purple sim flowers in the sky on Soi Sim Island

From the end of April, the simmering season is in full bloom all over the island, the endless purple hills stretch. Until the end of August the sims are ripe and purple in one area.

When is the best time to visit Soi Sim Island?

The most ideal time to travel to Soi Sim Island is in March – May or from August to October. You shouldn’t to Soi Sim Island in June – July, because this time there are often sudden storms.

How to get there?

Soi Sim Island is located in Ha Long, so before going to the island you need to move to Ha Long first. From Hanoi, you can catch a bus at My Dinh bus station with a ticket price of about 100 000 – 180 000 vnd/ person, depending on the quality of each vehicle. It takes about 3.5 – 4 hours to arrive.

  • You can also take a Limousine for 220 000 VND / one way, high-quality car and not catch passengers along the way. So moving is also quite fast, it takes about 3 hours. According to the travel experience of Soi Sim Island. It is convenient for you to buy a Limousine ticket if you do not have much time to travel because the price is not much higher.
  • After arriving in Ha Long, you take a taxi to the port and order a ticket to Soi Sim Island at a price of about 150 000 VND / one way and travel time takes about 20 minutes.

What to eat?

Referring to Ha Long cuisine, it is impossible not to mention Sa Sung, a delicious dish, a famous speciality in Ha Long. With high nutritional content and a variety of processing methods. You can enjoy dishes from sautéed sausage such as: sauteed with garlic, stewed sauces, dried peanut worms, … With different taste, you will love this dish for sure.

Also Soi Sim Island tourism has many other attractive dishes you should enjoy such as: Ca Day, Gat Gu cake, sam, squid, …

In recent years, Soi Sim Island has attracted the attention of many tourists coming to Halong Bay. Because of its wild, fresh beauty and rich vegetation. Let’s once explore this beautiful island to feel the love that nature bestows.

Quick tips

  • It’s great time to view the bay from this island from May to October
  • Should not go here at weekend. because there are many local tourist.
  • It’s available for private tour Halong bay 2 days or 3 days only.

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