Places You Have To Visit On Your Da Nang Trip


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Places you have to visit on your Da Nang trip

Are you looking for some awesome places to go in Da Nang for your holiday in Vietnam? The writing below will help you choose the suitable places for your trip. Read on to have some unforgettable memories, guys!

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In recent years, Vietnam has asserted its position as a faculty of tourism. Especially, when the tourist season is coming, both Vietnamese visitors and foreign ones are eager to seek out amazing places for their holiday tours. The following information will show you impressive places to go in Da Nang.

1: The Asian Park is the first excellent place

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Asian Park is the biggest entertainment site in Da Nang. It consists of an entertainment park, the Sun Wheel area, and the in house entertainment area. In Asian Park, there are about 20 fantastic games for people of all ages. The games vary from simple games to thrilling ones such as Love Clock, Happy Choo Choo, Angry Motor, Singapore Sling, etc. When you come to the Sun Wheel area, you have to try the tottery. This is a high and adventurous ride on a gigantic circle. Furthermore, you can also see the totally breathtaking view of Da Nang from the above. Also, it is worth to see the immortalized works of the Sun Wheel area. Such are The Dragon Boat, The Clock Tower, the Buddha Statue, and so on. You may also be excited to try hilarious games in the in house entertainment such as Soft Play, Carnival Game, or Sun Blaster.

2: The Fantasy Park

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Fantasy Park is asserted as one of the wonderful sightseeing in Da Nang. It is an entertainment area on Ba Na Hills. Coming to Fantasy Park, you will get a feeling as if you are lost in the fairyland. The one in the mythology stories with the fairy forest, and the dinosaur park. Furthermore, in Fantasy Park there are 2D, 3D, 5D modern movie theaters. These theaters will bring you and your family members relaxing moments when you travel to Da Nang.

3: Love Flower Village

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Love Flower Village on the Ba Na Hill is not inferior to Da Lat Flower Garden’s one. Hence, when you visit this place, you will be stunned by the colorful flowers such as roses, carnations, tulips, chrysanthemums. Let’s take as many picture in this amazing place as you can. It will be some glorious memories to show your friends later on.

4: Hai Van Mountain

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Hai Van mountain is one of the inconceivable places to go in Da Nang that you should not miss when you travel to Vietnam. You can easily feel the breath of life among the immense space of mountains. There are a wide range of forest mountains in this place. The deep green hills create a panorama of unforgettable natural sceneries. On top of the hills, floating the beautiful mild clouds. A walk with deliberate steps can make you feel as though you were experiencing an odd paradise.

5: Love Lock Bridge

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The scenery is extremely splendid and romantic on the bridge with heart-shaped lam-posts. Nothing is more outstanding than standing by your lover on this bridge and murmuring affection words to each other. For many of couples of lovers, the Love Bridge is one of the most ideal sightseeing in Da Nang. Some of the couples are going to get married often come here to take the tiptop photos.

6: Son Tra Peninsula

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Son Tra Penisula is about 10 km from the central city. It is considered “the green lung” of Da Nang City. This destination attracts many visitors thanks to its diverse ecotourism system. But also due to the tranquil and charming natural landscape. Coming here, you are free to wallow in the spectacular natural beauty. One side is imposing mountains and the other site is deep blue beaches.

7: Traditional handicraft villages

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Traditional trade villages reflect the cultural life of local people in Da Nang. Tuy Loan Dry Pancake Trade Village is the one you shouldn’t miss when you travel to Da Nang. The village is about 15 km from the central city towards the West. For Tuy Loan food culture, rice is a staple ingredient. And the extra ones such are salt, sugar, salted fish, sesame, garlic. The sophisticated recipe makes a special flavor of Tuy Loan Dry Pancake Trade Village. Here, on important events, delicious dry pancakes is an indispensable food on the ancestor altar. It expresses the profound gratitude of inhabitants for the forefather’s merit.

Besides, you can also go to the Nam O Fish Sauce Trade Village, or Cam Ne Sedge Mat Making Trade Village.

Here are some terrific places to go in Da Nang. Wish you get memorable experiences for your trip in Vietnam! To enjoy the most amazing Da Nang tour, contact Origin Vietnam!

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