Xin Man
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Xin Man

Xin Man is a destination in Ha Giang province that not many tourists know about. Normally, when traveling to Ha Giang, people often think of famous and attractive tourist destinations that attract tourists. Such as: Dong Van Stone Plateau, Tu San Canyon, Nho Que River, King’s Palace. Cats,… or some other attractive tourist destinations.

Few people know that in the Ha Giang area there is also Xin Man. Also one of the extremely beautiful places, Xin Man has a majestic beauty but is no less poetic because of its vast steppes and gardens. beautiful primeval and heroic historical relics. For more detailed information about this place, let’s explore this wonderland with Origin Vietnam.

1. Where is Xin Man?

Xin Man is a mountainous district located in the northwest of Ha Giang province, Vietnam. About 150 km southwest of Ha Giang city center and about 330 km northwest of Hanoi capital. With geographical location:

  • The East borders Hoang Su Phi district.
  • The West borders Si Ma Cai district, Bac Ha district and Bao Yen district in Lao Cai province.
  • The South borders Quang Binh district.
  • The North borders Ma Quan district, Yunnan province, China.

With its unique location, this place has both a strategic political role and is known for its potential tourism value.

IMG 26800

2. How is Xin Man unique?

Xin Man district has complex terrain, located in the mountain range upstream of the Chay River, so it is mainly hills and mountains with steep slopes and divided by many streams.

Xin Man district has an area of nearly 600 km2, a population of about 50,700 people, including ethnic minorities such as Kinh, Tay, Nung, H’Mong, Phu La, Hoa, La Chi, Cao Lan,… in The Nung, H’Mong, and Tay ethnic groups make up the majority. The district is divided into 18 administrative units including 17 communes and one district capital.

Referring to Ha Giang, besides famous tourist destinations such as Dong Van, Hoang Su Phi or Meo Vac. It’s definitely impossible not to mention the western land of the province which is Xin Man. Xin Man is one of the poorest district of the province. But with the consensus of the Party Committee and ethnic minorities. It’s changing day by day; in which tourism is focused on developing and promising many new successes. With the beautiful, peaceful and majestic nature of the mountains and the cultural characteristics of ethnic groups. Xin Man is a land with great tourism potential.

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3. When is the best time to travel to Xin Man?

Xin Man always carries a natural, poetic beauty for those who set foot in Ha Giang. Each season in this area brings tourists different experiences.

  • In September to October, you will enjoy the fragrant scent of ripe rice wafting from the vast terraced fields.
  • In the early days of winter, this place is immersed in the dreamy pink color of buckwheat flowers covering the hillsides.
  • Going through the spring and warm summer, the mountains here will be immersed in the lush green of trees, young buds and forests of plum blossoms, peach blossoms, pear blossoms,… exuding blooming fragrance.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that this place has a fairyland beauty that no one should miss.

4. How to get to Xin Man?

4.1 From Hanoi:

To move to the Xin Man area, we must first move to Ha Giang city. Normally, people will depart from Hanoi to Ha Giang city by some public means.

  • You can go to My Dinh bus station to catch a sleeper bus to the Ha Giang city area. There are many different bus companies to get to the Ha Giang city area.
  • Or you can also choose to travel by personal vehicle by motorbike or self-driving car to Ha Giang. However, this will be a suitable vehicle for those who love adventure and want to explore the beautiful natural scenery here.

If you travel by public transportation to get to Ha Giang, after stopping here, you can rent a taxi, motorbike or take an intra-province bus to get to the tourist destination here.

4.2 From Ha Giang city:

After arriving in Ha Giang city, you can follow 3 different routes to get to Xin Man.

  • Route 1: Normally, people will choose to travel along National Highway 2 from Bac Quang through Hoang Su Phi area, which is one of the famous and attractive tourist destinations for you. But If you come to Hoang Su Phi tourist destination in the last days of August and early September, you will witness the beauty of extremely beautiful and attractive rice fields for tourists with terraced fields. The stairs are filled with the color of ripe golden rice.
  • Route 2:There is also another road starting from the National Highway 2 area to Highway 279 and Route 178. This is a road where landslides and natural disasters often occur, because this road is relatively dangerous and few people choose to travel to Xin Man by this route. The road to Xin Man is also relatively remote and difficult to navigate, as well as facing many obstacles. Therefore, if you travel here by motorbike, you also need to pay attention and be careful during the travel process.

5. Sightseeings in Xin Man

IMG 26802

5.1 Tien Waterfall – Gio Pass tourist area

If you set foot in Xin Man, you will certainly hear the phrase “Whoever has not passed Gio Pass has not been to Xin Man” to talk about this most pristine and poetic road in Ha Giang. Gio Pass is located in Nam Dan commune, located in the west of Ha Giang. From Gio Pass, visitors can see Tien Waterfall roaring day and night in the middle of the primeval old forest from the Ta Ngan stream at an altitude of 1403 meters – white water spray, echoing throughout the sky.

The scenery here is both majestic and magnificent, making every visitor captivated. There’s nothing better than enjoying the cool feeling when crossing winding passes, going through wild forests to admire the beauty of white waterfalls, right?

5.2 Nam Dan ancient stone field

Nam Dan ancient stone beach is located on both sides of Nam Khoong stream, in Nam Dan commune, Xin Man district. This place is also called by local people by another name “field of many words” or “Na Lai Shu”. Another thing to be very proud of is that this place has been recognized as a national monument because of its great historical value.

This ancient stone field includes 7 large stone slabs and 2 small stone slabs engraved with more than 80 drawings and about 80 holes. The drawings are made according to certain rules including circles, rectangles, squares, etc. This place has been visited and studied by many archaeological experts, certifying the age of these stones. dating back over 1,000 years, the engravings were created by hammers and iron impacting on stone. The stone beach at Xin Man Ha Giang is also said to have many similarities with the Ancient Stone Beach in Sapa.

5.3 Suoi Thau Meadow– Coc Pai

Suoi Thau steppe is about more than 5 km from Coc Pai town, the road is relatively dangerous. That’s why this place is rarely visited by tourists, so it still retains its original wild features. The landscape here is likened to a landscape painting with rolling mountains and hills, vast rice fields and the simple life of the H’Mong ethnic people.

Suoi Thau is also an ideal observation point for visitors to fully admire the beauty of communes in Xin Man district such as: Thu Ta, Coc Re, Pa Vay Su and Ta Nhiu… From here you will see beautiful villages. The closely spaced houses of ethnic minorities, colorful traditional costumes.

5.4 Than Tien Cave in Na Ma

Than Tien Cave is a small cave, famous to local people as a very sacred place, worshiped by many generations. Accordingly, for those who are unlucky enough to be infertile, they only need to pray for a child here and they will be pregnant. For those who are sick and cannot be cured, they only need to attend the ceremony to regain their health like a young man.

It is unclear whether these things are true or not, but the Vietnamese concept is still “Worship is sacred, abstinence is good” so if you have the opportunity to come here, please sincerely pray for good things for yourself. and family and relatives.

IMG 26803

5.5 Thien Thuy Cave

Thien Thuy Cave attracts visitors with its majestic landscape and beautiful stalactites. This place was honored to be awarded the title of Majestic National Scenic Landscape by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Coming here, you will be surprised that these caves turn out to be no less sparkling and magical than anywhere else.

5.6 Xin Man border gate

Xin Man border gate is located in the west of Ha Giang province, at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. This place is covered in fog all year round, and is the trading place of Ha Giang in particular and Vietnam in general, with the Chinese market. Xin Man border gate in Ha Giang also has a stone gate relic from the Qing Dynasty – a place that marks the history of the border between our country and China.

5.7 Nam Choong Stream

Nam Choong mineral spring is hidden in a hot water source with a temperature of over 90C with two erupting geysers. Spring water contains many trace minerals that help restore health and relax the body effectively. In addition, around the mineral spring there is a lush green natural landscape with fresh, lush trees.

5.8 Nan Ma historical site

Nan Ma historical site is a place to remember the once illustrious deeds of the Tay Tien army in the bandit campaign called “East-West Group” to prevent reactionary expansion of the war in North Vietnam. This is a testament to the crimes of bandits (the counter-revolutionary force of the French Colonialists) and eternal gratitude to the 12 civil service soldiers who fought hard on the Northwest front for the Vietnamese homeland.

In addition to the above-mentioned destinations. Xin Man district also has many localities with unique terrain and indigenous culture. Such as Ban Diu commune – the cultural cradle of La Chi people with Khu Cu Te New Year’s Day in the July lunar calendar every year. Coc Re commune still has many pristine beauty, gentle people and spiritual activities associated with the mountains, or a rugged but attractive Pa Vay Su. Xin Man commune has Xin Man – Do Long Border Gate as suitable places for tourists who love ecotourism and adventure tourism. It’s a perfect foundation for developing immersive Ha Giang discovery tours.

6. Specialties when traveling to Xin Man

It is difficult to list all the traditional dishes of ethnic minorities in Xin Man district. Up to now, very few dishes have been lost, which shows that, no matter what period, cuisine is always closely linked to the lives of indigenous people. Cuisine is not just a delicious taste on the tongue, but each dish contains the entire life journey of the people here. Tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the following specialties when traveling to Xin Man:

  • Five coloured sticky rice.
  • Field carp.
  • Goat Thang Co.
  • Smoked buffalo meat.
  • Quang Nguyen sticky rice wine.
  • Tao Ban Ngo Village Wine.
  • Shan Tuyet tea.
  • Bitter melon tea.
  • Forest honey.
  • Chi Ca seedless persimmon.
  • Gia Long vermicelli.
  • Gia Dui Then Phang Rice.

IMG 26805

7. Accommodation when traveling to Xin Man

When traveling to Xin Man, visitors can refer to some of the accommodation facilities below:

7.1 Hotels:

  • Gia Long Hotel. Address: Coc Pai Town, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Mien Tay Hotel. Address: Coc Pai Town, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Xin Man Hotel. Address: Coc Pai Town, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Huyen An Hotel. Address: Coc Pai Town, Xin Man, Ha Giang.

7.2 Guesthouses:

  • HP motel. Address: Coc Pai, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Ngoc Son Guesthouse. Address: Coc Pai Town, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Hoang Long Guesthouse. Address: Coc Pai Town, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Royal Guesthouse. Address: 26 Le Duan, Group 2, Coc Pai Town, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Phu Cuong Guesthouse. Address: Coc Pai Town, Xin Man, Ha Giang.

7.3 Homestays:

  • Hoai Homestay. Address: Na Chi, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • La Luong Homestay. Address: Nam Dan, Xin Man, Ha Giang
  • Minh Beu Homestay. Address: Quang Nguyen, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Tho Homestay. Address: Khuon Lung, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Duc Quan Homestay. Address: Phone 178, Khuon Lung, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Hoang An Homestay. Address: Quang Ha, Quang Nguyen, Xin Man, Ha Giang.

Though it may appear deserted and underdeveloped, the western region of Ha Giang province, particularly Xin Man District, possesses all the necessary elements for a remarkable leap forward in tourism development. This progress will not only enhance the cultural and social well-being of the ethnic minorities residing here but also unveil the hidden beauty of this magnificent land. With Origin Vietnam’s Ha Giang tours you can embark on captivating routes that allow you to fully explore and experience the wonders of this remarkable destination in Vietnam.

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