Quan Ba Tourist Spots
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Quan Ba Tourist Spots

Discover Quan Ba, the “Da Lat” of the north, just 46 km north of Ha Giang town. Immerse yourself in its fresh cool climate and be enchanted by its natural attractions. From the breathtaking Heaven Gate and Co Tien Mountain to the fascinating Khanh My Cave, Quan Ba offers a unique blend of Mong, Dao, Tay, and Bo Y cultures. Indulge in their distinctive products like seedless pink, Thanh Van corn wine, and cardamom. Quan Ba awaits your visit with open arms.

How Quan Ba Tourist Spots is unique?

In Quan Ba, a harmonious community of 14 ethnic groups thrives, each with its unique customs, beliefs, and intangible cultural heritage. Explore the enchanting traditions of the Dao ethnic group, characterized by their vibrant colors and passionate love songs. Immerse yourself in the captivating melodies of the Tay ethnic group. Quan Ba is also renowned for its exquisite products, including Thanh Van Mai, Pink Mandarin, salt mince, Tung Vai tea, and the intricate Lung Tam brocade. These treasures, along with other attractions, make Quan Ba an ideal destination for sustainable travel.

The village artisans skillfully craft cultural delicacies such as brocade and flutes, showcasing the remarkable talents that reside within the local communities. This immense potential and advantage form the foundation for the sustainable development of Quan Ba as a remarkable travel destination.

2. Quan Ba heaven gate

Quan Ba heaven gate

Quan Ba Heaven Gate, situated 1500m above sea level, serves as the entrance to the Dong Van Plateau. Back in 1939, a sturdy wooden door with a 150cm thick lattice guarded the gate. Beyond this gate lies another enchanting realm, often referred to as the “Autonomous Region of the Cats,” encompassing Quan Ba, Meo Vac, Yen Minh, and Dong Van districts.

2. Quan Ba Twin Mountain

Quan Ba Tourist Spots

Mountain Quarters, nestled alongside National Highway 4C, are situated 40 km from Ha Giang town. Surrounded by rocky mountains and picturesque terraced fields, these two mountains possess an air of intrigue, captivating visitors with their natural beauty. These mountains, intertwined with the legend of the Mount Fairy’s poetry, never fail to astound those who encounter them.

3. Native Village Community Tourist Village, Quan Ba Commune

IMG 379336633

Characteristics: Nam Dam village has 47 households, including 235 people. Which is inhabited by Dao Cham people. The village still retains many cultural identity, traditional customs and activities. The houses here are walled, rustic, rich cultural and architectural of Dao people.

There are many traditional rituals here. Such as the Bridge of the Season, the New Rice Ceremony, the Wedding Ceremony. The rite is a ritual that marks the maturity of young men in the village. Any man who passes the ceremony is considered an adult and recognized by his ancestors.

Community Cultural House: Nam Dam village is located in the center of the village, with a total area of 86m2 was built with traditional stilt house architecture, the main material of wood, cement yard, exhibition space. products and cultural products of ethnic minorities and a meeting place for cultural activities of the people, as well as the management of tourism activities in the locality.

4. Quan Ba Tourist Spots Khanh My Cave

Khanh My Cave, Kham My Village, Tung Vai Commune is located in a convenient location with asphalt road to the cave entrance and only 20km from the center of Tam Son Town.

Khanh My cave has a majestic landscape, with a romantic, mysterious shade. Step into the cave anyone can not be surprised by the beauty of nature.

Beautiful stalactites with many shapes and strange eyes, stalactites stalagmites as high as showing off the appearance, beside the white lines flowing down like graceful grace. The thin white mist spread over the stalactites as the mysterious add to the charm of Khanh My cave.

How My Khanh cave is not skip to visit at Quan Ba tourist spots?

With the terrain, the geomorphology of the limestone plate, over thousands of years, has created many unique shapes, there are stone plates look like the lion or the shape of the feudal king, there are The white jelly flows down like a silver waterfall that must be seen by the eyes to see the beauty of it. Surrounding Khanh My cave is a very rich forest ecosystem. The mountainside is the foot terraced fields as silk soft, curved, with roofs hidden in the mist. Sure, you will remember and admire the mysterious masterpiece art creativity has given by people here.

5. Some other tourist attractions

IMG 384521566

Cultural Village of Dao ethnic minority in Truc Son: An ancient village of Dao ethnic group. Come to Truc Son Ha Giang, you will learn about ancient architecture, culinary culture, life and hospitality of the people here.

Can Ty village: Located on the gentle river Mien, where the gate – one of the hallmarks of the resistance war against France. Quan Ba tourist spots – Can Ty village is also home to traditional lychee weaving traditions of local people. Hop Tien traditional textile cooperative, Lung Tam commune.

Thai An: There are Thai An hydroelectric reservoir, Ba Tien mountain with many beautiful caves, pristine at the foot of the mountain.

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Experience Quan Ba, Vietnam’s hidden gem in the north. With its natural beauty, diverse cultures, and rich traditions, it’s a perfect destination for sustainable tourism. Explore Quan Ba’s stunning attractions like the Heaven Gate, Twin Mountain, Khanh My Cave, and Native Village. Don’t miss the Cultural Village and Thai An reservoir. Contact Origin Vietnam, Ha Giang tour operators, to plan your unforgettable trip.

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