Lung Cu Flag Tower
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Lung Cu Flag Tower

Lung Cu Flag Tower is situated at 1,700m above the sea level, at the summit of Rong Mountain, Lung Cu Commune, Dong Van District. It’s about 20km from Dong Van Town where the most tourist attracts in Ha Giang.

Lung Cu Flag Tower

How Lung Cu Flag Tower is unique?

Lung Cu Flag Tower is the North Pole of Viet Nam. The path of the flag tower comprises 283 stone steps. The flag tower is 33.15m height, 3.8m diameter. The tower body is decorated relief of Dong Son’s bronze drum surface. The tower sole is trapped relieves describing the everyday life of the ethnic minority individuals in the karst plateau. Plug from the 12. Flagstaff 9m is a national flag with a surface of 54m², representing for 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam.

In the base tower, there’s a commemorative home, in which displays production tools, costumes and cultural products of the cultural groups in Ha Giang. From Lung Cu flag tower point, visitors can see a wide border area of Vietnam. Specially Nho Que River winding throughout the high mountain ranges, the terraced fields stretching along the mountainsides, the village of Mong, Lo, Tay, Pu Peo.

View of Lung Cu Flag Tower Ha Giang

Top things to do in Lung Cu Flagpole

1. Road to Lung Cu peak

The road to Lung Cu flagpole was built with a total of 839 steps, divided into 3 journeys. You should prepare yourself a pair of sturdy climbing shoes to ensure the foot is not hurt. Each time you conquer a ladder brings different emotions. The higher you go, the more open the green hills and mountains, alternating with the terraced fields surrounding small house folds. All create an enchanting prospect.

2. The beauty of Lung Cu from above

Check in the top of Lung Cu Ha Giang flagpole is a great thing, this is one of the 4 North pole points of Vietnam. Coming here, you will be able to touch the flagpole, above is the flag with an area of 54m2 representing 54 ethnic groups across the country.

From here, we can admire the panoramic view of the majestic Dong Van rock plateau as a masterpiece that Mother Nature Truly Ha Giang has left us. The villages are hidden in the open cloud. The image of terraced fields stretching across the hillside as if opening a new world in each person’s perspective. Standing here, checking in a picture with the majestic nature in the distance with the red flag and yellow stars fluttering in the wind. It will surely make you feel national pride.

View Lung Cam Culture Village

How to go to Lung Cu Flag Tower?

Lung Cu flagpole is built on the top of Rong Mountain – with the height of 1700m above sea level, 24km from Dong Van district, 154km from Ha Giang city. Lung Cu flagpole is the sacred and proud place of every Vietnamese people about the sovereignty of our country.

It takes 20km from Dong Van to Lung Cu flag tower. There will be 2 roads to Lung Cu. If you stop at Dong Van then just turn into a shortcut in the centre of town about 2km. If you combine with visiting Vuong’s family palace, you will take about 15km to Lung Cu flagpole.

When is the best time to visit Lung Cu Flag Tower?

Looking down from Lung Cu flagpole, you will see the whole majestic natural beauty of the mountains of Northeast Vietnam. Each season comes to Lung Cu and you will feel a different beauty. The terraced fields with scenery change with each season. From green when young rice, yellow when ripe rice to brown after the rice is harvested. And the beauty of the vast buckwheat flower fields stretching through the valleys.

Because of the above characteristics, you can come to Lung Cu – Ha Giang at any time of the year. However, it is important to avoid the rainy months (from June to August of the lunar calendar). And should see the weather forecast in advance to have a safe trip!

Recommended accommodation in Lung Cu

You should find a hostel in Dong Van town area such as Cao Nguyên Da Hotel, Hien Hoa Hostel, Hoang Ngọc Hostel, Khai Hoan Hostel, Lung Cu Hostel.

Lung Cu homestay

  • Address: Lo lo chai village, Dong Van, Ha Giang

Lung Cu Home with a view

  • Address: Lung Cu, Ha Giang

What to eat?

1. Au Tau rice soup

IMG 360803

If you haven’t eaten this dish, you haven’t come to Ha Giang. From the poisonous tubers, the people here have made tofu piles into a very healthy dish. Au Tau rice soup will give people a good deep sleep and dispel fatigue throughout a long day.

2. Thang Co

Thang Co

It would be a mistake to go to Ha Giang without enjoying Thang Co. Coming to Dong Van market, drinking corn wine, eating the thang co has become the oral experience of many tourists.

Thang Co to be made from horse or cow organs, always hot when being drawn into a bowl, diners have to eat and blow. Outside add salt or soup powder, when eaten, just dot to suit for each person’s mouth. The cardamom, nut and lemongrass, chilli, pepper, combined with the greasy taste of meat to warm the space between the cold weather. You can eat at the fair of Dong Van, Meo Vac, Lung Cu …

3. Smoked meat is one of the most specialties when visit Lung Cu flag tower

IMG 360804

Smoked buffalo and kitchen meat are usually made from long sliced meat fibres. Each piece of buffalo meat, pork skewers are rolled into large sticks and hung on the kitchen counter.

Delicious meat without preservatives is a favourite dish of travellers every time to Ha Giang.

4. Shan snow tea

IMG 360806

The old Shan tea trees in the highland are greyish white, covered with a translucent white layer like snow, so it is called Shan Tuyet tea – Ha Giang speciality. This is a clean material source because it is exploited from nature.

5. La Chi rat meat

IMG 360805

La Chi people consider mouse meat to be regular and daily food. According to the legend, every season of ripe rice in the village, men go hunting for rats throughout the district. After harvest, they go to the forest to set traps, then dig burrows. Catching mice in vau, bamboo forest, chit forest, they can process mouse meat into many dishes such as grilling, stir-frying, hanging kitchen, etc.

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