Khau Vai Love Market
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Khau Vai Love Market

You want to meet again your past lover? Ok. Let’s go to Khau Vai love market. Folks can’t stand the idea of their partners speaking to their exes, let alone socializing with them. But things are very different in a little neighborhood of Vietnam. Situated in Meo Vac. It’s one of the most famous market in North Vietnam

Khau Vai love market

How Khau Vai Love market is unique?

A unique love economy takes place annually in the hillside village of Khau Vai, located north of Hanoi near the border with China. The Khau Vai Love Market is held each year on the 26th and 27th of the lunar calendar’s next month. During these two days, hundreds of former lovers from hill tribes including Tay, Nung, San Chi, Lo Lo, Dao, Giay, and Hmong gather together. They journey from various neighboring mountainous districts, seeking the opportunity to spend two weeks with the ones they couldn’t spend their lives with.

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This concept may sound extremely odd to us, and there is every chance that a cat fight could break out if this distinctive love festival were held anywhere else in the world. However, the people of Khau Vai have a strong reason for celebrating their love market. It has been a part of their heritage for hundreds of years. Traveling to Ha Giang during this time will be very exciting.

The Legend of Khau Vai Love Market

The story is quite sad – a Giay woman from Ha Giang had fallen for a Nung boy from Cao Bang. However, she was said to be so beautiful that her own tribe did not approve of her marrying someone from another community. What ensued was a conflict between the two tribes. As the lovers witnessed the tragic events unfolding around them, they made the difficult decision to separate for the greater good. However, their love did not fade away. They made a solemn pact to meet once a year at the Khau Vai Love Market – specifically on the 27th day of the next lunar month.

Prepare for love market Khau Vai

The tradition is being carried on to this day. During the designated festival times, local artists dressed in colorful garments reenact the forbidden love story. Some may dismiss the rendezvous between the former lovers at Khau Vai as mere flings, but the reality is quite different.

The villagers see the Khau Vai Love Market as a time to stroll down memory lane, cherishing the happier moments of their past. Lau Pao, for instance, gets to meet his old flame and converse with her once a year.

“In the past, we were lovers, but we couldn’t marry because we were far apart. We pour out our hearts and reminisce about the time when we were in love. We come together to share the story of our past love,” says Pao. Interestingly, Pao’s spouse has no issues with this, as she herself meets her former lover during the same time.

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That is a situation for people of those hills. But, with time the tradition has taken on a more contemporary sense. The young plan dates through text messages and take pictures on their phones. The village is more accessible due to new roads.

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