Phong Nam Ancient Village


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Phong Nam Ancient Village

The Phong Nam Ancient Village in Hoa Chau commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang. It’s location about 10 km southwest of Da Nang.

This is one of the few villages still remain the feature of Vietnamese traditional village: Like. The rice fields are surrounding by bamboos and the cool land of the year around. The idyllic houses of farmers sometimes seem to be left on books.

Phong Nam Ancient village

How Phong Nam Ancient Village is unique?

Come to Phong Nam you will enjoy the peaceful feeling, the scent of young rice in the cool breeze, or the sound of the river in the riverside lyrical villages. Certainly visitors will be very interesting when visiting a wharf in Dong Hoa (Hamlet) – the former was famous for the mussels with the phrase “Dong Hoa mussel to buy a buffalo”. There is 1 ancient tomb located beside banyan tree at the waterfront of Tay An.

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Note: if you want to visit this village. It’s just only Vietnam local tour agency can organise for you.

History of Phong Nam Ancient Village

In the past, Phong Nam was only a southern part of Phong Le village and is famous for its long history. It was a land that exploited early in the Champa period. Under Tran, Le dynasties The Phong Le used to be the district land of Dien Ban. There are many Cham artifacts found in the area of Phong Le village, which are still on display at the Cham Museum – Da Nang.

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Phong Nam Ancient Village has communal houses, pagodas, temples, fine churches of the village and many families temple. In the old past, Phong Nam was also famous for the festivities of buffalo herds. It’s honoring farm work and also for praying for the new crops. The next will be bumper. Here are many anecdotes about the land, the name of the village, about the talent of Mr. Ong Ich Khiem. Further more about the visit of Cao Ba Quat and Phan Boi Chau donated to the village.

The attractive values of Phong Nam village are the ancient architectural works such as communal houses, pagodas, shrines, pre-gentlemen’s churches, the churches of the families… the village. That the reason why Phong Nam village are also the attractions for foreign tourist.

It’s wonderful for

  • Spend weekend holiday from Da Nang city.

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