Bai Tho Mountain


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Bai Tho Mountain

Bai Tho Mountain is a beautiful limestone mountain located in the centre of Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province. This is a relic of important historical and cultural value. In the past, Bai Tho Mountain was named Ray Den mountain.

Although it is not the highest mountain in the coastal city, with the mountain facing the bay, this is considered the most ideal viewing spot in Ha Long Bay.

Bai Tho Mountain

How Bai Tho Mountain is unique?

Located next to Ha Long Bay, from a distance Bai Tho mountain looks like a giant castle with three undulating towers on the solid walls. If viewed from many angles, people can see that the mountain sometimes looks like an ambush, sometimes looks like a lion playing with prey, sometimes like a dragon about to take off.

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Top things to do in Bai Tho Mountain

Gradually climbing to the top of the mountain, you will be amazed at the beauty of Ha Long Bay. If you set the right time for sunrise or sunset, you will have to remember that time forever. A vague, magical mountain and forest scene blends with the sky and clouds.

However, the interesting point of Bai Tho mountain in Quang Ninh is not only located at the top of the mountain but also arranged along the way. Although the path up the mountain is the available staircase, is surrounded by a cliff with thousands of different plants.

Climbing the mountain while feeling the scent and the sea breeze will help you to reduce fatigue somewhat. However, if the weather is rainy or sunny, remember to find a stop before continuing your Halong bay tour journey.

Over looking Halong Bay from Bai Tho

When is the best time to visit Bai Tho Mountain?

To enjoy the natural landscape as well as the favourable climbing, the weather as well as the time is quite important. With the dry season lasting from November to April next year, this is the most ideal time for us to climb Mount Bai Tho. The best time of day to check in many beautiful scenes is early morning or sunset on sunny days.

When coming to Bai Tho mountain, you should carefully research the weather and do not forget to bring other necessary tools:

  • Wear sports shoes with good grip and friction to avoid slipping.
  • Bring a hat, sunshade and summer days.
  • Pack a snack and don’t forget to bring a drink.
  • Equip a small flashlight if going in the early morning or determined to descend the mountain at dusk.
  • Genuine phones fully charge their batteries so they can comfortably check-in and keep in touch with others.

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How to get there?

To come to this beautiful mountain, of course, we must first set foot in Quang Ninh.

Road to the foot of the mountain

Starting with the position is from the centre of Quang Ninh city, we ride straight along Le Thanh Tong Street. When you arrived at Nam Phong cafe on Hang Pot street, then turn to the opposite street and go into a small alley around the houses. Then you ask the locals if you can reach the right foot of the mountain. You can also take a motorbike taxi, grab or limousine for a transfer.

The foot of the mountain is looked after and closed by a middle-aged uncle’s family. If you come by motorbike or car, you should send it at the Ha Long market area or the first water shop at the foot of the mountain.

Road to the top of the mountain

Bai Tho mountain from above can admire the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay in majestic beauty. However, to move to the top of the mountain does not take too much effort because it is only about 200m above sea level. From the foot of the mountain, following the trails you can move about 30 minutes to conquer the peak.

The Bai Tho mountain road is quite easy to go because it is made into gentle steps of concrete slabs. However, the section near to the top of the mountain was a bit creaky and strenuous. The descent time is also quite fast and easy in about 10 minutes.

What to eat?

Travelling to Bai Tho Mountain in Quang Ninh, you can enjoy the specialities of Quang Ninh:

Hand-painted squid rolls – The most famous speciality dish in Quang Ninh

Sea Sam is processed into a variety of dishes such as sweet and sour stir-fried sam, sam salad, fried sam eggs, steamed sam, fried sam, and stir-fried sam with vermicelli.

Referring to Quang Ninh cuisine, we immediately think of Tien Yen hill chicken, a famous speciality of Ha Long.

Sausage is a speciality on Quan Lan Island, it is a luxurious dish because the price is very expensive, a kilogram of peanut worm costs nearly 4 million VND.

Anyone who has eaten Quang Ninh surface vermicelli must not forget this delicious dish of coastal love. All the most quintessential things are sent by the chefs in the sweet, fragrant vermicelli bowls.

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Wishing you have a wonderful time holiday Vietnam in Halong City.

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