Luon Cave
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Luon Cave

One of the places that tourists can not miss when coming to Quang Ninh must include Hang Luon. The cave is classified as beautiful places that have been exploited for tourism in recent years

How Luon Cave is Unique?

boat trip to luon cave

Luon Cave is located in Bo Hon Island. It’s far about 14 km to the South of Bai Chay tourist dock. In front of the cave are the Turtle Island and the Heavenly Gates on the right. Here, visitors may have a possibility to admire steep seas, the water is clear and grim year around as smooth as a mirror.

Tourist visit luon cave by bamboo boat

Crossing Turtle Island – the gate, right at the entrance, Luon Cave opened up calm peaceful clear blue waters. The cave called Luon Cave is comparatively iconic. It’s a circular wrought iron bow with a blue lake in the middle, also flows into the ocean with a tunnel made by a magnificent and extremely mysterious cave. Throughout the beautiful entrance gate, tourists will meet a quiet circular lake encompassed by luxuriant vegetation, craggy cliffs, shady ancient trees, and charming blooming orchids. Particularly, under the calm blue water is a bright life of the marine species like fish, shrimp, crab, squid. If you are lucky you will see monkeys – we called golden heads monkeys while visiting the cave.

Monkey on Luon Cave

Top things to do in Luon Cave

Exploring Luon Cave is an interesting journey to paddle through a beautiful arc gate, full of falling stalactites. Inside is a round, quiet lake, covered with trees, cliffs and cliffs, on which monkeys run and jump.

Cruise ships could not enter the cave but only anchored near the door. Visitors who want to enter must get off small boats, each carrying about 10 to 15 people. Both entering and leaving take about 20 minutes. Should bring lifebuoy. There is no charge to take a boat to the cave because it is included in the entrance fee.

Passing the turtle island – “heaven gate” in front of the door, Luon cave opens up a calm, calm blue water. Here the four sides of the cliff stand up. Close to the water’s edge, a bow-shaped gate through the mountains is the way to the cave.

Through the beautiful city gate, we meet a round, flat lake with overgrown trees, rocky cliffs, on which monkeys run and leap, the old trees are shiny, and the wind is shining. Orchids let loose and bloom flagrantly and under the calm blue water is the vibrant life of marine species such as shrimp, fish, crab, squid …

This is a group of closed islands, connected to the sea by only a cave mouth about 4 m wide, 3 m high, 100 m long. The brackish lake in the cave is surrounded by four mountain surfaces, approximately 1 km2 wide. There are still fossilized freshwater snail shells on the cliffs, proving that here people have lived and that day must be a deep valley.

In the middle of the cave, there is a stalagmite hanging on the water, shaped like a small elephant sticking out a pretty hose to drink seawater. And inside are small bristles that stab out like the tentacles of octopus guarding Thien Tue’s lake, preventing mundane people from bathing in the lake. On the bank is the canopy of magnifying trees that create a charming landscape. The lake inside Luon cave is also known as the first bathing lake.

Visitors can enjoy many charming landscapes of nature, but the most fun experience is kayaking. Your boat will go down the calm stream of water through the beautiful arc gate, full of falling stalactites. Then came a strangely peaceful round lake. Four quiet surfaces, overgrown trees, craggy cliffs, … All create the landscape full of art and aesthetics.

kayaking in Luon Cave

When is the best time to visit Luon Cave?

Luon cave is a cave system located in the enclosed sea of Ha Long. Therefore, you can come here anytime without fear of being affected by big storms or big waves. However, if you want to avoid unpleasant wet rains while going out, you should choose to go from September to 4 years later. The weather is now drier, less rainfall and the temperature is also much softer. Limit travel in May-August because the weather is quite hot, sometimes up to 39 ℃ and a lot of thunderstorms.

Kayaking in luon cave

How to get there?

To get here, you will go from Tuan Chau International Port. You will buy a ticket on route No.2 to go to Bo Hon Island. Or you can book the Ha Long tour from Hanoi to avoid having to worry about trains and accommodation.

What to eat?

  • Squid rolls
  • Grilled oysters
  • Sea sam
  • Fried snails with soy sauce

Thanks to immense scenery, majestic islands & islets next to the successive cave. Luon Cave in particular and Halong in general will certainly offer exciting experiences on the vacation to Vietnam.

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