Co To Island


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Co To Island

Co To is an archipelago with about 50 islands located in the East of Quang Ninh province, including Big Co To, Small Co To, Thanh Lan and other small islands. The Island fascinated people by the pristine beaches with white sand and clear blue water and cool, quiet air.

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How Co To Island is unique?

Co To Island fascinates visitors by its pristine beaches with white sand and clean, clear water, and beautiful scenery. Co To’s majestic nature is the combination of forest, sea, fishing village and especially the gentle, sincere and hospitable islanders.

White sand beach of Co To

Top things to do in Co To Island?

At Co To, there are many beautiful tourist spots for you to visit and explore. With just a motorbike, you can easily explore the beautiful tourist attractions of the entire island. Here is a list of beautiful tourist attractions of Co To you should visit.

1. Co To Lighthouse

This lighthouse was built in the late 19th century. Standing from above Hai Dang light you can observe the panorama of Co To island.

2. Cau My stone beach

Located in the south of Co To Lon island. Cau My has a sedimentary rock system that has been eroded over thousands of years by seawater. It creates a rare wonder compared to other famous islands of Vietnam.

3. Hong Van Beach

Located in the east of Co To Island, Hong Van beach is calm, the waves are rolling like a lake. Because Thanh Lan Island is located to block the wind from the sea. The soft sandy beaches along with the clear blue sea here will make visitors unable to leave their feet.

4. Van Chai beach

It is beautiful, nestled on the beach with a long stretch of fine sand, charming rolling waves. In particular, the seawater here is always a beautiful blue, changing different shades of blue whenever there are small waves that follow each other on the shore.

5. Love road

2 km long road is paved with red brick, along the coast, located about 100m from the town centre. The two sides are two rows of blue, blowing in the wind, walking here is extremely romantic.

6. Co To Small Island

No residents, but attracts the most tourists of the Co To archipelago. Because of its beautiful untouched beaches.

The island is more than 1 km away from Co To. You do not need to apply for a permit and can hire a wooden boat to go to Co To island with a travel time of about 30 minutes.

Sunset on Co To Beach

When is the best time to visit Co To Island?

You can go to Co To any time of the year. However, going to the summer season is always the first choice of travellers. If planning to go check the weather forecast to avoid rainy or stormy days.

How to get there?

To come to Co To Island. You need to go to Cai Rong port in Van Don district, Quang Ninh to buy train tickets to the island. There are two types of ships you can buy tickets to go:

– High-speed train: Depart at 13:00 every day, time to go to the island is about 90 minutes.

– Wooden ship from Halong Bay: Departure weekdays at 6:30 am, travel time to the island is about 150 minutes.

The departure schedule depends on the weather situation at sea. So you should contact Cai Rong Port in advance to inquire about the departure schedule to get the latest information.

Recommended accommodation in Co To Island

The centre of the island is where there are many motels and hotels for you to choose from. This area also has quite crowded services so choosing to stay here is convenient for eating and travelling.

  • Coto Center Homestay
  • Cuong Thinh Homestay Coto
  • Hoang Trung Hotel
  • Golden Coto Hotel
  • Green Coto Hotel
  • Truong Xuan Resort
  • Coto Jade Island

What to eat in Co To Island?

Co To seafood is famous for being fresh and delicious, you definitely can’t miss the seafood dishes on this beautiful island. In the town, there are many restaurants with delicious food at reasonable prices.

If you do not want to go to a restaurant. It is also fun to order meals with your property, or buy seafood from the Market and rent a cooking service at the property.

Please drop an email to or call direct to +84 82 909 8686 for All things need to know before travel to Co To island.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Co To Island

What Are The Most Amazing Things To Do In Co To Island?

The most amazing things to do in Co To Island are:
Explore Off The Beaten Path
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Halong Bay 3 Day Tour

Which Place Is Must See In Co To Island?

These places must see in Co To Island & around:
Quan Lan Island
Cai Chien Island
Bai Tu Long National Park

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