Phin Ho Village
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Phin Ho Village

Ha Giang in recent years has become a destination that attracts a lot of tourists. Ha Giang tourist destination conquers visitors by rocky mountains touching clouds and ripe terraced rice fields or immense green tea hills. And Phin Ho village is one of the most popular destinations when coming to this land.

Phin Ho village

How Phin Ho Village is unique?

At present, there are many Ha Giang trekking trips you can see where the tour organization to Ha Giang. Therefore, the opportunity to come to this land has more to discover than before. Once you get here, do not forget to spend time with Phin Ho. Phin Ho village in Hoang Giang district of Ha Giang province where the natural area of 77ha, and is home to 44 households of more than 200 Dao people. Phin Ho village is in the highland and the most remote, so most of the people are still difficult. But Phin Ho is always a friendly destination that many people remember. You may interest Ha Giang 3 days tour– It’s exactly Truly Ha Giang

Top things to do in Phin Ho Village

1. Energy waterfall

IMG 6336640

About 2 km from Ta Phin Ho centre, the forest road is Energy Falls. The waterfall is about 15 m high, with many large, protruding cliffs that can be used as a place to rest or party picnic. A waterfall is also a place of hope, meditation, convalescence and health improvement. This ancient waterfall is called barrel waterfall because the steep rock slopes have been perennial flows to create wells, barrels, water holes. Whenever cattle were swept away by streams, people often looked for cattle in these wells.

Strangely, the dead animals here were rotten for a long time so several geodetic / energy experts surveyed the Bovis index. Electromagnetic energy or Bovis index in this area is very high, thousands of degrees higher than surrounding areas. So later this waterfall was called an energy waterfall, the house called the energy house. Some people who are ill, tired, depressed, depressed, etc often sit by this waterfall with the expectation of being recharged with life energy. They think that this waterfall is very good for their health.

2. Banh Bo Peak

IMG 6336641

Banh Bo Peak is a mountain peak, on top of which is a rock the size of a large building at an altitude of over 1600m, on which the French-designed observation points and built fortifications. On a sunny day, you can observe the entire Nam Ty commune. Plus is Thong Nguyen and Heaven Gate 1 as well as the national monument of Hoang Su Phi terraces at the foot. It often seldom gets to the summit, because there is a dry fog every ten to fifteen minutes so it is difficult to see just a few meters apart.

In the local language “Banh” means “Stone”, “Bọ” means “Peak”. The air here is thin but very fresh. This is a place where can organize adventure tourism, skydiving.

3. Ngọc Am temple

The temple is located on the Banh Bo range, about 1500 m high. It is said that at the end of the Duong Dynasty (904-907), Chu On forced the Chieu Tong King to move the capital from Truong An to Lac Duong, a courtier of the disgruntled king. Running south to the vast Ta Phin Ho area, establishing a village, establishing a Han market to trade. While in a difficult period, one day, the servant brought in brass water for him to wash his face, suddenly in the basin saw a picture of a wooden tree, special shape.

He showed his soldiers to find the tree like the description and has a very strong aroma in Ta Phin Ho, where there is small shrine today. This tree is kept in the pigsty and chicken coop, etc cattle and poultry are not sick; cure colds, cold stomachs, dysentery, fainting, very effectively. This wood is wet, fragrant, when drier, less fragrant, distilled a very fragrant black brown oil used as medicine to treat people and cattle, using wood to make coffins without decay.

This person told the family that this is a precious tree given by the gods after he dies. They have to use this wood as a coffin, and then name the tree Ngoc Am. It is meaning precious wood like jade, fragrant meat like a virgin, very sacred. And need to set up a temple, set up a small temple to worship on the mountain so that to cover your body, protect the world, fortune.

Since then, people set up a small shrine on the mountain to worship Ngoc Am trees with the hope that the trade will generate a fortune, favorable hunting, less sickness.

Shan Tuyet tea in Phin Ho village

Referring to Phin Ho. The first thing to mention is the famous Shan Tuyet tea tree. Which is the ancient tea tree hundred years old. This specialty gift is given to the people here. With a cool climate, fresh nature and abundant water source. San Tuyet tea leaves are large, leaves and buds are white as snow.

Besides the typical Shan Tuyet tea tree, visitors to Phin Ho village also have the opportunity to explore tour Vietnam the unique cultural traits of the Dao people. Phin Ho village, which has been a living and working place for many years, has formed many strange and unique habits and customs.

It is worth a visit Phin Ho village

Among these certainly cannot help but mention the fire dance festival – a culture preserved, handed down for a long time. The fire dance festival in Phin Ho village usually takes place in January every year. This is a ritual affirming the maturity of Dao men with many unique rituals.

Coming to Phin Ho on Sunday, visitors also experience the bustling market held in the centre of the commune. You have chance to see rich agricultural products such as forest vegetables, mushrooms, wood ear, fresh bamboo shoots, corn, rice, meat Pork, honey. Or you can enjoy highland specialities such as thang co, seven colours sticky rice.

IMG 3358847

How to go there?

Phin Ho Village is 46 km from Ha Giang, you turn left (at Su Phi T-junction, actually it’s a crossroads) 28 km more to Nam Ty commune. And then turn right up the mountain 7km to Ta Phin Ho – where there is the height of 1.3 km – 2.0 km above sea level. Following the valley with beautiful natural scenery, with clear streams, on both sides of the valley are terraced rice waves. Clouds fluttered in the mountains, the mountains were hidden in the clouds.

The four seasons were foggy and cool, the streams were clear and flowing day and night. Together with Phin Ho Thau, Ut Si Sung, Phin Ho is considered Sapa of Lao Cai city. Because of its attractive beauty and an ideal climate.

When is the best time to visit Phin Ho?

Ta Phin Ho has a cool year-round climate with an average temperature of 14 – 22°C. Regular humidity above 80%; in summer. The highest temperature is 24 ° C in the day

16°C at night; in winter, the temperature is only about 9-10 ° C in the daytime, at night the temperature can drop to 0°C; fog often.

Therefore, you can choose any season to travel depending on the purpose of your Ha Giang loop adventure. Especially, you can come in lunar January to attend a unique fire dance. Or come to the scratch in November – December – January lunar calendar to learn the unique ceremony – a ritual marking the maturity of the Dao men.

Recommended accommodation in Phin Ho

Ecolodge Pan Hou Village

  • Address: Giang Village, Thong Nguyen commune, Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang

Hoang Su Phi Lodge

  • Address: Nam Hong Village, Thong Nguyen commune, Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang

Guyen’s homestay

  • Address: Nam Hong Village, Thong Nguyen commune, Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang

What to eat in Phin Ho village?

DSC 5451

Phin Ho is the unique culture of the Mong, Dao and neighbouring villages with more Xa Pho, Giay and Tay compatriots. Here, visitors will enjoy the culinary specialities. They are rattan juice, rice wine, dried buffalo meat, armpits pigs, black chicken. Especially black rice cake, seven-colour sticky rice, forest mushrooms…

Going to Phin Ho village to enjoy Shan snow tea, immerse yourself in unique cultural features with Ha Giang scenic tours. Or you encounter friendly smiles, will be a memorable journey.

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