What Makes Da Nang The Best Tourist Destination In Vietnam?
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What makes Da Nang the best tourist destination in Vietnam?

Danang is one of the most well-loved destination in Asia. Every foreign travelers want to come here. It is a chance to experience the wonder of a tropical summer. A tour in Da Nang will surely bring you a wonderful holiday in Vietnam.

Danang is really as beautiful and interesting as its name. It has become a tourist city known by people all over the five continents. Sea, mountain, artificial monument, and entertainment. This city has it all. That’s what makes the tour in Da Nang one of the bests Vietnam travel tours.

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What do you know about Da Nang?

In the past, Danang had many names such as Welding Gate, Harbor, Tourane (French colonial era); Daknan (Cham people). History says Daknan that the Cham people used to call it Daknan. Then over many years the name gradually became Danang. There is another take on the history of this name too. Folks used to tell each a happy story back in the day. In Binh Tri Thien, there was a time when it rain heavily for so long. The people climbed past Hai Van to the other side. The sky is beautiful, warm with sunshine. So they just said: “Đã nắng” (means “It’s sunny”). Gradually it became Da Nang, as the name of the city now.

Danang is now as beautiful and interesting as its name. Da Nang has become a economic center for the country. But also a hot tourist hub. Holiday in Da Nang are the most seek-out Vietnam tours in the past few years.

Travel to Viet Nam, why you should choose Danang?

It is a beautiful city with many places to visit

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Da Nang is one of the cleanest cities in Vietnam. And it has a fast growth rate. Especially, Da Nang is invested into a wonderful tourist city with many natural beauty spots. Such are Ba Na Mountain, Son Tra Mountain, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang Beach, Cu Lao Cham Island. And many amusement parks are invested by the city to serve tourists such as Fantasy Amusement Park, Ba Na Cable Car, Southeast Asia Theme Park. Son Tra Peninsula also has many amusement parks. They are: Bai But, Bai Rang, Beach, Obama beach (happy name Da Nang beach resort), Hoa Phu Thanh waterfall … Danang also spent a lot in the construction of legendary architecture. The city symbol is the beautiful and unique Dragon Bridge. Along with Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Han River Bridge … Each bridge has its own mark and is a cool place to admire the city for visitors.

It is a safe city for tourists

Because Danang has very good security, tourists can feel totally assured and safe in this city. There will be no inserting guests, storms, beggars, or theft. Da Nang people friendly, and always very happy to help. Especially there are question stations, providing free travel information in Da Nang.

The accommodation system here is also very secure. Even the cheapest hotels in the city is well-secured. So you can have a short trip to Vietnam with no worry. And of course there are high-class motels that cater to the needs of tourists all year.

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It is easy to explore other wonderful places from Da Nang

Danang is in the center of central Vietnam. So Da Nang is close to Hue, Hoi An and My Son. They are three world cultural heritages. Coming to Da Nang, tourists can combine the journey to Hoi An, Hue … It is very convenient and can help save time.

The transportation means between these places are prominent. Bus stations, train stations, airports are all very close to the city center and suitable for travel.

What are the most convenient to travel to Da Nang?

By plane

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All domestic airlines (Vietnam Airlines, VietJetAir, Jetstar) have the route to Da Nang. And they often have promotions on the fare to Da Nang. Airfare to Da Nang is usually less than 1 million VND / way. In promotion day is it only 300-500k only. Based on your experience in travel in Danang, you should contact the local travel companies to hunt for cheaper tickets.

By train

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Da Nang station is in the center of the city. So it is really easy for travel. Boats in Da Nang are absolutely safe for tourists. If not being carsick, visitors can comfortably watch the different beautiful provinces when the train passes. Train tickets are also very cheap. You can follow up online and book early. In high season, booking is very safe and reasonable.

By car

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The bus station is also very close to the center. And there are many bus stops close to the attractions in the city. The road is wide, safe and all have beautiful scenery.

By motorbike

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What’s better than a motor ride from your city? You should go with your family or your friend for a fun and safe trip. Motorbike riding is very convenient. You can enjoy sightseeing on the road.

Hope this summer you will have an unforgettable experience in Da Nang with the above information. If you would like to find more news about tour in Da Nang, don’t hesitate to contact Origin Vietnam team.

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  • Understand more of Imperial Hue city with unique of Royal Palace and style of each mausoleum that show King’s opinion
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