Top 19 Seafood Restaurant In Da Nang


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Top 19 Seafood Restaurant in Da Nang

Here are the top 20 delicious and good price seafood restaurants in Da Nang. That you should not miss when coming to this beautiful city of Danang. Surely you will not be disappointed.

1. Tu Map Seafood Chain

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Tu Map Seafood is a chain of Danang seafood restaurants that has conquered many diners with fresh – clean seafood, brought from famous seafood shops throughout the country. With a rich source of seafood, fresh quality, unique wide space and especially the extremely affordable price, Tu Map Seafood become popular destination place for seafood lovers.

2. Luyen 2

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Luyen 2 gives diners an attractive menu, creative variations from all kinds of fresh seafood. Such as crab, lobster, … Come to this delicious and cheap seafood restaurant in Danang, surely You can not ignore the delicious dishes like: Tamarind roasted lobster, Steamed lobster, Grilled comedy with fat onions, 3-course sashimi grouper, …

3. Ba Cuong Seafood

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Ba Cuong Seafood has a very airy and rustic space which is very suitable for weekend gatherings with family and relaxing with friends. As a culinary address specializing in seafood. It’s not difficult to understand when there are a variety of seafood dishes with typical Danang flavor. Such as salted crabs, garlic shrimp, roasted lime key, steamed grouper, .. .

4. Be Anh Seafood 1

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Belonging to a seafood brand with 18 years of experience, Be Anh Seafood 1 Restaurant is an ideal seafood restaurant that Da Nang foodies cannot ignore. Not only attracts diners with a variety of delicious and unique seafood dishes. But Be Anh Seafood 1 also impresses by the space of rustic and honest coastal restaurant. That is as comfortable as the people of the Central region.

5. Ba Nga Seafood

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Seafood Ba Nga is a place where seafood is always updated from home and abroad to enrich the menu of ivory. So that customers will not be bored when coming here. Each seafood here is meticulously marinated, meticulously processed according to its own recipe will bring diners and relatives, friends interesting experiences.

6. Thoi Co Seafood (Ancient Seafood)

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As a restaurant specializing in fresh seafood, diverse categories: Lobster, tiger shrimp, crab, squid, oysters … and rich processing, Thoi Co Seafood is an address to enjoy delicious seafood for visitors. and indigenous diners. Besides, with the location near the T20 beach, opposite the high-end resort, the open and spacious restaurant space. This place makes diners have a very comfortable experience when coming.

7. Lam Lang Fishing Village

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Going to Da Nang without going to Lam Lang Fishing is a very unfortunate thing for any tourist. At this delicious and cheap Da Nang seafood restaurant. You can manually choose crabs, shrimp, squid, … depending on your wishes and request processing according to your own preferences. The space of the bar is also decorated quite sophisticatedly and cozily, suitable for family meals.

8. Cua Bien Quan

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Seafood here is extremely fresh and attractive with abalone, snail, lobster, shrimp caps, mussels, eels… The space of Cua Bien Quan is quite spacious, comfortable and airy. It’s very suitable for welcoming large numbers of delegations. Besides that if you want to buy fresh seafood to bring back. This Danang seafood restaurant is always ready to serve.

9. Ba Thoi Seafood Chain

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Ba Thoi Seafood is also one of the most famous Da Nang seafood restaurants with many delicious, fresh and cheap seafood dishes for both local and tourists. Clean materials, quality assurance, affordable are the factors that make customers increasingly love Ba Thoi Seafood.

10. Hung Phat

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Hung Phat is one of the cheap and delicious seafood restaurants in Da Nang. That brings a whole World of seafood to customers. If you want to immerse yourself in the spacious space with the sound of the sea as well as experience interesting culinary flavors, Hung Phat is a reasonable choice for diners.

11. Trung Gia Seafood

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Located at 64 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Da Nang. Trung Gia Seafood owns a spacious space with an area of nearly 1500 m2 which is an ideal place for you and your family to enjoy the dishes. Not only that, diners can both enjoy fresh seafood at the same time and be able to see the Quan Am Buddha (Linh Ung Pagoda), Cu Lao Cham and the Marble Mountains and Da Nang beach.

12. Cu fish

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Not only attractive food, luxurious space, enthusiastic service. But also extremely affordable prices. Ca Cu is gradually gaining the sympathy of customers from all directions. Coming to this delicious and cheap seafood restaurant in Da Nang. You will enjoy the fresh taste of dishes made with fresh ingredients imported from Vietnam’s clean waters. Such as Phu Quoc, Ca Mau, Quang Ninh…

13. Ho Xanh Seafood

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Referring to Ho Xanh Seafood. Your meal will surely think of a rich and extremely attractive seafood menu famous for all kinds of seafood families. Such as shrimp, fish, squid, snails, oysters, crab, … and countless ways of processing like: grilled, steamed, fried, fried, boiled, … with extremely reasonable prices. Not only that, this place is an ideal destination for parties such as birthdays, company parties, family meetings, …

14. Binh Duong Quan

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Coming to Binh Duong Quan – a famous seafood restaurant in Da Nang. Your Vietnam food tour will be more memorable if come here. Because you will be able to choose the seafood that is still alive and swimming in the glass pool. Then the chefs here will process it according to what the customer requires. Not only satisfied with the delicious food, customers coming to Binh Duong Quan are also very satisfied with the eye-catching space and professional service here.

15. Bien Man Seafood Restaurant

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With a cool, spacious space, overlooking the poetic Han River and a diverse menu of seafood dishes, delicious and attractive processing, Salty Sea is a great place for diners to relax. Certainly, you will not be disappointed when coming to this Danang seafood restaurant.

16. Nam Beo

IMG 67926456

With a rich menu of seafood dishes. Such as grilled squid leaves, seafood salad, um eel banana, grilled sun ray, snail steamed, fried snail with chili lemongrass, grilled oysters, salted shrimp, steamed crabs, steamed crabs, … Nam Beo promises to bring diners with extremely interesting experiences.

17. Phong Phu

IMG 67926457

As a delicious seafood restaurant in Da Nang with a relatively large, airy and comfortable space, Phong Phu has been as a familiar place for many local as well as tourists around the World to come to Da Nang. Come to this delicious and cheap Da Nang seafood address to enjoy delicious food.

18. Seafood Ba Cuong

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At the cheap and delicious seafood restaurant in Da Nang – Ba Cuong. You can choose directly fresh seafood from the restaurant and ask the chef to do as you wish. The seafood here is extremely fresh. But the price is very affordable, so many seafood lovers come here whenever they want to eat seafood.

19. Eo Bien Seafood

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Strait Seafood is a long-standing reputable seafood bar, the owner is a seafarer. So the quality of seafood is always guaranteed to make customers feel secure when enjoying the food here. This delicious seafood restaurant in Danang has a large and airy space right on the beach. So it’s also the choice of many seafood lovers. If you don’t know what to eat for a day, check out the Top 19 Seafood restaurants in Danang right here. Beside special seafood, don’t forget to check best cuisine in Da Nang at Origin Vietnam. Hope you have a wonderful time in Da Nang.

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