Quan Ba Twin Mountain
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Quan Ba Twin Mountain

Quan Ba Twin Mountain is one of the names that is no longer unfamiliar to those who are passionate about traveling when traveling to Ha Giang. This is one of the attractive places because of its magical beauty that nature has bestowed upon it. Let’s follow Origin Vietnam on a tour Ha Giang to explore the beauty of Quan Ba Twin Mountains below.

1. Where is Quan Ba Twin Mountain?

Quan Ba Twin Mountain (or Co Tien Mountain) is located on Highway 4C, in Tam Son town, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province, Vietnam, with an area of nearly 3.6 hectares. This district is located in the southwest of the Dong Van stone plateau. These two mountains lie parallel and stand out among the rolling limestone mountains and terraced fields. In 2010, Quan Ba Twin Mountains were recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a national landscape.

IMG 93485943

2. How Quan Ba Twin Mountain is Unique?

When mentioning Ha Giang, surely many tourists will remember the majestic nature, the cleverly winding mountain passes, or the peaceful valley, and the terraced fields stretching as far as the eye can see. In particular, you will not miss the most unique and beautiful destinations in Ha Giang, which are Ha Giang Km 0 Milestone, Quan Ba Heaven Gate, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Lung Cu Flagpole, King Meo Palace (Dinh Dinh). Vuong family mansion),…

Among them, the image of the unique, smooth green twin mountains, located in the southwest of the Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark – Quan Ba Twin Mountains seems to have a magical appeal, making any traveler Any visitor to Ha Giang does not forget to stop to check-in and admire the view.

Quan Ba Twin Mountain is also known as Twin Mountain or Co Tien Mountain, dating back about 1.6 million to 2 million years ago. The two mountains have a round, seductive shape, looking like the round breasts of a fairy sleeping soundly in the middle of majestic mountains and forests.

The reason it is called Quan Ba Twin Mountain is because the two mountains are almost equal, lined up parallel, formed from the movement of the Earth’s continental shelf, the faulting of limestone blocks, which is where transition of limestone strata with earthen mountains.

Quan Ba Twin Mountain

3. How to get to Quan Ba Twin Mountain

Quan Ba Twin Mountain is about 52 km north of Ha Giang city center. Therefore, visitors can travel to these tourist coordinates by many means such as motorbikes, cars… running along National Highway 4C. The fastest route suggested for your reference is Nguyen Trai – National Highway 2 – National Highway 4C.

After that, visitors move through the Bac Sum slope area for a few more kilometers and will see right in front of two mountains lying close together, shaped like a cone, which is Quan Ba Twin Mountain. Travel time for the whole journey will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes!

The 280 km long road from Hanoi to Ha Giang will have many ways to travel for you to choose from.

3.1. Traveling by motorbike

The “backpacking” road from Hanoi to Ha Giang by motorbike takes about 6-7 hours and has 2 routes:

  • Supply 1 via Vinh Phuc:

From Hanoi, depart in the direction of Nhat Tan bridge, across Vo Chi Cong – Vinh Ngoc street. Drive 15km on Vo Nguyen Giap Street, then turn right onto National Highway 2A. Continue along the national highway to Vinh Yen city (Vinh Phuc province), turn left onto national highway 2C. From here, go towards Tuyen Quang city to reach Viet Quang town (Ha Giang province).

  • Route 2 via Phu Tho:

This arc is about 7km longer than the previous one but a little easier to go. From Hanoi, depart to Thang Long Avenue. After 27km, turn onto Highway 21. Continue going 20km and turn onto Highway 32. Go along the highway towards Trung Ha bridge, go through Phu Tho commune to Highway 2C. From this section onwards, it is like route 1, heading towards Tuyen Quang city, passing Viet Quang town to reach Ha Giang.

No matter which direction you choose, in general the road to Ha Giang is quite winding and dangerous. So make sure you have a steady hand at the wheel and have experience driving on long roads or mountain roads to make your trip to Ha Giang safe!

3.2. Traveling by car

There are many reputable bus companies such as Hung Thanh, Bang Phan, Quang Nghi, Hai Van with a variety of buses from 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm for you to choose from. To make the most of your time, you can choose a late bus to get some sleep before arriving at your destination.

Note: If you are from the South or Central region, you can take the bus company to pick you up right at Noi Bai intersection (near Noi Bai airport) to save travel time.

  • Limousine car:

Limousine 9-seat ticket prices are more private, so the price is often slightly higher than bus ticket prices. It’s average from 250,000 – 350,000 VND/ticket. If traveling in a group of more than 8 people, you can consider renting a whole car for 2,800,000 – 3,500,000 VND, which is both economical. Because you will get private space, and is flexible in pick-up and drop-off time.

3.3. Traveling by plane:

For tourists coming from the South or Central region of Vietnam, the plane will be the most optimal means of saving time and dedicating it entirely to the travel experience. You can text the bus company to pick you up right at Noi Bai intersection (near Noi Bai airport) to depart to visit Quan Ba Twin Mountains.

4. What is the best season to visit the Quan Ba Twin Mountain?

In each season, Quan Ba Twin Mountains will bring a different beauty, always full of vitality, stirring the hearts of many tourists from near and far:

In the spring, fruit trees sprout and everything grows after hibernation. Quan Ba Twin Mountain looks like a young girl’s heart in the midst of her youth.

Summer is the time when deep green rice fields stretch across the dike slopes, looking like soft, winding silk strips. Especially when sunset falls, the whole sky and earth are dyed a bright red color, everything seems to stop, the vast mountains and rivers also become quiet.

When autumn comes, Quan Ba Twin Mountains are at their most beautiful. Because this is the season of ripe rice, the fragrance spreads everywhere. The golden color of the rice fields, combined with the lush green of the forests and sky, creates an idyllic, poetic scene. Moreover, the buckwheat flower gardens are also in full bloom, competing to show off their heart-stopping beauty.

In winter, this place brings a different beauty amid the icy weather. At this time, visitors will only see clouds of smoke spreading all over the path, covering both mountains. When dawn comes, small rays of sunlight will dissipate the fog, and restore the inherent beauty of Quan Ba Twin Mountains.

According to the experience of tourists who have been here, you should visit Quan Ba Twin Mountains from September to April of the following year. At this time, you will admire the brilliant colors of buckwheat flowers and the bright yellow of ripe rice fields.

5. Sightseeing, Activities and experiences at Quan Ba Twin Mountain

5.1. Legend of Quan Ba Twin Mountains

When arriving at Quan Ba Twin Mountain, visitors will surely hear many legends surrounding this attractive place, told by ethnic minorities living in the area from generation to generation.

Legend has it that in the past, this land had a handsome Mong man who was talented at playing the lute. Every time he blew it, the sound of that lute echoed throughout the mountains and forests, even flying into the sky, touching the heart of a fairy in the upper world named Hoa Dao. Because she fell in love with him, she came down to earth and got married, then gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

When the Jade Emperor found out about Hoa Dao’s escape to earth, he was extremely angry and sent someone to take her back to heaven. She asked Ngoc Hoang to stay to raise her child but was not accepted. Also because she loved her husband who had to work hard to raise a child alone, and loved her baby’s lack of breast milk, Hoa Dao left her nipples on earth. Thanks to that, that baby grew bigger and bigger. Later, the Hoa Dao fairy’s breasts turned into twin mountains shaped like her mother’s breasts.

People in the village also rumored that, thanks to the fairy’s milk, this land became cool, the fruits were delicious, the vegetables were green, and the rice and corn were always lush. Her tears crying for her husband and children turned into the blue Mien River, flowing lyrically on the cat-eared rocky sea, embracing the entire land behind the legendary heaven gate.

5.2. The natural beauty of Quan Ba Twin Mountains

Not only fascinated by the unique shape of the two mountains, another impressive highlight at Quan Ba Twin Mountain is definitely the surrounding space like a masterpiece of nature. When coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the green terraced fields spreading far and wide, interspersed with undulating mountain ranges, as if painting the natural picture more vividly. And depending on the time, the entire sky of Quan Ba Twin Mountains will wear a new, splendid and beautiful shirt, making everyone look up.

IMG 1070308382001

6. Specialties in Quan Ba Twin Mountain

Coming to Quan Ba, you can enjoy Ha Giang’s specialty dishes such as: thang co, won amaranth, kitchen buffalo meat, Thanh Van corn wine, men men, soybeans, hanging meat, black bone chicken,… .are all famous and typical specialties in the land of Quan Ba – Ha Giang.

In addition, in Quan Ba there is a very famous specialty: Seedless persimmon. If you want to see the trees bloom, come to Quan Ba around March and April; If you want to enjoy this Quan Ba specialty, come here from August to November.

Quan Ba seedless persimmons are one of the Ha Giang specialties as gifts that anyone who has the opportunity to come here wants to bring back to friends and relatives.

More specifically, if you want to bring Quan Ba seedless persimmons as a gift, you can rest assured because the persimmon skin is hard and the flesh is very firm.IMG 211670 1

7. Accommodation in Quan Ba Twin Mountains

Quan Ba is one of the destinations not to be missed when you join the Ha Giang tour. Because of that, the accommodation facilities here have been methodically invested. Types of accommodation are extremely rich and diverse. Below is some information about accommodation locations in Quan Ba that you can refer to:

7.1. Resorts or 5-star hotels:

There are not many resorts in Ha Giang, but there are still some places that provide extremely memorable experiences for visitors. Topping the list of Ha Giang resorts is definitely P’apiu Resort – 13km from the center of Ha Giang – which will give you a ticket to get lost among the majestic mountains, among the eye-catching terraced fields, and amidst the poetic clouds and sky of the northernmost region of the Fatherland.

Besides P’apiu, two equally famous names are Truong Xuan Resort near the central area, convenient for exploration trips; and Hoang Su Phi Lodge for those who want to experience a green tourism model, living relaxing moments in nature.

7.2. Ha Giang Hotels

The most popular type of accommodation in Ha Giang is 2-3 star hotels with affordable prices, ready to serve many types of tourists from families, groups of friends, to couples. Hotels such as Phoenix, Huy Hoan, Ha Giang Historic House are all highly appreciated by the review community with full amenities, making them a comfortable stopover for a trip to Ha Giang.

7.3. Homestays

Homestay is the ideal choice for tourists who want to immerse themselves in nature in Ha Giang, and want to have the most authentic and intimate local cultural experiences at a reasonable cost. Many homestays are established by fellow villagers and offer the service of cooking meals with the homeowner or the homeowner personally cooking for guests.

This is also an easy choice for backpackers because homestays are present in most areas in Ha Giang. Some popular beautiful homestay suggestions by region:

  • Quan Ba: Dao Lodge Homestay, Ly Dinh Homestay, Hong Thu Homestay
  • Ha Giang City: Lang Tay Homestay, Kiki’s House, Ha Giang Homestay, Bui Ty Ha Homestay
  • Yen Minh: Bong Bang Homestay, Ha Anh Homestay, Eco Homestay, Tay Coc Pang Homestay
  • Meo Vac: Vá’s Homestay, Old Dream Guesthouse, Auberge de MeoVac, Lo Lo Homestay
  • Dong Van: Bui Homestay, Dong Van B&B

Note: Ha Giang Hotel during peak seasons such as ripe rice season, buckwheat season, and pouring water season, often runs out of rooms. To choose a suitable place to stay that fits your budget, you should book your accommodation 1-2 months in advance to avoid running out of rooms!

Quick tips

  • Should take private tour/ so everything tour operator and tour guide will do for you. Especialy the permit to entry to that area. This area still discovery so book in advance private tour from Ha Noi. This is a great idea.

Special Tours to Ha Giang from Ha Noi

8. Travel beauty spots near Quan Ba Twin Mountains

Considered a miniature version of Da Lat in the Northeast region of Vietnam. Quan Ba not only conquers people’s hearts with its charming tourist destinations but also attracts tourists with its majestic beauty of mountains, lyrical valleys, and unique winding roads.

This district is not only famous for its wonderful scenery. But also scores points for the unique culture of the local community. With friendly people and a wonderful tourist environment. Let’s join Origin Vietnam to experience the tourist attractions near Quan Ba Twin Mountains below that promise to be an unforgettable memory.

8.1. H’Mong cultural village

H’Mong cultural village, more than 50 km northeast of Ha Giang city center. Located on National Highway 4C on the way to Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark. It’s a new tourist destination bringing to unique experiences and discoveries of national culture that cannot be missed on the journey to explore the Highlands.

8.2. Quan Ba Heaven Gate

Quan Ba Heaven Gate is a destination not to be missed when arriving in Ha Giang. With majestic beauty and charming feng shui, this place creates a wonderful natural picture.

IMG 692930932001

8.3. Nam Dam community tourism village

Seizing the opportunity to develop community tourism in Nam Dam, Caritas (Switzerland) and the Center for People and Nature (PanNature) have cooperated to implement the Tourism Project for the Poor in Nam Dam village, belonging to the People’s Republic of China. Project “Integrated community development in Quan Ba area” in the period 2012–2014. The project focuses on building trekking routes, experiencing local culture and cuisine, as well as combining tourism with volunteer activities. Such as promoting personal hygiene and environmental sanitation education.

8.4. Lung Khuy Cave

Lung Khuy Cave located in Lung Khuy village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang, is a mysterious cave of nature discovered and announced in 2015 with pristine and impressive beauty.

8.5. Kho My Cave

Kho My Cave is one of the impressive natural cave wonders in Tung Vai commune, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province. Located about 1km from Kho My village, this cave is a natural masterpiece, exuding mysterious and magical beauty.

8.6. Lonely tree in Quan Ba

Discovering the image of a lonely tree is no longer strange to today’s tourists. In Ha Giang, this place brings a special experience with the distinct and profound beauty of the lonely tree.

9. Some important notes before traveling to Quan Ba Twin Mountains

In order to make your trip to Quan Ba Twin Mountains more complete, you should “pocket” the following interesting notes:

  • If visiting Quan Ba Twin Mountains in winter, when the temperature is low. So you should wear long-sleeved clothes and warm jackets to protect their health.
  • To fully see the beauty of Quan Ba Twin Mountains, visitors should go to Quan Ba heaven gate.
  • Preview the area map to avoid getting lost
  • Prepare necessary items when traveling on the road such as raincoats and helmets.
  • If traveling by motorbike, you need to check the vehicle carefully to ensure a safe speed.

It’s worth a visit Quan Ba Twin Mountains

If you need to find a peaceful place, forgetting all the worries and noise in the city, Quan Ba Twin Mountain is an ideal place to stop, a scenic spot in Ha Giang, a piece of rocky plateau in the mainland.  What are you waiting for? Come quickly to this wonderful place?

Any visitor to Ha Giang, do not forget to admire and explore Quan Ba Twin Mountain – a tourist symbol of Ha Giang. Not only Quan Ba twin mountain but you will need Ha Giang travel guide experience at Origin Vietnam that you will fine the right information for your holiday. Hope you have a great time in Ha Giang Vietnam.

Please drop an email to or call direct to +84829098686 for All things need to know before travel to Ha Giang – Vietnam.

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