Lung Cu Flag Tower
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Lung Cu Flag Tower

If you have the opportunity to come to Ha Giang, there is a place that you absolutely cannot miss when visiting this place. That is the Lung Cu flagpole, a sacred destination for compatriots and people of all ethnic groups in the Northeast region of Vietnam. It is also a symbol of the sacred sovereignty of the Vietnamese homeland. Let’s find out with Origin Vietnam what’s so attractive about the Lung Cu flagpole.

1. Where is the Lung Cu flagpole?

The Lung Cu flagpole was built on top of Dragon Mountain, in Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. About 160 km northeast of Ha Giang city and about 455 km north of Hanoi capital.

Lung Cu Flag Tower

2. How is Lung Cu Flagpole unique?

The Lung Cu Flag Tower is known as the North Pole of Vietnam. The path to the tower consists of 283 stone steps, and the tower itself stands at a height of 33.15 meters with a diameter of 3.8 meters. The tower’s body features relief decorations inspired by Dong Son’s bronze drums. At the base of the tower, there are reliefs depicting the daily lives of ethnic minority individuals in the karst plateau. The flagpole measures 9 meters and flies a national flag with a surface area of 54 square meters, representing the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam.

At the base of the tower, there is a commemorative house displaying production tools, costumes, and cultural artifacts of the various cultural groups in Ha Giang. From the Lung Cu Flag Tower, visitors can enjoy a wide view of the border area of Vietnam.

It’s worth a visit Lung Cu flagpole

Looking from afar, the Lung Cu flagpole stands tall and majestic amidst the mountains and forests of Northeast Vietnam. Coming closer, visitors will admire the sharp carved patterns at the foot of the flagpole. The red flag with yellow star is placed at the highest position, fluttering in the deep blue sky.

If you have the opportunity to stand at the observatory, you will see the panoramic beauty of Ha Giang from above, making everyone admire it. That is Then Ven valley, hidden in the vast mountains and forests, this is the dreamy Nho Que River, flowing peacefully all year round. In the distance, a few ancient houses appear dimly behind the smoky evening smoke. The peaceful and poetic scene has made so many hearts flutter and not want to leave.

Located in the middle of the border with China on three sides and to the south adjacent to Ma Le commune, Lung Cu is home to many ethnic minorities. Such as H’mong, Lo Lo, Tay and Pu Peo, creating a unique picture. Rich and multi-dimensional cultural paintings. With the blend of pristine nature and cultural diversity, Lung Cu is becoming an attractive destination for those who love to explore and experience the cultural identity of the Vietnamese people.

View of Lung Cu Flag Tower Ha Giang

3. When is the best time to visit Lung Cu Flagpole?

To get to Lung Cu flagpole, you also need to arrange to travel to Ha Giang in advance, and need to have a specific, earliest schedule to visit this place because Lung Cu flagpole is quite far from Ha Giang, compared to nearly 200 km of mountain road. If you want to adventure tour to Ha Giang and see the beautiful scenery here, some of the most appropriate times you should consider are:

  • From January to March: During this time, the forests of plum blossoms, peach blossoms, and yellow mustard flowers will bloom. You will admire the scenery nicknamed “blossoming rock region”. When you come here at this time, you will be able to visit and enjoy the beautiful scenery of flowers blooming. Furthermore, this time is also the time when traditional festivals take place. So you will have the opportunity to participate and experience unique cultural activities here.
  • You can also come in May during the flood season or June – August during the summer with dry weather, easier to move and more convenient for visiting the Lung Cu flagpole. However, you should also note that this is also the rainy season of the year, easily causing flash floods. Because landslides, endangering your travel itinerary.
  • Or you can also go to Ha Giang in October – December to visit the Lung Cu flagpole. And this is also the time when buckwheat flowers bloom on the Dong Van stone plateau. You will see the most wonderful views during this time.

4. How to get to the Lung Cu flagpole?

4.1 From Hanoi to Ha Giang city

To get to Lung Cu flagpole, visitors can follow the following two ways depending on their time, preferences and transportation needs. Each method is simple, convenient and extremely fast to help you conquer the challenging national flagpole.

  • Route 1: If traveling to Ha Giang by bus, visitors should book bus tickets in advance at the bus companies and then go straight here. You can also go to My Dinh – Hanoi bus station to catch the bus. There are many buses to Ha Giang city from this bus station. Departure time is mainly in the evening, so that you have time to spend the night on the bus. When you arrive in Ha Giang the next morning, you can participate in the tour experience. After arriving in Ha Giang city center, you should continue to rent a motorbike to drive to Lung Cu.
  • Route 2: If tourists travel by motorbike from Hanoi, follow National Highway 2 and Highway 4C. If convenient, you can conquer the top of Ma Pi Leng pass through Dong Van stone plateau to experience Complete beauty on the way to Lung Cu Ha Giang.

Note: The road here is quite winding, with many steep sections and bends. Therefore, you should let someone with a steady hand drive the motorbike. If you don’t know the way, you can ask local people instead of looking at google maps to get there the fastest.

4.2 From Ha Giang city to Lung Cu flagpole

After traveling about 300 km from Hanoi to Ha Giang city in about 6 to 7 hours. You should rest to regain strength to start a new day. From here, visitors should follow Highway 4C to get to Quan Ba town (official name Tam Son Town) located about 50 km from the city center.

From Quan Ba town, tourists continue to move to Yen Minh town to admire the legendary pine forest – the background of so many virtual photos. A little past the town, you will see the beautiful Mien River full of rocks. Then you will see a fork, turn right to go to Meo Vac district to circle back to Dong Van district, turn left to go straight to Dong Van. Every road leads to Dong Van stone plateau but will be different in route and travel time.

By running a short distance, you will reach Pho Cao commune, Sung La commune as well as Sa Phin commune – Where there is an extremely mysterious cat king mansion. From the mansion, there will be a fork to go straight up to reach Dong Van old town. The opposite direction is the direction to conquer the Lung Cu flagpole. Because the distance from here to the city center is quite far, visitors should stay in Dong Van one night and then move back to the city the next morning.

View Lung Cam Culture Village

5. Activities and Experiences in Lung Cu flagpole

5.1 Road To Lung Cu Peak

The road to Lung Cu flagpole was built with a total of 839 steps, divided into 3 journeys. You should prepare yourself a pair of sturdy climbing shoes to ensure the foot is not hurt. Each time you conquer a ladder brings different emotions. The higher you go, the more open the green hills and mountains, alternating with the terraced fields surrounding small house folds. All create an enchanting scene.

5.2 The Beauty Of Lung Cu From Above

Selfie on the top of the Lung Cu Ha Giang flagpole is a great experience. This is one of the 4 North pole points of Vietnam. Coming here, you will be able to touch the flagpole, above is the flag with an area of 54m2 representing 54 ethnic groups in the country.

From here, we can admire the panoramic view of the majestic Dong Van rock plateau as a masterpiece that Mother Nature Ha Giang has left us. The villages are hidden in the sea of clouds. The image of terraced fields stretches across the hillside as if opening a new world in each person’s perspective. Standing here, checking in a picture with the majestic nature in the distance with the red flag and yellow stars fluttering in the wind. It’s truly Ha Giang enjoyment.

6. Specialties when traveling to Lung Cu Flagpole

One of the best experiences when you do the tour Ha Giang. That is to enjoy the attractive specialties of the mountainous region of Northeast Vietnam. Most especially, if your tour itinerary includes a stop at the Lung Cu – Dong Van flagpole.

6.1 Black chicken hotpot

Black chicken hot pot is a traditional hot pot dish of Dong Van people. The main ingredient that makes this famous hot pot dish is black chicken raised in the mountains. To have a delicious and flavorful hot pot, this steaming hot pot will have all the ingredients. Such as black chicken, white radish, mushrooms and vegetables. When eating, dip these ingredients in sweet water and eat with vermicelli or noodles.

6.2 Pho Trang Kim

The next Dong Van specialty that we wants to introduce to you is Pho Trang Kim. Coming to Vietnamese cuisine, almost everyone mentions the famous pho. And in this land of Dong Van Ha Giang, there is also a Pho Trang Kim dish that is most loved by tourists.

Pho Trang Kim does not have the sophistication or perfect beauty like other pho dishes. But Pho Trang Kim still makes anyone who tastes it nostalgic.

6.3 Thang Co

Coming to Northwest cuisine in general and Ha Giang in particular, you cannot miss the dish thang co. Thang Co is one of the dishes imbued with the culinary culture of Dong Van. If you take a tour to Ha Giang and accidentally miss this dish, your trip will not be complete.

Thang Co

Thang co is a dish made from horse or cow organs with the freshest flavor. At first, you will definitely feel strange when enjoying this dish when you see a bowl of salt on the thang co tray.

That’s because thang co is cooked in its original form without seasoning to preserve the delicious flavor. A delicious bowl of Thang Co will include fragrant intestines, liver, intestines, horse and beef gizzards. You should eat it with more vegetables to enjoy the full taste of thang co.

6.4 Au Tau Porridge

IMG 360803

If you have come to Ha Giang and have not tried Au Tau porridge, you have missed out on a fascinating experience. Au Tau porridge brings people to enjoy the uniqueness and uniqueness of Dong Van cuisine. Au Tau porridge is cooked from minced meat and Au Tau tubers.

Bau tau root is one of the poisons that if not prepared properly will be extremely toxic. That’s why Ha Giang people are extremely meticulous in processing and combining delicately to create a nutritious dish.

At first, the taste will be a bit bitter, but once you get used to it, it will be quite delicious. In particular, Au Tau porridge is very good for health and enjoying a hot bowl of Au Tau porridge in the winter or in the evening is nothing better than enjoying it.

6.5 Banh Cuon with soup

Perhaps, Banh Cuon is a dish that is no longer strange to Vietnamese people. But the thing about Banh Cuon with soup in Dong Van is different. Banh cuon with soup is a very attractive dish to many tourists. The cake is filled with minced meat and omelet. The slice of banh cuon is thin, soft and not crumbly when picked up or eaten in the mouth. Banh cuon is best when it comes out and you eat it right on the spot. You should eat it with a bowl of bone soup to fully enjoy the taste of this banh cuon.

6.6. Smoked meat is one of the most specialties when visit Lung Cu flag tower

IMG 360804

Smoked buffalo and kitchen meat are usually made from long sliced meat fibres. Each piece of buffalo meat, pork skewers are rolled into large sticks and hung on the kitchen counter.

Delicious meat without preservatives is a favourite dish of travellers every time to Ha Giang.

6.7. Shan snow tea

IMG 360806

The old Shan tea trees in the highland are greyish white, covered with a translucent white layer like snow, so it is called Shan Tuyet teaHa Giang speciality. This is a clean material source because it is exploited from nature.

6.8. La Chi rat meat

IMG 360805

La Chi people consider mouse meat to be regular and daily food. According to the legend, every season of ripe rice in the village, men go hunting for rats throughout the district. After harvest, they go to the forest to set traps, then dig burrows. Catching mice in vau, bamboo forest, chit forest, they can process mouse meat into many dishes such as grilling, stir-frying, hanging kitchen, etc.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Lung Cu flagpole

When traveling to Lung Cu flagpole, visitors can refer to some of the accommodation facilities below:

7.1 Hotels:

  • Hoang Van Hotel. Address: Group 2, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang
  • Lam Tung Hotel. Address: Group 3, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang
  • Hoang Ngoc Hotel. Address: Highway 4C, Dong Van town, Ha Giang.
  • Thien Huong Hotel. Address: House number 23, 3/2 Street, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Ma Pi Leng Hotel. Address: 35 Group 7 Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang

7.2 Homestays & hostel

  • Mrs. Phien Homestay. Address: Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Ms Loan Homestay. Address: Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Homestay Tuyen Ha. Address: Group 1, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Trieu Nghi Homestay. Address: Group 4, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Mr. Kin Homestay. Address: 29 Old Quarter, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.

8. Some other famous tourist attractions near Lung Cu flagpole

8.1 Dong Van town

If you have come to Ha Giang and visited the Lung Cu flagpole in Dong Van district, you absolutely cannot miss Dong Van town, also known as Dong Van Old Town. About 50 minutes from the Lung Cu flag pole by car through the opposite pass or right at the junction of Sa Phin commune, you can follow the road to Dong Van town.

With more than 100 years of ancient architecture, Dong Van town has become very attractive to many tourists. In the 1880s, when occupying this area, the French colonialists had plans and that was the premise for architecture to develop with unique and special features.

Currently, that beauty still remains intact today, you will feel it in a special way at the old Dong Van market. Dong Van Old Town stretches nearly 1km with nearly 40 ancient houses built next to each other. Especially with wall-style architecture, yin-yang tiled roofs and typical stone foundations.

If you come here on the full moon day, the streets are decorated with colorful lanterns, creating a sparkling scene for the town.

8.2 Dong Van Stone Plateau

Another place you cannot miss is Dong Van Stone Plateau, only about 50 minutes drive south from Lung Cu flagpole. On October 3, 2010, Dong Van Karst Plateau was recognized as the first UNESCO Geopark in Vietnam and the second in Southeast Asia. With this noble title in 2014 and 2019, UNESCO has re-recognized Dong Van Karst Plateau as a member of the Global Geopark network for the period 2015 – 2018 and the period 2019 – 2022.

As a common stone plateau of four districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac of Ha Giang province. Dong Van Stone Plateau with its wild and poetic beauty will make any tourist ecstatic. . Considered a “gray paradise” in the middle of the mountains and forests, this place will surely satisfy all visitors.

Located at an altitude of about 1000 – 1600m above sea level, Dong Van stone plateau with a gray mountain range of cat-ear rocks creates a wild, rustic scene. Besides the mountain and forest scenery is even more outstanding. outstanding. And that is also the pride of all Vietnamese people.

8.3 Sung La Valley

Nicknamed “the flowering rock region”, Sung La valley is an absolute place not to be missed when coming to Ha Giang. Especially if you travel to Ha Giang from October to April next year. You will admire the beautiful scenery of Ha Giang.

This place also has an attractive place for tourists. Pao’s house – one of the scenes of the movie “Pao’s Story”. It’s a famous Vietnamese movie, produced in 2005. When coming to Sung valley The ideal place to see the “picture” of the village is the Pho Bang junction with the pass embracing a green valley. Come here you will see the charm of the flowers or the simplicity of the houses, the innocence and friendliness of the people here.

9. Some important notes when traveling to Lung Cu flagpole

To have the most complete trip to Ha Giang to explore Lung Cu flagpole, you should note a few things below:

  • If you choose to travel by motorbike to enjoy the beauty of this place. Please make sure the driver is a steady driver to ensure safety.
  • Choose comfortable, discreet clothing when entering national historical sites.
  • Don’t forget to bring a pair of comfortable, soft sports shoes for ease of movement.
  • Do not climb on monuments to take photos or damage national assets.
  • When you climb to the top of the flagpole, you will probably be quite tired. So prepare yourself some bottles of water as well as some snacks to replenish your energy.

The feeling of setting foot on the Lung Cu flagpole, touching the fluttering red flag with a yellow star, is truly a wonderful experience. Traveling to Ha Giang today to conquer the Lung Cu flagpole and discover the peaceful wild beauty of this land known as “the place where rocks bloom”.

Your tours in Ha Giang to discover the Lung Cu flagpole will become more complete when we, Origin Vietnam – a professional Vietnam tour operator, will accompany you every step of the way and bring the most wonderful experiences to tourists.

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