Bac Sum Slope
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Bac Sum Slope

Bac Sum slope is the most steep and winding slope of Ha Giang. But the special thing about this slope is that its curves are soft and attractive. like an endless stretch of silk that offers graceful, soft dances between four high rocky terraces.

Hmong people carrying firewood and agriculture product home on feet in Dong Van Karst plateau, Ha Giang

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How Bac Sum slope is unique?

It’s a long pass and starts from Minh Tan and extends to the end of Quyet Tien commune. If you have ever crossed the Bac Sum. Let’s stay at the top of the slope and look back on the road you’ve crossed. It will be so be proud of it (especially for motorbikes). Viewed from the top of the mountain, the Bac Sum slope is the image of a giant snake. That is only in the legend of a sluggard spread in the high mountains of the Northwest to find new mysterious lands in a cultural space.

Bac Sum slope

In addition to the soft, graceful of a silk strip. The Bac Sum slope is also very rugged in it with many points in the sleeve – this is a challenge that young people love the discovery and conquest. Nature is always excited.

This road has not been invested much. So it is not as concrete as the Road to Happiness. But just rocks and roads that have been formed for many years and are worn out by the upland fields. Ethnic people living around here. Therefore, this road is a very interesting challenge and when overcome it. You will receive the reward worthy.

Travelling along the Bac Sum slope. This route will take visitors to visit the majestic sky and it will be something that visitors enjoy. Standing on the gate of heaven, where is like a fairyland bring visitors feel like stepping into the scene. Standing down from here, visitors can admire the majestic beauty of Ha Giang unforgettable slope spread out in sight.

IMG 003358851

The most adventures of Bac Sum slope is where the highlight of this place is about its ruggedness. Pass the first lane and then the second lane… until the last lane. Discover each lane is a steep hitch that does not diminish the attention of the driver. Each time they cross the slope once they know the success and the will to rise, the perseverance together go down the historic slope.

Bac Sum is a historic slope because it was the main communication route of our troops during the war against the French. Greatly contributing to the success of the resistance.

It’s great for

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Bac Sum Slope

Bac Sum Slope

Bac Sum slope is the most steep and winding slope of Ha Giang. But the special thing about this slope is that its curves are

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