How To Find A Perfect Trip In Danang


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How to find a perfect trip in Danang

Danang attracts tourists by its natural primary beaches, forests, foods and hospitable local people. Refer to some Danang travel tips below to get a memorable travel experience in Danang.

perfect trip Danang

Danang now is one of the most developed urban areas in Vietnam. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. This is due to its natural beautiful beaches, a rich culture and friendly local people. Danang is also well-known for luxury resorts, beach villas and international standard hotels. In addition, Danang is an ideal place for tourists to come and enjoy the authentic local cuisines with the affordable price. If you are going to have a trip to Danang, refer some Danang travel tips below.

#1: Transportation in Danang

tau hoa

One of the advantages of Danang is that this city has an international airport. This makes it convenient for tourists to get there by air. Travel to Danang, tourists can choose to take a train, bus or aero plane according to the situation and hobby. There are two kinds of transportation means including public transport and private transport.

Public transport in Danang is bus or train. Tourists will have to buy tickets on the bus or train station or in ticket offices. Going by bus is not a bad idea but it is not too fast.

Private transport is most suitable for the close trips. A good option for travelling in Danang is going by motorbike. Tourists will have a chance to experience Danang’s beauty with an interesting comfort ability on a motorbike.

#2: Weather and the ideal time for visiting Danang

Vietnam is a country in the tropical region. Therefore, it is featured by the tropical hot and humid weather. There is a dry season and a rainy one. The rainy and stormy season are from September to January. It is not a good season for visiting Da Nang at this period. The best time for visiting there is from Feb to August.

#3: Where to stay in Danang

Novotel Danang Premier Han River

You can easily have a cheap Vietnam tour in Danang. Tourists can easily find out many hotels from cheap to an affordable price. According to the budget, tourists can have many options for the range from hostels to 5-star resort.

To get the best suit accommodation, tourist should check some hotels with their addresses and reviews some tourist pages in advance. The common price is around 130,000 VND / night for a hostel room; 500,000 VND/night for a boutique hotel room. And up to 2,000,000 VND/night for a 4-5 star hotel room.

There are some addresses such as Hoa Phuong Motel and Cong Doan Hotel which offers even cheaper price for backpackers.

#4: Local food and drinks

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Danang is famous for its cuisine culture. One of the most known dishes is the roll of pork and vegetables, fish salad, Quang noodles and more.

Food in Danang is not too expensive and not difficult to find. And from Da Nang you can also travel to Hoi An for even more delicious local food. Many foreign tourists are in love with local street food in Hoi An.

Drinks in Hoi An is also impressive to many foreign tourists. It is one of the highlights of a trip to Danang. In many Danang travel tips and guides, Ca Phe Sua Da (Milk Coffee with ice) is recommended. Because it is special and different from coffee in anywhere else.

#5: Destinations in Danang

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Danang owns many beautiful bridges such as the Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge and Thuan Phuoc Bridge. On top of the list is the Han River Swing Bridge. Which is across the Han river in the centre of Danang. The best time to enjoy a Danang’s night is from 0 – 1 AM on Han River Swing Bridge. Tourists will be amazed by at the sparkling beauty of the fire and water.

For tourists who love discovering the tradition of Vietnam, they can visit some ancient villages. Such are Tuy Loan Village, Phong Nam Village, Cam Ne mat-making Village, Cam Le sesame cake village and Non-Nuoc sculpture village.

Danang is also a place of many temples and pagodas with the traditional architectures. Across the city are Tuy Loan Communal House, Bo Ban Temple, the Qua Giang Family Chapel. This give tourist a chance to understand more about the spiritual life of local people in Danang.

It will be missing if we do not mention the most famous entertainment destinations in Danang in a list of Danang travel tips. These destinations include Ba Na Hills, Son Tra Peninsula, Han Market, Cham Museum and so on.

For more information about Danang travel tips and tours in Da Nang, Don’t hesitate to contact Origin Travel. We are willing to support you at our best to get the perfect trips to Danang.

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