Ma Pi Leng Pass
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Ma Pi Leng Pass

Travel Ma Pi Leng Pass – Worthy of being one of the “four great passes” of Vietnam. Ma Pi Leng Pass is an attractive destination on Ha Giang loop tours. Coming here, visitors will experience winding and dangerous roads with high mountains on one side and deep abysses on the other.

The impressive scenery of the pass not only attracts tourists to explore and take beautiful photos, but also challenges the courage of adventurous tourists. Let’s explore this majestic pass with Origin Vietnam travel team.

1. Where is Ma Pi Leng Pass?

Ma Pi Leng Pass is located on the road named Happiness of Dong Van stone plateau in Pai Lung commune, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province, Vietnam. This is the road connecting the citadel of Ha Giang city with two mountainous districts of Meo Vac and Dong Van. About 160 km northeast of Ha Giang city and about 450 km north of Hanoi capital.

Ma Pi Leng

2. How is Ma Pi Leng pass unique?

Ma Pi Leng Pass belongs to one of the “four great passes” of Vietnam, located at an altitude of 1,200 m above sea level, more than 20 km long. The name of Ma Pi Leng Pass means “horse’s nose bridge”, famous for its zigzag and dangerous roads, steep and vertical slopes like the bridge of a horse’s nose.

Conquering Ma Pi Leng Pass will certainly be an unforgettable experience for visitors. The pass road consists of 9 twists and turns and is extremely dangerous.

Coming to this place, visitors to Ha Giang Vietnam tour not only have the opportunity to admire the majestic scenery of the rocky plateau.  From the top of the pass, visitors can look out into the distance to see the majestic limestone mountains, winding curves and immense green woven from the mountains and forests of Ha Giang. In the distance are towering rocky mountains hidden in the mist, below is the deep blue Nho Que river or the deep Tu San canyon – the unique wonder of the Dong Van stone plateau.

IMG 254546

3. When is the best time to visit Ma Pi Leng Pass?

With its gentle and dreamy beauty, the land of Ha Giang is often compared to the muse of the mountains and forests of Northeast Vietnam. Each time of the year will bring you its own, interesting and unique experiences.

  • January-March is the plum and peach blossom season. If you love the pink color of this flower, definitely don’t miss it.
  • April is the time when Khau Vai love market takes place. The unique market is only held once a year, so if you are interested in this festival, you should come to Ha Giang in April.
  • September is the season when the terraced fields in Ha Giang are dyed with the picturesque golden color of ripe rice.
  • October and November buckwheat flower season – A romantic flower that is only present in this land.
  • December is mustard flower season, and if the temperature is low enough, you will also have the opportunity to see snow fall.

The local people on Ma Pi Leng pass

4. How to get to Ma Pi Leng Pass?

4.1 Traveling by bus Hanoi – Ha Giang – Ma Pi Leng

From Hanoi to get to Ma Pi Leng, you need to take a bus from My Dinh bus station to Ha Giang. Trips depart from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm, so you can freely choose the time that suits your needs. After arriving in Ha Giang, you will rent a motorbike to drive to Ma Pi Leng pass.

4.2 Traveling by motorbike Ha Giang – Ma Pi Leng

In addition, if you do not want to take a bus, you can choose to travel from Hanoi to Ma Pi Leng by motorbike. Origin Vietnam has listed 2 routes for you to choose from:

  • Route 1: From Hanoi, go towards Thang Long Bridge, turn to Viet Tri, Phu Tho, pass Tuyen Quang to Ha Giang.
  • Route 2: Hanoi > Son Tay > Co Tiet > Phu Tho, Doan Hung > Tuyen Quang > Ha Giang.

If you choose this method, make sure you prepare to rest well. So you have the health to travel long distances, or bring more people so you can take turns driving. It should be noted that the pass is quite steep with dangerous turns. That you will need to firmly steer to ensure safety.

4.3 Traveling by plane

Tourists from remote provinces such as Central or Southern Vietnam who want to go to Ha Giang and visit Ma Pi Leng Pass can choose a plane as their means of transportation. This is the most optimal means of transport, both saving time and preserving visitors’ health to prepare for the next arduous tour Ha Giang to conquer Ma Pi Leng Pass. First of all, you have to take a flight to Hanoi. Then you take a bus or rent a motorbike to Ha Giang according to the instructions above.

IMG 254544

5. Sightseeing & Activities and Experiences in Ma Pi Leng Pass

As one of the “four great passes” of Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng Pass will definitely surprise you with the experiences it brings.

5.1 Conquering the most dangerous mountain pass in Ha Giang

Conquering the pass called “the bridge of the horse’s nose” is the dream of every tourist every time they have the opportunity to come to Ha Giang. The road is more than 20 km long with 9 winding turns, one side is a steep cliff, the other side is a deep abyss.

On that journey, you will admire the Nho Que River dividing the road, rocky mountains nestled in thick mist and beautiful green vegetation. With the wonderful things mentioned above, this is the Happiness Bend for all visitors.

IMG 360874

Image Source: Internet

5.2 Sunset hunting at the top of the pass

Sunset hunting from the top of a high pass is an interesting activity that you should not miss. Sunset is also the time when the whole world is immersed in the red and yellow colors of the last rays of sunlight. The scenery is even more impressive when in the distance are green corn fields and steep gray cliffs. Standing on top of Ma Pi Leng, the entire vast space seems to be compressed into view.

IMG 360926

5.3 Listing a series of super hot photography locations

Coming to the most dangerous pass in Ha Giang, visitors are not only overwhelmed by the beauty of nature but also have the opportunity to take home super impressive selfies. Winding, winding turns, stunningly high slopes or lush green mountain scenery can all become “virtual living” backgrounds. You will find all detail at North Vietnam photography trip here.

IMG 22489975

5.3.1: Death cliff

Death Rock is the hottest photo spot on this pass, almost every tourist has to stop to admire and take pictures. The cliff lies precariously in the middle of the mountainside, below is the majestic Dong Van Stone Plateau and the meandering green Nho Que river. In the midst of this enchanting scenery, you just need to raise your phone and you will immediately have “million-like” photos.

IMG 254542

5.3.2: Panorama coffee shop

The next destination on the journey to explore Ma Pi Leng pass is Panorama cafe. This is an ideal stop for tourists to rest, admire the scenery and take photos with a super beautiful perspective. In addition, you can also enjoy delicious cups of coffee in the fresh, airy atmosphere.

5.3.3: Strolling Nho Que River by boat

Nho Que River bends along the majestic pass, a place you cannot miss during your trip to Ha Giang. Sitting on a motorboat, you will be able to float down the emerald green water, listen to the sound of gurgling water, and feel the epic of the mountains and forests.

5.3.4: Experiencing the cultural beauty of Ha Giang

Coming to Ha Giang, you will have the opportunity to learn about the beauty of local culture and meet highland children. The children carrying baskets full of mustard flowers on their backs, smiling and chatting will be an unforgettable image for visitors. To support the children, you can buy beautiful small flower wreaths as souvenirs.

IMG 254545

6. Specialties when traveling to Ma Pi Leng pass

Traveling to Ma Pi Leng, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy dishes with local culinary flavors, prepared by the ethnic people here. Specialties of this place include: smoked sausage, smoked buffalo meat, smoked beef, thang co, five-color sticky rice, etc. In particular, there is also an extremely unique grilled moss dish, which is a specialty famous in Ha Giang

IMG 211670

7. Accommodation when traveling to Ma Pi Leng pass

When traveling to Ma Pi Leng Pass, visitors can stay overnight in Meo Vac town and Dong Van town. However, the distance from Dong Van town to Ma Pi Leng pass is shorter, and the accommodation facilities here are also more diverse and abundant, so tourists should choose an overnight stay in Dong Van town.

7.1 Hotels:

  • Dong Van Hotel. Address: 127 3/2 Street, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Chieu Tim Hotel. Address: Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Truong Anh Hotel. Address: Group 3, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Hoang Ngoc Hotel. Address: Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Lam Tung Hotel. Address: Group 3, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.

7.2. Guest houses:

  • Binh An Guesthouse. Address: Street 3/2, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Tinh Coc Guesthouse. Address: Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Motel 79. Address: Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Ancient Town Guesthouse. Address: No. 29 Group 3, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Binh Minh Hostel. Address: Group 2, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.

7.3 Homestays:

  • Homie Homestay. Address: Lung Cu, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Dong Van H’Mong Homestay. Address: Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Song Chau Homestay. Address: 278 Group 1, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Plum Homestay. Address: Xom Moi Village, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Trieu Viet Homestay. Address: Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.

IMG 254543

8. Some other famous tourist attractions near Ma Pi Leng pass

Ha Giang is famous for its countless beautiful landscapes, promising to bring visitors wonderful experiences. After exploring the pass, you can visit the following locations:

8.1 Tu San Canyon

Tu San canyon is known as the “first majestic” of the Dong Van Karst Plateau. The canyon has a cliff height of nearly 800 m, is 1.7 km long and has a depth of up to 1 km. Visitors can see the unique geological formations of Tu San canyon during the cruise on the Nho Que River.

8.2 Dong Van ancient town

Dong Van Ancient Town is the common home of the Nung, Dao, Tay, Hoa… ethnic groups who have settled down since the early twentieth century. Up to now, this old town still retains its ancient beauty with typical houses dyed in mossy yellow. If you come to Dong Van Old Town on the weekend, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in the indigenous people’s market, try on colorful dresses and buy local agricultural products and souvenirs.

IMG 254541

9. Some important notes when traveling to Ma Pi Leng pass

Conquering Ma Pi Leng Pass is not simple and extremely dangerous. Therefore, you need to pay attention to a few issues before starting your journey. Please refer to some notes that Origin Vietnam offers below:

  • If you travel by motorbike, you must have a very steady handlebar to overcome dangerous turns. If not, you can hire a local as a driver and tour guide.
  • Clothing: You need to choose the most comfortable outfit for your trip. If you go in the summer, you should bring a thin jacket because the night weather in the highlands will be quite cold. If you go in winter, be prepared with warm clothes, gloves and scarves.
  • Accommodation: Coming to Ma Pi Leng Pass, you will not have many options for accommodation. Because there is only 1 homestay named Ma Pi Leng homestay.
  • Medicine: When traveling to a strange place, medicine is an essential item. You should prepare some medical bandages, cold medicine, fever reducer…
  • Food: If you decide to travel from Hanoi to Ma Pi Leng by motorbike. You should also prepare some snacks such as: dry food, snacks, chocolate,… and a large bottle of water to rest. eat and drink on the go. Sometimes there will be places to stop on the side of the road, the view is also very beautiful. Please stop to refuel and then continue.
  • Some other items: In addition to the above items, you should also bring along some motorbike repair items. Because the pass will not have any motorbike repair shops or gas stations. Some items that can be mentioned include: 3 liter gasoline can; car repair tools (pump, tire opener, patch, glue,…). Don’t forget to bring your vehicle documents and identification documents.

The amazing view from Ma Pi Leng pass

It’s worth a visit Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ha Giang is a name that has never ceased to be hot on the Vietnam tourist map. Ma Pi Leng Pass is a challenging destination that you cannot miss. If you are passionate about the beauty of Ha Giang’s mountains and forests and its dangerous roads, this is the ideal choice for you.

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