Quyet Tien Market
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Quyet Tien Market

The idyllic Quyet Tien commune is located at the foot of Heaven Gate in Quan Ba district. Every Saturday morning, a market is held for residents in the area. Coming to Ha Giang, you should try once to participate in the bustling but short life of highland markets. Every cultural life of the locals seems to converge here. If you do not come to the fair day of the other markets. Do not miss the fair in Quyet Tien commune.

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How Quyet Tien Market is Unique?

The upland market always has a strange attraction, it is not massive with stalls like lowland markets or in big cities. Quyet Tien Market is a simple rustic place, right at the foot of Quan Ba Heaven gate towering all year round of fog and cloud cover. A place where young people in the plains like us can learn more about the customs and practices of the ethnic minorities. If you love the beauty of Meo Vac, Xin Man, Khau Vai markets, you will definitely love Quyet Tien Market.

Quyet Tien Market

Top Things to Do in Quyet Tien Market?

Come to Quyet Tien market, where you will see firsthand the familiar scenery like many other markets. A place where all kinds of vegetables, cattle and handmade goods such as brocade are displayed beautifully and attractively.

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In a corner of the market, the atmosphere becomes bustling with stalls selling clothes, shoes, where the women spoiled for choice.

In another corner deep in the market, the men gathered at the counter selling waterpipe tobacco. Especially they tried the medicine and chose good medicine to buy for the family.

When the fair was over, everyone sat down together next to Thang Co- one of the specialties in here, inviting each other for wine and telling each other the daily stories. When the drunk, the market was over, everyone left the market and did not forget the appointment at the next session.

Thang Co

How to go to there?

You may take local bus from Hanoi – Ha Giang:

Note: After arriving at Ha Giang bus station. Take you will need to go to custom to get a permit to entry to border belt. From Ha Giang you go there by local bus (Ha Giang – Quan Ba)

It is located about 7km from Tam Son town, Quan Ba and. It’s about 38km from Ha Giang city so it is very easy for tourists to move from the centre of Ha Giang city to here. Ha Giang – Quan Ba is also a short travel schedule and takes the least time.Because if you moving while admiring the scenery it takes only about 1 hour to enter the market.

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When is the best time to visit Quyet Tien Market?

Quyet Tien market in Ha Giang only meets every Saturday morning, usually from early morning till noon, the market starts to disappear. It is also one of the reasons that you should arrange yourself a tour of Ha Giang 2 days 2 nights. The schedule will start from Friday night moving to Ha Giang, renting a hotel and resting here, then Saturday morning start the journey to Quan Ba. After that, in the afternoon you can continue to move through many places such as Co Tien mountain, Yen Minh pine forest, Sung La, Dong Van stone plateau and finally check in the top of Ma Pi Leng pass overlooking Nho Que river.

Recommended accommodation

  • Highland Homestay
  • Phuc Thinh Homestay
  • Mun Homestay
  • Homestay Ly Ta Danh

What to eat in Quyet Tien Market?

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In addition to the folk products, try walking to the culinary area to enjoy specialties of Ha Giang such as Pho Trang Kim, Au Tao soup, egg roll wrappers, five coloured sticky rice. All bring the breath of mountains and forests, the sincerity in the way of life. And also represent a special culture of upland peoples.

Bring the breath of the mountains, the buckwheat cake here. It’s costs only VND 15,000 with the typical aroma of the buckwheat flower has become a typical dish of Ha Giang. And perhaps the very aromatic smell, steaming from the bowl of winning. But for sure it will also attract you to try and enjoy this specialty dish once. It is also said to be a famous and beloved dish, made from the organs of goat, cow, horse, along with herbs. Such as cardamom, anise, pepper, etc. to create a delicious aroma. Not too hard to eat.

If you want to learn more about the customs, unique culture of the Northwest highlands. Let’s try to visit Quyet Tien Market in Ha Giang once. Promises to bring you more impressive things, not only a wild forest space but also a unique and unforgettable experience. Keep reading things to do in Ha Giang from Origin Vietnam. Where you will find useful information. Wishing you have a wonderful time in Ha Giang Vietnam.

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