Markets in Ha Giang


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Markets in Ha Giang

Origin Vietnam - Long ago, the Ha Giang market has become an indispensable cultural activity in the lives of people in Ha Giang upland. Apart from the purpose of trading, exchange of goods, the market is also the place where cultural exchanges of ethnic people here.


Why Ha Giang Market so impressive to visitor?

Who once visited the market in the districts of Meo Vac, Dong Van, Quan Ba, Hoang Su Phi, Xin Man… of Ha Giang. Sure you would not forget the special features of the market here. We would like to share with you about the meeting schedule of highland markets in Ha Giang for your reference short Vietnam tours. With the session without a meeting schedule. Please find all the market as below following by district.

Markets in Quan Ba ​​district

Market in Quan Ba

  • The center market was held in Tam Son Town on Saturday morning
  • Cao Ta Tung Market is the market of three communes Cao Ma Pa, Ta Van, Tung Vai meeting on Friday every week.
  • Tung Vai market – 5 days a session
  • Tung Tam Market
  • Bat Dai Son market was built near the border (together with Nghia Thuan market) to facilitate the exchange of goods with China.
  • Quyet Tien Market – Saturday morning meeting
  • Cho Lang (Dong Ha Commune) meeting on the day Mu and Ox
  • Nghia Thuan Market – Day of the Dragon and Day of the Dog, the day before in Vietnam, the next day in China

Market in Yen Minh district

H'Mong man in Sa Phin fair

  • Yen Minh Market – meeting on Sunday morning every week
  • Bach Dich Market – There are 3 markets each week, namely Bach Dich Border Gate Market or Market Place 9 or 358 Market Place on Sunday morning. Muong village market was held on Saturday, the last three markets of the commune is Trang Le.
  • Du Gia Market – Meeting on Friday morning. The meeting is right in the center of the commune; the terrain is relatively flat. This is one of the market is quite wild and bold national culture, the market often takes place cultural activities.
  • Thuong Duong Street – Meeting every Friday
  • Mau Due Market – Sunday morning meeting
  • Phu Lung Market
  • Cho Sang – Meeting on Sunday morning
  • Pho Thinh Market
  • Lung Ho market
  • Long Market
  • Cho Long Market

Dong Van district

Markets in Ha Giang, ORIGIN VIETNAM

  • Central Market – Dong Van Market-Hap on Sunday morning every week
  • Cho Lon Market – often meeting on the Ox (days of Buffalo) and Day of the Buffalo (day of the goat) monthly.
  • Lung Phin market – On the day of the Tiger and the day
  • Choi Day Market – Dragon Day and Dog Day
  • Xa Phin Market – meeting on the day and Pig Day)
  • Cho La Su – Meet back
  • Ma Te Market – On the day of Rat and Horse Day
  • Lung Cu market – On the day of Gosht and Ox
  • Pho Bang Market – Meeting on Horse and Rat

Market in Meo Cac District

Khau Vai love market

  • Central Market – Meo Vac Market on Sunday morning
  • Nime Son Market – 5 days per session
  • Khau Vai Market – Meeting on the morning of 2, 7, 12, 17,22, 27 (lunar calendar) in the month. Khau Vai love market once a year on March 27 lunar calendar
  • Sung Tra Market – Meeting every Saturday
  • Lung Pu market
  • Nam Ban Market
  • Sin Cai Market
  • Tat Nang Market
  • Son Vi Market – Sunday morning meeting
  • Thuong Phung Market

Xin Man Markets

Markets in Ha Giang, ORIGIN VIETNAM

  • Coc Pai Market (Cho Hien Market) was held on Sunday morning
  • Pa Vay Su Market is held every Thursday
  • Dau Su market on Thursday every week
  • Chi Ca market is held every Friday
  • Xin Man Market meeting held every Friday
  • Ban Díu Market
  • Thin Phang Market (Km 26 Market) is held every Saturday morning
  • Cốc Rế Market
  • Ta Nhiu Market
  • Nan Ma Market
  • Ban Ngo Market
  • Quang Nguyen Market
  • Thu Ta market
  • Cho Che
  • Na Bon market

Markets in Hoang Su Phi district

Markets in Ha Giang, ORIGIN VIETNAM

  • Vinh Market (Hoang Su Phi Market) is held every Sunday morning
  • Ban Luoc Market
  • Ban Mach Market
  • Ban Nhi Market
  • Nako Market
  • Ban Phung Market
  • Chien Pho Market
  • Dam Market
  • Ho Thau market
  • Nam Son Market
  • Nam Diem Market
  • Nam Khanh Market
  • Nam Ty Market
  • Ngam Dang Vai Market
  • Pu Lu Market
  • Pho Ly Market
  • San Xo Ho Market

Ha Giang Insider

It could be great you can visit one of them while travelling to Ha Giang Vietnam. Where you will have chance to know more hill tribes customs. Don’t forget to check information before go to Ha Giang here.

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