Quan Ba Heaven Gate
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Quan Ba Heaven Gate

Quan Ba Heaven Gate is one of the 5 most beautiful heaven gates in Vietnam and is a place to take breathtakingly beautiful photos that are of interest to tourists everywhere. If you accidentally admire the beautiful sparkling photos taken here, or just hear briefly about this heavenly gate in Ha Giang, then it will certainly be difficult for you to “resist” the desire to travel to this place right away. This. Let’s explore with Origin Vietnam what’s so attractive about Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate!

1. Overview of Quan Ba Heaven Gate

For a long time, Ha Giang has been famous as a land that preserves valuable historical relics, cultural beauty of 22 northern highland ethnic groups, and many scenic spots that make the whole world admire. are Lung Cu Flagpole, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Quan Ba Twin Mountains, Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark... Among them, the prominent destination is Quan Ba Heaven Gate – A place that seems to take visitors to Soaring horizons, to be able to take one step up to the clouds, are sought after by many travel enthusiasts and have not yet “cooled down”.

2. Why Quan Ba Heaven gate is unique?

Owning an ideal height to be able to fully view the beauty of Ha Giang from above through the clouds is 1500m above sea level. It is especially proud to say that this is the first and official gateway to the global geological road of the rocky plateau. It is still the very typical beauty of the lush green highlands in Ha Giang when the more interesting point is that you can see the sky is very close to the adjacent point, true to its inherent name.

Quan Ba Heaven Gate

From the top of the mountain, visitors can eyesight to the farthest side to admire the majestic scenery of this Dong Van rock plateau. In the front is the vast Quan Ba valley, bringing a peaceful beauty with the yellow colour of ripe rice, terraces field and flickering the houses of ethnic minorities sometimes emitting smoke from the kitchen.

In the distance is the Co Tien Twin Mountain, the masterpiece of creation with clouds spreading all over the way to create a poetic setting. Many people liken this place to a fairy-tale place where the clouds, the sun and the mountains and forests blend. Behind is the legendary “Happiness Road” which contributes to the traffic connection in this poor land.

3. How to get to Quan Ba Heaven Gate from Ha Giang?

Maybe you don’t know, the road to Quan Ba heaven gate is quite difficult and dangerous, because it is located in the highest mountain range on the road from Ha Giang to Quan Ba. Starting from Ha Giang city, visitors travel in the direction of Highway 4C for about 44 km to reach it. These coordinates are right at the beginning of the Hanh Phuc road.

Because most of the road is steep mountain road, one side will be a towering cliff, and the other side will be a deep abyss, so motorbikes become the most preferred choice.

Quan Ba heaven gate is a good place to check-in the mountains when travelling Ha Giang tour. However, pay a little attention to get the most perfect experience when coming here. The first is to choose a suitable means to go to the heavens. If you want to conquer the steep passages and can stop anywhere to check-in, choose a motorbike. This is a suitable means to have friends with memorable memories.

4. When is the best tiem to travel to Quan Ba Heaven Gate?

Long-distance travelers should not be too concerned about time, because each season at Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate has its own beauty, nuance, and also feels different things. Therefore, you can travel here at any time of the year. However, according to “big fans” who have come here many times, the period from September to April next year is the best time to see Quan Ba heaven gate. At this time, the sky is less foggy and there is sunlight dyeing the rice fields golden, next to which are clouds floating around the mountainside.

  • Besides, if you visit Quan Ba Heaven Gate in the season from December to March next year, you will admire the valley of thousands of blooming flowers.
  • If you go to Ha Giang in April or May, Ha Giang in the flood season, you will see terraced fields and lush rice flowers in bloom.
  • If you go in September, the bright yellow color of ripe rice will definitely make you forget the way back.
  • And if you want to enjoy buckwheat flowers, come here between October and November. This is the flower blooming season, unspeakably beautiful.

One thing to note is that visitors should not go to Quan Ba Heaven Gate from June to the end of July during the rainy season with heavy dew, making the road slippery, difficult to walk and easily dangerous!

If you visit Quan Ba Heaven gate in Ha Giang. Please do not forget to visit the Quan Ba sky to explore the beauty North Vietnam holiday here!

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5. Sightseeing & activities in Quan Ba Heaven Gate

5.1. Admiring the majestic and beautiful landscape of Quan Ba heaven gate

When reaching the highest peak, visitors can feel the magnificence of Quan Ba heaven gate. Here, you can breathe in the fresh air, zoom out as far as your eyes can see to fully admire the enchanting and majestic beauty of mountain nature, ripe golden rice fields, or valleys of flowers in the season. .

5.2. Admiring the famous Twin Mountains in “Legend”

Next to Quan Ba heaven gate, standing and admiring the Twin Mountains (Co Tien Mountain) also leaves a deep impression in the hearts of every visitor. This mountain is a masterpiece of creation that nature has given, with clouds spreading all the way, like a paradise.

5.3. Getting to know about culture and people at Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate

Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate area is also home to many ethnic groups in the high mountains such as H’Mong, Tay, Nung… Also due to ethnic diversity, the culture and customs are equally unique. . Visitors just need to go deep into the small roads leading into the village to discover and understand more about the lifestyle of the people here.

5.4. Some attractive attractions near Quan Ba Heaven Gate – Ha Giang

From Quan Ba Heaven Gate, tourists can visit other attractive places around there that Origin Vietnam suggests below.

  • Quan Ba Twin Mountains
  • Nam Dam community tourism village
  • Quyet Tien Market
  • Lonely pine tree
  • Lung Khuy Cave
  • Kho My Cave
  • Bat Dai Son – Quan Ba
  • Vietnam – China border landmark

IMG 34015562

6. Specialties In Quan Ba Heaven Gate

Coming to Quan Ba Heaven Gate, you can enjoy Ha Giang’s specialty dishes such as: thang co, won amaranth, kitchen buffalo meat, Thanh Van corn wine, men men, soybeans, hanging meat, black bone chicken,… .are all famous and typical specialties in the land of Quan Ba – Ha Giang.

In addition, in Quan Ba there is a very famous specialty: Seedless persimmon. If you want to see the trees bloom, come to Quan Ba around March and April; If you want to enjoy this Quan Ba specialty, come here from August to November.

Quan Ba seedless persimmons are one of the Ha Giang specialties as gifts that anyone who has the opportunity to come here wants to bring back to friends and relatives.

More specifically, if you want to bring Quan Ba seedless persimmons as a gift, you can rest assured because the persimmon skin is hard and the flesh is very firm.

IMG 93485983

7. Accommodation In Quan Ba Heaven Gate

Quan Ba is one of the destinations not to be missed when you join the Ha Giang tour. Because of that, the accommodation facilities here have been methodically invested. Types of accommodation are extremely rich and diverse. Below is some information about accommodation locations in Quan Ba that you can refer to:

7.1. Resorts Or 5-Star Hotels:

There are not many resorts in Ha Giang, but there are still some places that provide extremely memorable experiences for visitors. Topping the list of Ha Giang resorts is definitely P’apiu Resort. It’s about 13km from the center of Ha Giang – which will give you a ticket to get lost among the majestic mountains, among the eye-catching terraced fields. Especially amidst the poetic clouds and sky of the northernmost region of the Fatherland.

Besides P’apiu, two equally famous names are Truong Xuan Resort near the central area, convenient for exploration trips; and Hoang Su Phi Lodge for those who want to experience a green tourism model, living relaxing moments in nature.

7.2. Ha Giang Hotels

The most popular type of accommodation in Ha Giang is 2-3 star hotels with affordable prices. It’s ready to serve many types of tourists from families, groups of friends, to couples. Hotels such as Phoenix, Huy Hoan, Ha Giang Historic House are all highly appreciated by the review community with full amenities, making them a comfortable stopover for a trip to Ha Giang.

7.3. Homestays

Homestay is the ideal choice for tourists who want to immerse themselves in nature in Ha Giang, and want to have the most authentic and intimate local cultural experiences at a reasonable cost. Many homestays are established by fellow villagers and offer the service of cooking meals with the homeowner or the homeowner personally cooking for guests.

This is also an easy choice for backpackers because homestays are present in most areas in Ha Giang. Some popular beautiful homestay suggestions by region:

  • Quan Ba: Dao Lodge Homestay, Ly Dinh Homestay, Hong Thu Homestay
  • Ha Giang City: Lang Tay Homestay, Kiki’s House, Ha Giang Homestay, Bui Ty Ha Homestay
  • Yen Minh: Bong Bang Homestay, Ha Anh Homestay, Eco Homestay, Tay Coc Pang Homestay
  • Meo Vac: Vá’s Homestay, Old Dream Guesthouse, Auberge de MeoVac, Lo Lo Homestay
  • Dong Van: Bui Homestay, Dong Van B&B

Note: Ha Giang Hotels during peak seasons such as ripe rice season, buckwheat season, and pouring water season, often run out of rooms. To choose a suitable place to stay that fits your budget, you should book your accommodation 1-2 months in advance to avoid running out of rooms.

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8. Some special notes when traveling to Quan Ba Heaven Gate.

To have a complete trip and memorable experience at Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate, foot fanatics should “pocket” the following useful notes:

  • Tourists should check the weather forecast before making the trip to Quan Ba heaven gate. Especially on rainy days, high humidity, dense fog, and slippery roads will greatly affect your movement and health.
  • You should go here on sunny days, the closer it is to noon so the fog dissipates, the better.
  • To move easily, visitors should wear sports shoes, specialized hiking shoes, or sandals. And stay away from high heels because they are not suitable.
  • Because it is located at an altitude of 1500m above sea level. So the weather of Quan Ba Heaven Gate is especially cold. Therefore, you should bring warm clothes to protect your health.
  • You should bring drinking water and some energy snacks to conquer Quan Ba heaven gate.

IMG 93485980

It’s worth a visit Quan Ba Heaven Gate

With its majestic natural picture, along with the peaceful and gentle lifestyle of the indigenous people. Quan Ba Heaven Gate is definitely an extremely ideal stop that you should not miss when traveling to Ha Giang.

Don’t wait any longer, contact Origin Vietnam immediately to book a tour to Quan Ba Heaven Gate – Ha Giang. We are a reliable partner, with a team of professional and dedicated tour consultants and guides, who will take you on the journey to discover Quan Ba Heaven Gate with unforgettable experiences.

Tours to Ha Giang from Ha Noi

It is indeed a destination that cannot be missed when participating in Ha Giang tour. So my answer is YES. ABSOLUTELY YES. With the experiences we have told you, wish you have experience beautiful scenery and memorable moments with your family and friends.Wishing you have wonderful trip to Northeast of Vietnam.

Quick tips

  • Should take Ha giang tours from Hanoi, so everything tour operator and tour guide will do for you. Especial the permit to entry to that area. This area still discovery so book in advance private tour from Ha Noi. This is a great idea.

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