Top 7 things to do in Ha Giang
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Top 7 Things To Do in Ha Giang

Ha Giang, which is the last frontier in northern Vietnam. It is a attraction for visitor with imperial and poetic scenery. Additionally to Lung Cu flagpole, Tam Son town with Twin mountain. Especially Dong Van Old Town.

Top 7 Things To Do in Ha Giang

Beside that there are other things about Ha Giang bringing in tourists from several nations. Follow Origin Vietnam team to find a few fascinating things to do in Ha Giang for visitor to consider.

1. Stand On Lung Cu Flagpole

Lung Cu Flagpole

Image Source: Internet

Going to Ha Giang, don’t miss visiting Nordic Cu, the northernmost point of Vietnam. Reputation on Cu Flagpole, you’ll see the flag that flutters in the breeze. In case you’re a Vietnamese, then it may be the most sacred moments in the life time.

In addition, witnessing the first point of Vietnam is the moment for love of the country and national pride. This place very popular for Malaysian visitor to Vietnam.

2. Throw Stone To The Cliff On Tham Ma Pass

Tham Ma Pass

There’s a high rock cliff situated on Tham Ma (Thẩm Mã-RRB- Pass. The challenge you could join in is throwing a stone to the cliff. Even though it appears very close, the stones simply go about halfway before falling down to the profound abyss. Therefore, whether you’ve a chance, try it out!

3. Enjoy the specialty local food

Mint honey Ha Giang
Image Source: Internet

The corn wine in Ha Giang is rather heavy but quite fragrant. With respect to specialty of Ha Giang, you could enjoy a bowl of porridge of “thang co” or “au tau” and after that drinking hot corn wine, particularly in a day in late fall, right in the rocky plateau.

4. Fly on Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Regarded as the King of passes in the north of Vietnam. Ma Pi Leng has majestic scenery along with an intriguing story about sappers breaking the stones and after that paved ways on this craggy pass.

If you reside on Ma Pi Leng’s top point and outstretch your arms, you’ll seem like you’re flying into the skies. Indeed, the harmonious beauty of ground, sky, and mountainous scenes may steal the heart of any tourists. It will be great Ha Giang tour motorbike to discover all this beautiful pass.

5. Visit Flower Gardens

Flower Garden

Whether you’ve a option to visit Ha Giang, try to visit it in the flowering season since the plateau is beautifully embellished with the new colours. White plum blossom, purple of buckwheat, pear blossom, and pink cherry blossom, of which buckwheat season will last from Sept to December and cherry blossom, pear blossom, plum blossom is often after the traditional Tet holiday.

6. Successfully Conquer the slopes and passes in Ha Giang

The slopes and passes in Ha Giang

Since Ha Giang is well known for the rocky slopes and passes, conquering slopes and passes here’s one of the Ha Giang tours that tourists shouldn’t miss. Cong Troi, Bac Sum, Chin Khoanh, Tham Ma, Ma Pi Leng are famous destinations which those backpackers shouldn’t miss during their trip to this property.

Even though they challenge the riders, but in return, they’ll be rewarded with the stunning perspectives when viewing those passes.

7. Experience H’mong People’s Life

H’mong People in Ha Giang

H’mong individuals are best known for their hospitality. They mostly account for Ha Giang’s population. Among the great things to do/know in Ha Giang would be to go through the daily life of H’mong families. Staying in their home, speaking to them, eating and sleeping is definitely a cultural experience you’ll never forget.

In conclusion:

Ha Giang offers a wealth of incredible experiences for adventurous souls. From breathtaking landscapes to vibrant local culture, there are endless opportunities to immerse yourself in the beauty of this region. Trekking in Ha Giang with local guides at Origin Travel, we provide you with the top 7 things to do in Ha Giang, ensuring an unforgettable journey.

Embark on a thrilling trekking adventure with our knowledgeable local guides, who possess deep insights into the region’s hidden gems. Explore the majestic mountains, traverse scenic trails, and witness the traditional way of life in remote ethnic villages. Our carefully curated list of activities guarantees an authentic and enriching experience in Ha Giang.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Take action now and book your Ha Giang adventure with Origin Travel. Let us guide you through the top 7 things to do, ensuring you make the most of your time in this captivating destination. Unleash the adventurer within you and create memories that will last a lifetime. Ha Giang awaits!

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