Quan Lan Beach
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Quan Lan Beach

Situated in Bai Tu Long Bay, in Van Don island district of Quang Ninh province. It’s located between two communes Quan Lan and Minh Chau. Quan Lan beach is one of the most beautiful beaches, still retaining its pristine beauty and unpolluted ecological environment.

How Quan Lan Beach is unique?

Quan Lan Beach

Quan Lan beach stretches, big waves and very fresh, bringing many things to attract tourists who love swimming, exercising and participating in camping, festivals. The green casuarina groves can make visitors flutter. Quan Lan beach is known by many people. Because they are located in the central residential area and have many of the most beautiful red-tiled motels and hotels on the island

Top things to do in Quan Lan Beach?

Quan Lan Beach has a curved shape like a crescent moon, slopes gently to the sea and is surrounded by green casuarina hill. Quan Lan Beach is one of the beautiful beaches, still retaining its wild beauty and natural ecological environment.

Quan Lan Island

Coming to Quan Lan, in addition to free diving in the cool seawater. Visitors can also walk to enjoy the sunny, windy, salty taste of the sea; explore the pristine natural landscape around the island with immense pine and Tram forests; Visit the fishing villages and learn about fishermen’s life.

Is it great to travel to Quan Lan island?

Not only attracted by the beautiful blue beaches, but Quan Lan also has a complex of relics bearing the cultural identity of the land that used to be the “best in the South” commercial port, notably Quan Lan temple – an in the two oldest communal houses of Quang Ninh province. The communal house was built in the Hau Le dynasty (around the 17th century), worships King Ly Anh Tong (1138-1175), the village royal citadel and the seniors with merit to establish the village.

DSC 46511

The architectural style of the communal house, including the front line and harem. The roof is covered with tiles, the blades are bent, and the roof is covered with a dip-long moon pattern. The temple has 32 female pillars, 26 pillars made of ironwood and rosewood – a tree found only on Ba Mun island. Over the centuries, the wooden pillars are still intact, never terminated, including the female pillars over 5m high and 70cm in diameter. The figurines, the traps, the residual head, the first sentence, the hammock door … of the communal house are finely carved with the images of dragons, phoenixes, flowers and leaves.

Located next to Quan Lan communal house is Quan Lan Pagoda (Linh Quang Tu) worshipping Buddha and mother Lieu Hanh. Through the gate of the three pagodas, the pagoda is worshipping the street and the harem. Currently, the pagoda still maintains a system of Buddha statues bearing the Nguyen Dynasty sculpture style; the diaphragm, sentence and style.

How to get there?

To get to Quan Lan, you need to find a way to move to Cai Rong port in Van Don or Hon Gai port in Ha Long, these are two ports with ships to the island.

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Travel by Car to Quan Lan Beach

Since highways are connecting Hanoi with Quang Ninh, moving from Hanoi to these localities is relatively convenient. With a vehicle that is a private car, you just need to move along the highway Hanoi – Hai Phong – Ha Long – Van Don. Then go straight to Cai Rong port and return the car to continue to the island.

By Motorcycle

With a motorbike a relatively long distance, you should consider using public transport. However, if you want to go, you can move along the road through Bac Ninh, Chi Linh, Uong Bi City, down to Ha Long, then follow highway 18.

It takes about 1 hour from Cai Rong port (Van Don) to Quan Lan. Every day, many ships are going to the island to serve the needs of the people. Every weekend or holiday, the number of trips in Halong will increase to serve tourists

By Boat From Hon Gai port

From Hanoi to travel to Ha Long, the fastest means of transportation is by car. Normally, bus trips to Ha Long will depart from My Dinh bus station in about 4-5 hours if they follow the old route. However, many garages have now opened a 9-seat luxury limousine with spacious and comfortable seats. Most of them take the Hanoi – Hai Phong highway to shorten the travel time to only about 3 hours. Depending on your period to choose the right option.

When is the best time to visit Quan Lan Beach?

Around March, the sea was very quiet, you could go without fear of seasickness. However, it must be around April (depending on the year), the weather begins to be hot, suitable for swimming. The appropriate time to travel to Quan Lan will be in the mineral from April to September every year.

Quan Lan

However, if you go from July to September, you should pay attention to the weather to prevent tropical depressions or storms entering the Gulf of Tonkin that will affect most of the coastal Northern provinces. Anyway, going to Quan Lan is easier because the island is in Bai Tu Long Bay, the boat in Bai Tu Long Bay going in the bay is always quieter than a boat going out to sea.

What to eat?

Besides seafood, you can also enjoy something in the sea. However, if you are afraid of eating too much seafood, you can order a restaurant or hotel to cook with normal vegetable rice soup.

Grilled clam with fat, fresh onion, delicious, greasy drinking with beer is a dish that most tourists like.

  • Steamed squid
  • Sa Sung
  • Tu Hai
  • Grilled oyster with onion oil.

Recommended accommodation in Quan Lan Beach

  • Villa Song Chau
  • Van Hai Xanh Hotel
  • Xuan Thuy Hotel
  • Amazing Container Homestay
  • Mai Homestay Quan Lan

If you like to immerse yourself in nature, you can bring a tent to sleep on the island or rent in homestays or hotels. You can comfortably set up tents, just keep an eye on the weather situation.

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