Quan Ba Twin Mountain
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Quan Ba

Located near the location of the Bac Sum, Quan Ba or Co Tien Mountain (Mount Fairy poetry) Ha Giang is also one of the most worthy destinations when it comes to the journey to conquer the Dong Van Stone Plateau.

From the 4C highway location, 40 km from Ha Giang City and the passage through the town of Tam son, you will easily get to see the double mountain picture like the woman’s chest. It was the reason why everyone feels a little bit enlightened and surprised by the magic beauty of nature. Plus Quan Ba Heaven Gate, Quan Ba Twin Mountain are must-see destination in Quan Ba of Ha Giang travel.

How Quan Ba Twin Mountain is Unique?

Quan Ba Twin Mountain looks from afar like two peaches, a work of art given to this land by nature. It is also associated with a very moving legend about the couple love each other.

Legend has it that once upon a time, in this land there was a handsome Hmong man who had the talent to blow his lips. His tongue was like the sound of a stream, like the sound of birds, forest deep… There is a fairy in the sky called beautiful flowers, snow-white, lips like spring peaches, two cheeks blushed pink like a peach. One day she heard the sound of Hmong flute then followed the wind to escape to heaven to find someone blowing the lips. After that fell in love with Hmong man, Then she decided to stay in this land with her husband. Years later they have a pretty boy.

One day the Jade Emperor discovered that she had escaped to the world. That makes the emperor ridiculously angry. Then he orders his servant descend to the land and bring the princess back to heaven. But her child still very small. She begged for her to stay in the nursery but no one relented. Felling husband alone to feed her child, her son’s milk lacking milk. After that, she decided to left her pair of breasts under the sub-world breastfeeding.

The pair of breasts grow round to feed her baby growing up. Later turned into two mountains shaped like mother breast, unusual to today, still called the Mountain pair of breasts or Mount Co Tien.

Quan Ba Twin Mountain

Top Things to Do at Twin Mountains

Not only fascinated by the shape of the Twin Mountains, but the surrounding space is also a masterpiece of nature. The green terraces, interspersed in the undulating mountains like paint the picture of nature more beautiful. And every time, the whole small picture seemed to be put on a new layer of clothing. The brown of the field in the pouring water season, sometimes the green of young shoots, then glowing with the brilliant yellow of the ripe rice season.

How to go there?

You may take the local bus from Hanoi – Ha Giang:

Note: After arriving at Ha Giang bus station. Take you will need to go to custom to get a permit to entry to border belt. From Ha Giang, you follow National Highway 2 to Nguyen Van Linh Street, then continue to 4C Street about 25 km to the heaven gate of Quan Ba, then continue to Happiness Road. Then continue about 10km as you can stop to the Quan Ba twin mountain in Ha Giang.

If you have the opportunity to stand on this sky gate early in the morning you will be able to watch the clouds cover the mountain, this is a great moment to take photos.

When is the best time to visit Quan Ba Twin Mountain?

Everyone calls this mountain is twin mountain because the two mountains are almost equal, arranged in parallel. Each different season, they are decorated in different colours. When you have the opportunity to visit, there are many interesting experiences. Come in the spring, you will see flowers blooming brilliantly throughout the mountainside, the summer is characterized with green rice fields. And if you come here in the fall, you can enjoy the buckwheat flower and can see the yellow of the ripe rice fields as well. Every season, Twin Mountain is full of vitality.

Quick tips

  • Should take private tour/ so everything tour operator and tour guide will do for you. Especialy the permit to entry to that area. This area still discovery so book in advance private tour from Ha Noi. This is a great idea.

Special Tours to Ha Giang from Ha Noi

Recommended accommodation

Tam Son Hotel

  • Address: Tam Sơn Town, Quản Bạ District, Ha Giang, Vietnam

Homestay Ly Ta Danh

  • Address: Nam Dam Village, Quan Ba District, Ha Giang, Vietnam

Dao Lodge Homestay

  • Address: Nam Dam Village, Quan Ba District, Ha Giang, Vietnam

What to eat?

Five colours sticky rice

Called five coloured sticky rice because different from normal sticky rice, multicoloured sticky rice is made up of five kinds of sticky rice with five different colours. It is red, yellow, blue, purple and white.

In addition to the folk products, try walking to the culinary area to enjoy specialities of Ha Giang. Such as Pho Trang Kim, Au Tao soup, egg roll wrappers. All bring the breath of mountains and forests, the sincerity in the way of life and also represent a special culture of upland peoples.

Any visitor to Ha Giang, do not forget to admire and explore Quan Ba Twin Mountain – a tourist symbol of Ha Giang. Not only Quan Ba twin mountain but you will need Ha Giang travel guide experience at Origin Vietnam that you will fine the right information for your holiday. Hope you have a great time in Ha Giang Vietnam.

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