Goi Island


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Goi Island

Located in Quan Lan – Van Don tourist area (Quang Ninh). Hon Goi is a completely new and ideal destination for travellers who love to mingle with nature.

Follow Origin Travel Vietnam team discover the beauty of Goi Islet after overnight Cruise in Halong Bay.

How Goi Island is Unique?

Swimming at Goi Island

Goi Island is a deserted island in Quan Lan island commune, Van Don district in the island system of Bai Tu Long Bay. This 30-hectare island has not yet developed tourism services, so it remains unspoiled with green nature and surrounding deep blue sea. The island has primitive forests, rocky mountains …

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Top things to do in Goi Island

Is the only island with freshwater wells, possessing 2 long beaches, white sand, including primitive forest, rocky mountains … Hon Goi meets all challenges for people who love to explore.

For those who want peace, not crowded with thousands of tourists flocking to the islands, this place is an extremely ideal destination. The Halong Bay holidays at Goi Island are the days when visitors will be completely in harmony with nature.

There are no hotels or resorts, on the island, there is only one house on stilts about 200m² wide under a green, cool grove.

Goi island beach

Or you can bring a tent and set it up by the beach. Welcoming sunrise and sunset on the smooth white sand beach will be the best moments, temporarily forgetting all worries of busy daily life.

  • Explore the Old Banyan Tree, Old Water Well, Ha Duc Beach, Snail-Catching Gorge, Fishing …
  • Join the fishing boats to experience fresh seafood fishing …
  • Trekking Forest, fishing, fishing, catching snails…
  • Campfire, Beach Gala with music and friends Join a night drinking game with fishermen on the island
  • BBQ Beach with music and friends

When talking about Goi Island. You would need to know. It’s an unspoiled island, meaning that what belongs to the city will be left behind. That means you will have 2 days just eating, playing, exploring, taking pictures, sleeping, bathing, boating …

How to get there?

Not everyone is allowed to go to the island. Whether you have ever been to the island or know the way to go, you are not allowed to enter and exit freely. Every week, Goi Island is only open to welcome tourists booked in advance. Especially each time it only welcomes a group of tourists with more than 30 people. And only a handful of travel agencies are offering tours on the island.

The cost is about 2.5 million VND / person including shuttle service Hanoi – Quang Ninh. But (if you are in Quang Ninh will be deducted this fee), accommodation, experience … package.

What to eat?

Fresh seafood caught right in this area will serve a delicious barbecue in the evening. Enjoying a meal right on the beach with cloudy and watery space in front of your eyes, there is nothing more wonderful.

Recommended accommodation

There are no hotels or resorts, on the island, there is only one house on stilts about 200m² wide under a green, cool grove. Or you can bring a tent and set it upright by the beach. Welcome sunrise and sunset on the smooth white sand beach. It will be the best moment, temporarily forgetting all worries of busy daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Goi Island

What Are The Most Amazing Things To Do In Goi Island?

Which Place Is Must See In Goi Island?

These places must see in Goi Island village & around:
Titov island Halong Bay
Soi Sim Island
Cai Chien Island

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