Du Gia National Park
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Du Gia National Park

Traveling Du Gia National Park Ha Giang will be an exciting journey for you, completely different from the trips Meo Vac or Dong Van you have experienced. Many people come here still call Du Gia a “fairy village” because of the scenery and all that it brings! If Dong Van or Meo Vac are challenging roads for travellers, come to Du Gia and where you will enjoy of profound experiences.

Du Gia National Park

How Du Gia National Park is unique?

Established on the basis of the merger of Du Gia Nature Reserve and the langur monkey Snub-nosed habitat in Ha Giang. Du Gia National Park was officially established. It is the 31st national park to be established in Vietnam to conserve and preserve the eco-systems of forests and rare animals.

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Du Gia National Park features typical tropical evergreen forest, tropical rainforest, limestone forests. Specially rare and endangered plants and animals that are on the list of conservation needs. Such as red pine, northern throat, Tonkin snub-nosed monkey and brown lilac…

Du Gia National Park has the duty to protect the evergreen closed tropical moist tropical forest ecosystems. They are including limestone karsts, endangered, precious and rare wild plants and animals. They are such as Thong Do Bac, Trai Ly, Sua Bac, Tonkin snub-nosed monkey and brown serow.

At the same time, it maintains the function of watershed protection of Gam river basin and stream system in the area of Tuyen Quang hydroelectric lake. It also contributes to stabilizing agricultural and industrial production in the region. And constructing and developing infrastructure, creating favourable conditions for research which serves the research and conservation of the forest fauna, flora and typical ecosystems of the Park.

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Top things to do in Du Gia National Park

Du Gia National Park – with an area of over 15 hectares spread across three provinces of Ha Giang. It lasts from Yen Minh to Vi Xuyen and then to Bac Me. This national park has an extremely diverse and rich ecosystem. They have rare and precious species of plants and animals. And many of which are on the conservation list such as some species of milkweed, Tonkin snub-nosed monkeys, northern red pine cones, and clams. Stop by this national park you will admire the space full of magnificent and poetic.

In particular, It will even more special when you can explore the extremely special traditional culture of the Mong or Dao people here. Travel here tourists can see worshipping ceremony New rice, seasonal festival, dance festival, fair market, love market, Gau Tao, etc. Discovering the unique cultural features of the ethnic people here infact will really give you a full view of New and extremely attractive. It is not only a daily routine anymore but now seems to have become a very valuable intangible cultural feature to preserve.

In addition, coming here, you can also walk around the villagers’ villages around here. You have chace to admire the lush green fields or experience fishing at the streams next to you. Do not worry about the accommodation when visiting Du Gia because there are also very nice homestay so you can visit overnight

Ha Giang National Park

How to go there?

To get here, you only have to travel by motorbike or car. You can travel by Highway 34 from the city of Ha Giang towards Bac Me – Cao Bang. This road is quite bad because quite a lot of trucks move to carry ores daily.

Or you can travel by 4C Highway to Mau Due then turn to DT181 to move. Although this route will be about 40km farther than Highway 34 but, this route is extremely smooth and peaceful. In addition, you can also admire the beautiful natural scenery can only be said with two words “excellent” only!

When is the best time to visit Du Gia National Park?

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By the time of Tet holiday, Du Gia became more vibrant by the peach trees and plums with flowers blooming all over the villages. In the summer, Du Gia limestone mountain scenery is covered with green vegetation that makes it more vivid than ever. The sparse but small villages nestled on the mountainside adorn this natural picture.

When the cold began to chew, it was also the time when the terraced fields on the roads backpacking with yellow ripe rice colours, inviting travellers. Then at the time when the fields of triangle flowers blossomed, amidst the mist. So come to Du Gia any season and do not worry there is no beautiful scenery.

Recommended accommodation

Du Già Homestay

  • 195B Coc Pang Village, Du Gia, Yen Minh, Ha Giang

Du Gia Backpacker Hostel & Trecking Tours.

  • TL 176 Coc Pang Village, Du Gia (1.362,76 km) Yên Minh

What to eat in Du Gia National Park?

Specialities here such as stream fish, chicken village, greens, bamboo shoots and many other dishes

Visit Ha Giang, to the global geopark Dong Van rocky, visitors do not forget to stop, visit the national park Du Gia. Where promises many interesting things are waiting for visitors to explore places in Ha Giang province.

It’s great for

  • Adventure lover, Photographer, so lo traveler, young people

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