When is the best time to travel to Ha Giang?
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When is the best time to travel to Ha Giang?

Ha Giang is a beautiful province located in the northernmost part of Vietnam, known for its stunning natural scenery, unique culture, and diverse ethnic communities. The best time to visit Ha Giang depends on your preferences and interests.

Follow Origin Vietnam team and find the best time to travel to Ha Giang. And after this article you can pick right season for your Wonderful Vietnam tour package to Ha Giang.

When is the best time to travel to Ha Giang?

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Ha Giang is a highlight of Northwest tourism, with famous landmarks, unique cuisine and friendly people, hospitality. Ha Giang travel is the destination of many visitors, especially young people love to explore nature, mountains majestic.

You can visit Ha Giang at any time of the year, each season has its own characteristics. In January there are plum blossom, peach blossom, yellow broccoli. In April there is a Khau Vai love market. September and October rainy season, November is the season of triangular flowers.

Travel on Spring – (festival season – plum blossom, peach blossom)

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There are many festivals in Ha Giang in Spring season. The beginning of the year is the occasion to rest for the New Year. This is also a suitable opportunity for you to discover the unique culture and people of the land territory. Ceremonies, Buffalo Fighting Festival, Horses Fighting Festival … are Spring Festival in Ha Giang you should explore.

In March. This is the time when the flowers are full of pink peach blossom of peach blossom, pure white of apricot blossoms, plum blossom is suitable for people who love to take flower picture.

Peach blossoms, plum blossoms in Ha Giang concentrated much along the road from Quan Ba to Yen Minh, especially focused areas Dong Van, Lung Cu and Meo Vac.

Travel on Summer (Khau Vai love market, bring water to terrace rice fields)

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Ha Giang in April what is beautiful? April is the time to market Khau Vai love market. The market only took place in a day. On this day men and women everywhere poured on the love market to meet the old people, chat, even overnight together. The activities of the day are forgiven, the next day. They resume normal life.

So when is the best time to travel to Ha Giang? During the month of May, June is the season to prepare for a new season. Go to Ha Giang at this time you will admire the winding terraced fields with all the colors reflecting from nature, the beautiful submerged fields.

Travel on Autumn – nine golden rice season.

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What is the best time to travel to Ha Giang? Autumn in Hoang Su Phi is considered the best time to explore Ha Giang during this time. The rice fields began to ripen yellow gold, combined with light sunshine to create a light, mysterious beauty.

This is the ideal time to travel Ha Giang. Terraced fields have almost all the communes in Hoang Su Phi, but the most concentrated ones are Ban Luoc, Ban Phung, Thong Nguyen, Ho Thau, Nam Ty and San Su Ho with a total area of nearly 765 ha. The main feature is that terraced fields are often higher than Mu Cang Chai, as the rice in Hoang Su Phi has longer stalks.

What is special to travel Ha Giang on winter?

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Ha Giang in October & Nov, is the time when triangular flowers blossom and most beautiful with pink purple everywhere. Pho Cau, Soc Son, Pho Dau, Lung Cu … are the most beautiful triangle sightings in Ha Giang. HaGiang travel triangle circuit is also an experience that many visitors love.

What is Ha Giang in December? Go to Ha Giang this season you will admire the blooming yellow flower field. This is also the time when the winter is coming, the air is cold, the mist blends with golden color of wealth, the imposing rocky mountains of the traditional land as a beautiful picture.

In addition, the plateau plateau, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Lung Cu flagpole, Vuong Palace Palace, Quan Ba Heaven Gate … are also Vietnam special popular destinations, many visitors love to go to Ha Giang.

Ha Giang Vietnam tours

In conclusion, the best time to visit Ha Giang is during the dry season (from October to April), particularly in September and October when the rice terraces turn golden yellow. However, if you’re interested in the local culture and festivals, visiting during the Tet holidays can also be a great experience.

Beside finding advice on when is the best time to go to Ha Giang you can refer All thing need to know before travel to Ha Giang to have the most useful information for the great trip.

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