Hai Van Pass
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Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is famous as one of the “most majestic places in the world” of Vietnam. This place has the most beautiful and impressive coastline in the world. With its magnificent and majestic beauty, this place is a challenging destination for many tourists who are passionate about exploring. Let’s learn more about this famous pass with Origin Vietnam.

1. Where is Hai Van Pass?

Hai Van Pass stretches along the slopes of Hai Van mountain – a branch of the Bach Ma mountain range, 500m above sea level. It also is the natural boundary between Thua Thien – Hue province and Da Nang city. About 80 km southeast of Hue city and about 20 km northwest of Da Nang city.

Hai Van Pass the most beautiful place in the center of Vietnam - where divided the weather of Vietnam in to two part

2. How is Hai Van Pass unique?

National Highway 1A is the longest road running throughout Vietnam. Passing through countless places, rich and beautiful regions of the country, but perhaps the most majestic and impressive is still the Hai Van pass. Not only does it make a strong impression with its majestic natural scenery. This place also bears a deep impression in the country’s long history.

Hai Van also has another name: Ai Van Pass (because at the top there is Hai Van Quan gate) or May Pass (because the top of the pass is covered with clouds). The pass is at an altitude of 500 m above sea level and lasts 20 km, cutting across the Bach Ma mountain range. This is the boundary between Thua Thien – Hue province (in the North) and Da Nang city (in the South). Hai Van Pass is one of the 10 most beautiful coastal passes in the world and the most beautiful coastal pass in Vietnam.

Although it is known as a poetic and magnificent road, one side is mountains and forests and the other is the ocean. But it still has winding, complicated turns with high slopes. All embroidered with flowers and brocade create a charming landscape painting, making many tourists fascinated and “forget the way home”. This is truly a gift that nature bestowed on Vietnam.

Amazing view | Hai Van Pass

3. When is the best time to conquer Hai Van Pass?

The ideal time to conquer Hai Van Pass is from March to August. This is when Central Vietnam enters the dry season, the weather is cool, the sky is clear, there are few storms and beautiful sunshine. It creates favorable conditions for you to control the steering wheel to explore nature.

Besides, you should come here at dawn (from 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.) or at dusk (from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.). Between the majestic, beautiful landscape and the sunset or sunrise, extremely high-quality photos will be born.

4. How to get to Hai Van Pass?

4.1 Moving to Da Nang or Hue

To conquer Hai Van Pass, tourists will need to travel to Da Nang or Hue, then rent a motorbike or self-drive car to go to the pass. Currently, you can get to these two tourist cities by many different types of means.

4.1.1 By plane:

Both Hue and Da Nang have airports to serve tourists. You can use the transportation services of any domestic airline, depending on your preferred flight schedule.

4.1.2 By train:

Hue Station or Da Nang Station is the last stop for tourists traveling by train along the North – South route. You will spend more time traveling, but the scenery along the way and the extremely chill experience will be a worthy reward for your choice.

4.1.3 By bus:

Tourists from neighboring provinces can take a bus to Hue or Da Nang. With the advantages of affordable costs, flexible hours and many bus companies, passenger cars are the most popular way to travel.

4.2 Instructions for traveling to Hai Van Pass

4.2.1 Departing from Da Nang

Departing from the city center, you will go along Duy Tan street, then meet the roundabout and turn onto Nguyen Van Linh street. Continue 200m, turn left towards Nguyen Tri Phuong to meet Nguyen Tat Thanh coastal road.

Moving about 5 km further, you turn right onto Nguyen Luong Bang street, go straight across Nam O bridge and turn left to Ta Quang Buu. Going about 700m, turn right onto road number 7 and continue straight to reach Hai Van pass.

4.2.2 Departing from Hue

The road from Hue city to Hai Van pass is not too complicated. Starting from the city center, you just need to go straight to Hung Vuong Street extending to An Duong Vuong.

Continuing straight through Huong Thuy district, along Nguyen Tat Thanh street, then cross Cau Truoi to Phu Loc district. Coming to Lap An lagoon, you will follow Lac Long Quan road embracing Lang Co bay and go to Hai Van pass.

Image top of Hai Van Pass

5. History of Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass was formerly called Ai Van Pass due to the gate located at the top of the pass. After that, the pass was renamed May Pass because it was hidden in the clouds. According to historical records, before 1306, Hai Van Pass belonged to the O and Ri continents of the Champa Kingdom.

Later, when he proposed to Princess Huyen Tran, King Che Man gave these two continents as a bride price. In 1402, after the Ho Dynasty conquered Champa, Hai Van Pass from the boundary of the two countries became the land belonging to Dai Ngu country.

During the French colonial period, although Hai Van Pass was built, it was still very narrow, dangerous, and prone to wild animals and robbers. So the French built a railway running the entire length of Hai Van Pass.

Today, the Hai Van Pass tunnel has been completed to ensure convenience for North-South traffic. Even though there is a Hai Van Pass tunnel, many tourists still want to come here to visit and conquer the most dangerous road in Vietnam.

6. Activities and Experiences in Hai Van Pass

6.1 Conquering the most beautiful coastal passes in Vietnam

The feeling that makes visitors excited when coming here is the feeling of conquest. Throughout 20km of this most beautiful coastal pass in Vietnam, there are U-shaped bends enough to make you have a “heart attack”. But if you overcome the feeling of fear, you will get completely worthy results. The majestic, breathtaking and equally poetic natural scenery laid out before your eyes will be a real visual feast that no one wants to miss.

The pass road stands out among the vast majestic mountains with high mountains on one side and green forests on the other. The natural scenery truly deserves the title “The most majestic landscape in the world”. From the top of the pass, travelers will see the panorama of Lang Co Bay, Da Nang city, Cham Island, Tien Sa port, Son Tra peninsula,…It appears out like a wonderful picture.

6.2 Visiting Hai Van Quan

At the top of Hai Van Pass, there is also Hai Van Quan. It is one of the important gates built during the Tran Dynasty and is a defensive military fortress for the Hue citadel. Also from the location of this gate, King Le Thanh Tong was amazed by the beautiful nature and dedicated the words “The most majestic place in the world” which still remains in Hai Van Quan today.

6.3 “Hunting” clouds on Hai Van terrace

Hai Van terrace is the most beautiful viewing location on the top of the pass. This is a check-in point that no one wants to miss and is also chosen by many couples as a location to have a lifetime wedding photo set. The terrain in this area is quite flat so it is very convenient to camp, hunt clouds, and catch the sunrise.

6.4 Checking in lonely pine tree

In addition to Hai Van terrace, the lonely pine tree is also an extremely poetic and romantic check-in spot. The pine tree grows about 2km from the top of the pass with wide foliage, behind is the vast sky and sea. Standing from this position, you can also see the poetic Lang Co Bay.

6.5 Camping at Van village at the foot of the Hai Van Pass

One of the equally interesting experiences for young people when coming to Hai Van Pass is camping in Van Village nestled at the foot of the pass. This place is likened to a forgotten fairy because of its pristine, peaceful and equally poetic scenery.

6.6 “Virtual living” at Bac Hai Van station and Don Ca arch bridge

From Hai Van Quan, go about 4 km further and you will reach the ranger station. Opposite the station there is a small concrete road. Follow this road for about 1 km and you will meet the train tracks at Hai Van Bac Station.

Walk about 500m further and there will be a trail going down to the stream with a view looking straight up to Don Ca Arch Bridge – a place called “heaven’s gate”. The scenery here makes visitors feel like they are lost in a mysterious fairyland. And this will definitely be the backdrop for ravishing photos.

6.7 Watching the sky, clouds and water from Cu Rua rock

At the top of Hai Van Pass, there is a large natural rock shaped like a turtle, so it is named Turtle Rock. Because it is located at an altitude of 500 m above sea level, standing here visitors will be able to see the whole picture of majestic forests and vast sea. Just hold up the camera and you will immediately have amazing photos. In front of the cliff. There is a very chill cafe for you to stop and relax.

6.8 “Death” U-shaped corner

Although the name seems a bit scary, this is also a place to help you get sparkling photos. However, because there is a lot of traffic and it is a curve, please pay attention to safety when taking photos.

6.9 Admiring the beautiful Lang Co Bay

Right after going down the pass from Da Nang, you will immediately encounter the beautiful Lang Co Bay. Possessing a poetic and pure scenery no less than any bay in Da Nang. This has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists to visit every time they come to Hue. Don’t forget to save some great photo posts here.

6.10 Admiring the majestic Bach Ma Mountain

Bach Ma Mountain is a familiar mountain range associated with many heroic historical victories. It is located in Bach Ma National Park, 1444 m above sea level. On the mountain there is a system of streams, waterfalls, forests and diverse flora and fauna. Coming here, you can experience extremely interesting mountain trekking. The road is steep and winding. But the higher you go, the more beautiful views of the mountains and forests you will witness.

Hai Van Da Nang

7. Specialties when conquering Hai Van Pass

When conquering Hai Van Pass, you will not only admire the majestic and pristine natural landscape. You can also enjoy the specialties of this beautiful land

7.1 Lang Co Bay seafood

Coming to the sea and not eating seafood is truly a regret. Lang Co Bay is famous as one of the seafood paradises with countless delicious and attractive dishes. The fishing village has lagoons between salt water and brackish water that are very suitable for marine species to grow.

Such as oysters, shrimp, scallops, crabs, fish, etc. Among them, oysters are a special gift that God gave to the bay. Oysters here have a very unique flavor, delicious and greasy. The seafood is extremely fresh and delicious, don’t forget to try it.

7.2 Nam O fish salad

Nam O fish salad is a famous specialty of the coastal city of Da Nang. During the journey to Hai Van Pass, you will pass by Nam O fishing village. So don’t forget to stop by and try this Vietnamese “sashimi” dish.

You can eat dry fish salad or wet fish salad. Dried salad is prepared according to a family recipe with local ingredients. Then mix it with peanuts, peanuts, sesame and many other spices. The wet salad will be marinated with garlic, ginger, galangal and chili then dipped in a rich dipping sauce. Either way, it will bring you an attractive dish with the flavor of the sea.

7.3 Roasted pork wet cake

Exploring all the passes to Hue, you must definitely enjoy roasted pork wet cake. The dish will include wet cakes, roasted pork, pickled bean sprouts served with carrots and chives. Fish sauce is divided into two types for you to choose to suit your taste. They are: salty fish sauce and sweet fish sauce.

The hot plate of banh Cuon is served with delicious, crispy roasted pork, the more the skin is dipped in fish sauce, the more attractive it is. In addition, here they also sell shrimp paste and sour shrimp for tourists to buy as gifts.

8. Accommodation when conquering Hai Van Pass

Depending on your schedule, you can book a hotel room in Hue or Da Nang to have fun and explore. Or if you want to spend a day to experience Lang Co, the resorts and resorts at the bay are also an option worth considering.

8.1 Hotels in Da Nang

As a tourist city, accommodation services for tourists in Da Nang are extremely developed. Depending on your budget and needs, you can find a suitable place to stay at an affordable price. We will suggest some reputable names, affordable costs and convenient facilities below:

  • Sun River Hotel. Address: 134-136 Bach Dang, Hai Chau 1, Hai Chau, Da Nang.
  • Gold Coast Danang. Address: 27 Ho Xuan Huong, Bac My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang.
  • Danang Petro Hotel. Address: 7 Quang Trung, Hai Chau 1, Hai Chau, Da Nang.

8.2 Hotels in Hue

In the central area of ​​Hue city, you can easily find mid-range hotels with clean, spacious, fully furnished and convenient rooms for you to move throughout the journey.

However, if you want to relax, you will need to go farther from the center and book a room at a high-end resort. Some “familiar” accommodation addresses in Hue that you can refer to are:

  • Century Riverside Hue. Address: 49 Le Loi, Phu Hoi, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue.
  • Cherish Hotel Hue. Address: 59 Ben Nghe, Phu Hoi, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue.
  • Pilgrimage Village Boutique Resort & Spa. Address: No. 130 Minh Mang Road, Hue, Vietnam.

8.3 Resorts in Lang Co

Stopping at Lang Co, try spending a whole day exploring the beauty of this famous bay in the country. Join us in naming luxury resorts so you can have a 5-star vacation, immerse yourself in beautiful nature and say goodbye to busy daily life.

  • Lang Co beach resort. Address: 463 D. Lac Long Quan, TT. Lang Co, Phu Loc, Thua Thien Hue.
  • Lang Co resort T26. Address: No. 493 Lac Long Quan, Lang Co Town, Thua Thien Hue, Thua Thien Hue.
  • Orchid Villa & Homestay Farm. Address: 500m from Hoi Dua Parish Church, TT. Lang Co, Phu Loc, Thua Thien Hue.
  • Banyan Tree Lang Co resort. Address: Commune, Cu Du Village, Phu Loc, Thua Thien Hue.
  • Angsana Lang Co resort. Address: Commune, Cu Du Village, Phu Loc, Da Nang.

9. Some important notes when conquering Hai Van Pass

To help you have the safest and most complete experience. Here are some things to note when traveling to Hai Van Pass:

  • Carefully check the vehicle, brakes, and fill up gasoline before moving
  • Monitoring the weather before going and avoid going on rainy days. At the same time, you should go early to visit and check in on the pass so that at night you are still on the pass.
  • Preparing extra snacks, candies, fruits and drinks to replenish energy when needed.
  • Should bring a light jacket in summer. Wear a thick coat in winter to stay warm.
  • The pass has many sharp and dangerous turns. Therefore, you must observe carefully and drive carefully.
  • Tourists should go with a companion or a large group so they can accompany and support each other during the discovery process.

Conquering Hai Van Pass brings you so many indescribable emotions, some are nervous, some are anxious, and then in the end, they are bursting with joy and excitement. When standing at the top of the pass, visitors will experience the wonderful beauty of nature, the rolling mountains in the mist, and the deep blue ocean as far as the horizon. Conquer Hai Van Pass to see that, although the journey to conquer is quite risky, the result is very worthwhile.

If you are planning your upcoming trip to Hai Van Pass, please immediately contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator. We will accompany you on your tours in Da Nang to discover the treasure of Hai Van pass with interesting experiences and unforgettable memories.

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