Cam Son Mountain


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Cam Son Mountain

Ha Giang is known as the most popular tourist attraction today. It is not only natural landscapes, dreaming, fresh climates but also famous for the beautiful natural wonders. Especially, when coming to Ha Giang city, you cannot ignore the attraction of the Cam Son Mountain along Ma Tim Pass, right in Cam Son Town, an enchanting tourist destination.

How Cam Son Mountain is Unique?

Mount Cam Son has a pretty terrain, where the tall cliffs like the heroic lions are guarding the sacred mountains. These cliffs are the great challenge that passionate enthusiasts also want to conquer when they come here. The mountain runs long along the slope of the heart code, cliff slopes and stretches from 19/5 to square 26/3. The special thing of Mount Cam Son is next to a vibrant Ha Giang city, it retains the pristine beauty inherent.

Hmong in Cam Son Mountain

Top things to do in Cam Son Mountain

Escape from the tired and worried everyday life, give yourself a trip to Mount Cam Son to enjoy the picturesque landscape. The mountains connect each other as giant blue carpets that squeeze around the city. From on Cam Son Mountain, you can enlarge the view far away, enjoy the beautiful sky of ha Giang. In the road to the city, blended with the two tributaries of the Lo River and the Mieng River in the green flowing in the heart of the city. Especially, when standing atop Cam Son Mountain, you can admire the picturesque city paintings at the foot of the mountain. A vivid and helpful picture, flooded with poetry, showing the durability and survival of a city full of potential tourism.

At Cam Son Mountain there is a temple of Cam Son Linh Tu, now the Mau Temple, a mysterious sacred point. Temple of the Forbidden Mountain is a special destination for tourists. Visitors can enjoy beautiful views of Cam Son Mountain and visit the temple, pray good things.

Cam Son Mountain, ORIGIN VIETNAM

How to go to Cam Son?

The magnificent mountain landscape of northeast mountain forest has always been a craggy terrain. There is only one road to the top of the mountain that is extremely dangerous. Therefore, this place is as the attractive, unspoiled, and mysterious tourists. According to the path will come to a deep, upright burrow called “Heaven Well”. It is associated with a legend of the battle between the Yellow Army (led by the British Emperor) with a white chess force (the fellow people) in the years 1870-1875.

Previously, when it was not built and developed, the way up the Cam Son Mountain is quite hard and difficult. However, since Cam Son Mountain is invested in building large TV towers, the road to the mountains has been much easier. When you travel to Cam Son Mountain, you can take motorcycles and cars to the middle of the mountain, then freely stroll the mountain views, visit the beautiful scenery and walk the zigzag steps winding between the mountain slopes.

Cam Son Mountain

When is the best time to visit Cam Son

At the beginning of spring to April 4th and August, September is dry weather, quite suitable for exploring Mount Cam son. Besides, when making Ha Giang loop tour in those months, you will have the opportunity to explore the traditional festivals here. This is the time for those who love to explore the culture Ha Giang festival. Also, admire the terraced rice with an iridescent yellow colour of rice on hills.

Recommended accommodation close Cam Son Mountain

  • Hao Tea Homestay
  • Ha Giang Creekside Homestay and Hostel
  • Bong Ha Giang Hostel
  • Ha Giang Homestay – Mocmay Hostel & Tour – Motorbike Rental

What to eat in Cam Son Ha Giang?

1. Thang Den

Cam Son Mountain, ORIGIN VIETNAM

Looks like a floating cake, but it has its distinctive flavour, simple yet pure. The ingredients are made of rice, very fragrant and soft, clammy. Thang Den is characterized by the sweetness of the dense flower sugar, the spicy of ginger. Sprinkle with coconut fibre, beans and sesame.

2. Smoked buffalo, pig meat

Cam Son Mountain, ORIGIN VIETNAM

Speaking to Ha Giang, the first specialty cannot be mentioned as buffalo meat, pig-guards. Due to its easy to eat, delicious, it is possible to long, easy preservation. Buffalo or pig meat is sliced along long pieces, and then marinated with spices. Such as chili, ginger, especially indispensable Mac Khen, and then skewered into large rods and hung on the stove. After a while, these pieces of meat will be re-astringent while keeping the spices in each piece and bearing the distinctive flavour.

3. Thang Co

Cam Son Mountain, ORIGIN VIETNAM

This is a specialty with only the northern mountainous region, enjoy with corn wine. If you are a discovery enthusiast, try this one. The Thang Co pot has ingredients mainly bone, meat cattle and whole organ, the most common of which is horse meat, besides, some of which are processed with cows and goats.

If you come to the majestic ha Giang land, do not forget to skip the opportunity to conquer this magnificent and mysterious peaks. Located in the heart of Ha Giang City, Mount Cam Son promises to bring a great and unforgettable experience. Keep reading Ha Giang travel guide from Origin Vietnam that you can find informative for your next adventure trip in Vietnam.

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