Bac Sum Slope
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Bac Sum Slope

Bac Sum slope is the most steep and winding slope of Ha Giang. It’s always been a special destination with the majestic, wild scenery of the high mountains in Northeast Vietnam with zigzag bends that definitely challenge the courage of visitors. . That’s why this slope is one of the places that many people desire to conquer once when coming to Ha Giang – the land at the beginning of the country. Today, let’s follow Origin Vietnam to explore this special slope.

Hmong people carrying firewood and agriculture product home on feet in Dong Van Karst plateau, Ha Giang

Tour Ha Giang with Origin Vietnam team and discover Buc Son slope. The untouched travel route in Vietnam

1. Where is Bac Sum Slope?

As the longest slope in Ha Giang, Bac Sum Slope has a total length of 7km and is located at an altitude of more than 450 m above sea level. Bac Sum – Ha Giang slope is a pass on National Highway 4C, and is also a ‘bridge’ connecting the territories of Minh Tan commune (in Vinh Xuyen district) and Quyet Tien commune (in Quan Ba district) of Ha Giang province. .

2. Historical significance of Bac Sum Slope

This place is associated with the heroic history of the Vietnamese people during the resistance war against the French. Bac Sum Slope used to be an important communication route for the Vietnamese army and a bridge to exchange human and material resources between the rugged and rocky plateaus. Today, thanks to this pass, traveling between communes is easier, helping to promote the distribution and consumption of agricultural products among people in remote areas.

Not only has historical, economic and social significance, Bac Sum slope also brings tourism value to Ha Giang province. Every year, this place attracts many visitors and backpackers to admire the majestic beauty of the mountains and forests. Besides, Bac Sum slope is also a connecting road, leading to many other scenic spots of Ha Giang. Such as heaven gate – Quan Ba twin mountains, Hanh Phuc road,..

Bac Sum slope

3. How to get to Bac Sum slope – Ha Giang?

Pass roads in Ha Giang are often zigzag with sudden bends and turns, so motorbikes are always considered the first choice for people if they want to conquer these roads. Bac Sum Slope – Ha Giang is located about 17 km from the city center, so if you travel by motorbike, you will not have to spend too much time traveling.

If traveling by motorbike, you can travel according to the following route: Ha Giang city center – National Highway 2 – National Highway 4C – Minh Tan commune. From Minh Tan commune, you will be able to start conquering Bac Sum Slope – Ha Giang with the starting point being Ban Thang bridge, located in Minh Tan commune.

Note that if you intend to explore Ha Giang by motorbike, you should prepare identification documents in advance such as identity card/citizen identification card, driver’s license. In addition, during the journey, you must be extremely careful and obey traffic signals because the roads in Ha Giang are relatively difficult with winding mountain passes.

IMG 003358851

4. When is the best time to explore Bac Sum slope?

As mentioned above, Ha Giang is such a strange land that every season is incredibly beautiful. The four seasons here all have their own beauty and leave a deep impression on tourists when traveling to Ha Giang.

  • Spring, when the weather is chilly, you will be overwhelmed by the natural scenery of the Northeast filled with pure peach and plum blossoms.
  • Summer comes when the whole land and sky of Ha Giang take on the bright green color of the mountains and forests, and especially the terraced fields are as shiny as a giant mirror during the rainy season.
  • Autumn, all over Ha Giang has entered the harvest season. This is the time when you can admire the brilliant golden terraced fields, stretching endlessly.
  • Winter in Ha Giang brings a different highlight, with buckwheat flowers blooming throughout the mountains and forests, unexpectedly poetic.

5. Some unforgettable experiences at Doc Bac Sum – Ha Giang

The length and zigzag turns of Bac Sum slope always make visitors both stunned and excited. Some people compare it to a giant snake slithering on steep rocks. Some people find it as soft as a silk scarf draped over a mountainside.

5.1. Admire the magnificent natural scenery on Bac Sum slope

From Minh Tan commune to Bac Sum slope, we gradually feel the change in the scenery. Because of the typical climate of the highlands, Bac Sum slope is often covered with fog, sometimes we even see a sea of clouds at the foot of the mountain. That’s why many people take the trouble to get up early and drive up this slope to hunt clouds and watch the brilliant sunrise shining through the mountains. It’s magical, but the clouds and mist increase the difficulty of the slope.

On sunny days, the sky is clear and cloudy, Bac Sum slope opens up a vast green space of rolling mountains. On a certain road, if you go around October – November, you will encounter a field of buckwheat flowers in full bloom. People often can’t help but stop their cars to take pictures of that majestic and poetic scene. No one knows that more wonderful scenery is still waiting ahead.

5.2. Experience adventure on Bac Sum slope

To get there, first you have to conquer the long bends cut deep into the cliffs, the craggy roads up and then down the steep slope of Bac Sum. The smog and scent of plants blowing straight into our faces at each steep descent both make our hearts beat a little faster and make our minds feel more refreshed. Gather all your courage and concentration to overcome that challenge. Then you will reach the heaven gate and Quan Ba twin mountains – a worthy reward as promised.

5.3 Destination of the journey to conquer Bac Sum slope

It is no exaggeration to name it “Heaven’s Gate” because this place is like the boundary door between heaven and earth, opening up a panoramic view of Tam town, which is completely surrounded by majestic mountains and mysterious clouds. All blend together to create a beautiful picture like a fairyland. Dotting the charm of the painting are the green Quan Ba twin mountains, full of vitality like the mounds of a beautiful fairy.

Standing from Quan Ba heaven gate, turning around you can admire the Bac Sum slope we just conquered. Anyone who looks back on that road is filled with an indescribable feeling of joy. How proud I am of my strong will and courage to overcome my limits.

6. Specialty dishes when conquering Bac Sum slope

Before starting the journey to conquer the challenging Bac Sum slope, eat well to ensure your health and hold the steering wheel firmly. You should bring drinking water and snacks to eat on the road or when resting. When you arrive at Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate, you can sip a warm cup of coffee while admiring the beautiful scenery on the rooftop of Heaven Gate Cafe.

If you want to enjoy a main meal here, you need to go further to Quan Ba stop, where there will be many restaurants serving typical dishes of Ha Giang such as black chicken, local pig, lentil fish, and Au Tau porridge, five-color sticky rice, smoked buffalo meat, Thang Co,…

In addition, Ha Giang specialties are very diverse and rich. The cuisine here is enough for you to explore and experience during your trip. Famous dishes here that you can choose to enjoy include Thang Co,Thang Den, buckwheat cake, beef cake, men men, five-color sticky rice, banh cuon chan,… And a favorite drink. The favorite of every diner when coming to this highland region that you should not miss is corn wine.

IMG Five Color Sticky Rice Ha Giang 1

7. Where to stay when conquering Bac Sum slope

Accommodation services here are very rich and diverse. From affordable services to high-end services, from homestays, motels, to hotels. You will easily find a suitable sleeping service. Some accommodation locations you can refer to for renting accommodation include:

7.1. Hotels

  • Tam Son Hotel. Address: Tam Son Town, Quan Ba, Ha Giang
  • Hotel 567. Address: Group 3, Tam Son Town, Quan Ba, Ha Giang
  • Van Duy Hotel. Address: Group 3, Tam Son Town, Quan Ba, Ha Giang

7.2. Guesthouses:

  • Tam Son Guest House. Address: Group 1, Tam Son Town, Quan Ba, Ha Giang
  • Kim Son Guesthouse. Address: House number 105, Group 3, Tam Son Town, Quan Ba, Ha Giang
  • Binh Minh Guesthouse. Address: Group 3, Tam Son Town, Quan Ba, Ha Giang
  • Double Mountain Guesthouse. Address: Group 1, Tam Son Town, Quan Ba, Ha Giang
  • Trade Union motel of Quan Ba district Party Committee office. Address: Group 1, Tam Son Town, Quan Ba, Ha Giang

7.3. Homestays

  • Ly Dinh Homestay. Address: Nam Dam village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba, Ha Giang
  • Ly Chuong Homestay. Address: Nam Dam village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba, Ha Giang
  • Ly Ta Don homestay. Address: Nam Dam village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba, Ha Giang
  • Hong Thu Homestay. Address: Quan Ba Commune, Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Vietnam
  • Dao Lodge. Address: Nam Dam village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba, Ha Giang

These are accommodation locations that attract a lot of visitors and are highly appreciated by everyone for their service quality. You can contact Origin Vietnam to check room rates at each location and book your accommodation as soon as possible to avoid overbooking.

8. Some important notes when conquering Bac Sum Slope

  • Prepare all documents and check the vehicle to ensure it has brakes, headlights, reflectors, etc.
  • If you go in the rainy season, you should bring raining coat, warm clothes because the climate is quite cold, especially at night
  • Wear neat clothes that can retain heat well, avoid wearing too many layers of clothing, making it difficult to move.
  • Bring common medications (first aid box) along with snacks and drinks in case you need them
  • You can shop at the Bac Sum stop at the bottom of the slope. A variety of mountain and forest specialties are sold here such as honey. Especially Panax notoginseng, buffalo meat, upland wine, teas and handicrafts, etc

It’s worth a visit Bac Sum Slope

If you are an adventurous person, then there is no doubt that Doc Bac Sum – Ha Giang is the perfect destination. With beautiful majestic scenery along the way, Bac Sum slope becomes a tough but attractive challenge. During your Ha Giang adventure tours, you can try once to conquer the most famous and dangerous slope in this land.

Wishing you have a wonderful time in Bac Sum slope & memorable short trip to Ha Giang Vietnam. If you have any enquiry please give us a call to +84829098686. Or you may visit Truly Ha Giang here.

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