Hai Van Pass


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Hai Van Pass

Nestled amidst majestic mountains, Hai Van Pass shines with its breathtaking beauty, considered one of the most stunning mountain passes globally. The grand and alluring landscape leaves people unable to stop themselves from writing poetry or composing music to capture its essence. This challenge is not only for adventure-seeking travelers but also a dream destination for any tourist.

The winding stretches of road stand out remarkably, evoking a sense of exhilaration amidst the untamed nature. Unfortunately, even words of poetry and melodies of music cannot fully express the exceptional beauty of Hai Van Pass. Under the skillful hands of travelers, vehicles navigate through treacherous bends, immersing them in the purity of nature. Standing amidst the vast and pristine space, one feels a profound serenity and a strong connection with the natural world.

Hai Van Pass the most beautiful place in the center of Vietnam - where divided the weather of Vietnam in to two part

1: Hai Van Pass – Exploring a Beautiful and Challenging Journey between Da Nang and Hue

Hai Van Pass is located on the Hai Van mountain peak, serving as the boundary between Thua Thien Hue province and Da Nang city, with Hue city lying 80km to the south and Da Nang city 20km to the north. Rising about 500m above sea level and stretching over 20km, it is one of the most scenic coastal mountain passes globally, considered a magnificent gift of nature to Vietnam.

From the pass, one is greeted with a breathtaking view of majestic mountains and the drifting layers of clouds atop the peaks, evoking memories of the melody of the song “Tàu anh qua núi” (Your Train Crossing the Mountains) – a piece of music full of emotions. Hai Van Pass possesses a splendid beauty, skillfully blending challenges and enchantment, making the journey along this road an unforgettable experience for any traveler.

2. Hai Van Pass: A Legendary History and Vietnam’s Most Beautiful Challenge

The legendary history of Hai Van Pass has witnessed transformations and fluctuations through various eras. Initially named “Ải Vân Pass,” it was named after a mountain pass gate that was commonly used. However, due to the frequent cloud coverage at the mountain top, it was later renamed “Mây Pass” to reflect this natural phenomenon.

According to historical records, before 1306, Hai Van Pass served as the border between two regions of the Champa Kingdom, Ô and Rí. Nevertheless, after King Chế Mân’s marriage proposal to Princess Huyền Trân, these two regions were gifted back as a representation of sincere respect. In 1402, after the Hồ Dynasty occupied Chiêm Thành, Hai Van Pass became part of Đại Ngu (a historical name of Vietnam).

During the French colonial period, the Hai Van Pass road was constructed; however, it remained narrow, treacherous, and prone to wildlife and bandit threats. To address these challenges, the French built a railway running along Hai Van Pass, providing convenience and safety for transportation.

Today, thanks to the completed tunnel project, traveling between North and South has become more convenient than ever. Nonetheless, many travelers still choose to visit and conquer Vietnam’s most challenging pass – Hai Van Pass. To explore its history and experience the grand beauty of this place, each journey along the pass brings unforgettable memories.

Amazing view | Hai Van Pass

3. Hai Van Pass: Captivated by the Challenging Beauty between Mountains and Vast Ocean

Conquering Hai Van Pass is not a simple task; it requires patience and skill to navigate through its winding roads, sharp curves hugging the mountain ridge. Hai Van Pass stands out amidst the majestic mountains, like a soft silk strip cutting through the clouds, creating a feeling of being in a mythical fairyland.

From the peak of Hai Van Pass, the panoramic view stretches far and wide – on one side, there are vast and imposing mountains, and on the other side, an endless expanse of the sea, forming a perfect picture of nature’s grandeur and impressiveness. Each journey along the pass is an adventure, taking travelers into the enchanting embrace of nature, immersed in the harmonious blend of the grand mountains and the boundless sea.

4. Hai Van Pass Summit – A Majestic View that Enchants You

If you dare to conquer the summit of Hai Van Pass, prepare yourself for a marvelous journey and a wondrous feeling. As you approach the peak, you will be overwhelmed by the pristine beauty of nature. The murmuring sound of the mountain forest, the cool breeze, and the lingering mist will immerse you in a state of excitement, awe, and unforgettable experiences.

From the Hai Van Pass summit, looking south, you can admire the modern and vibrant beauty of Da Nang city, with its dazzling Tiên Sa port and vast ocean. When you turn north, you will see distinctive fishing villages and Lang Co Bay with its cool blue beach, resembling a precious gem. The majestic view from Hai Van Pass summit will captivate you, and you will feel a sense of pride standing amidst this grand beauty.

Image top of Hai Van Pass

5. Travel experience:

  • Being present at the top of the pass at sunrise or sunset can own beautiful photos and enjoy the best atmosphere of the day.
  • Along with friends to climb Hai Van Quan, sip coffee bought at the top of the Pass is also an interesting new experience.

The road starts down the slope for Da Nang tour package to Hue city. Looking from above, the road looks like a winding thread with lots of turns that make the road feel endless road. But just when you start to lose hope, cars round the last turning point and a very spectacular landscape appears before your eyes: Beach and Lang Co fishing village.

Whether it is midway or the last point of the Da Nang tour. Lang Co beach is a great destination for the Hai Van Pass. From here onwards, you can comfortably admire the rice fields and tranquil villages along the the road going to Thua Thien Hue.

In the journey to conquer the Hai Van Pass , in addition to admiring the unique natural beauty here. Do not forget to record the beautiful “unique” moments. Hai Van Pass with challenging bends and a majestic beauty that captivates people will always be one of the places to be missed in Vietnam for any adventurer lover.

Hai Van Da Nang

6. How to go to Hai Van Pass?

Hai Van Pass is 20km from Da Nang city and 80km from Hue city. For convenience, you can move to Da Nang city by many means such as airplanes, trains, buses … then rent a car to Hai Van Pass.

By cars: Since most of the current cars choose to go through the Hai Van pass tunnel, the transportation by car to pass the pass is quite limited.

By motorbike: This is the best means for you to fully experience the feeling of conquering Hai Van Pass. Moving by motorbike, you can flexibly stop at many places on the pass to enjoy the view, take photos, take a rest … If it comes from Da Nang, after about 1 hour, you will reach Hai Van Pass.

7. Hai Van Pass: Seven Must-Visit Check-In Points

  • Hai Van Gate – The bridge between two heritage regions: Located on the Hai Van Pass summit, Hai Van Gate is an unmissable destination, where you can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the pass.
  • Van Village nestled at the foot of the pass: Van Village, a small village at the foot of the pass, is an ideal spot for a picnic and camping with friends.
  • Hai Van Station: A place to take “instagrammable” photos, but be mindful of safety as trains still run on the tracks.
  • Don Ca Arch: A famous tourist spot with its rugged beauty, but the path is steep and narrow, so caution is needed when moving around.
  • The Solitary Tree on Hai Van Pass: A familiar sight for tourists, you can take enchanting photos with this tree and take a break at the nearby refreshment stand.
  • Cu Rua Rock Cape: A hot check-in spot with the picturesque view of Danang’s sea, where you can capture beautiful “instagrammable” photos.
  • The “Death Curve” U-turn: An interesting spot for photos, but pay attention to safety as there is heavy traffic passing by.
  • Cafe on Cu Rua Rock: A favorite coffee shop among the young, make a stop here to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

8. Experiencing Cuisine on Hai Van Pass

If you are heading to conquer Hai Van Pass, prepare yourself to savor the enticing specialties of Hue and Da Nang – two regions renowned for their diverse and delicious cuisine.

  • Nam O Fish Salad: Made from fresh and delicious anchovy, combined with fresh vegetables and aromatic fish sauce dip, Nam O Fish Salad is a must-try dish when visiting Hai Van Pass.
  • Banh Uot Thit Heo (Steamed Rice Rolls with Pork): A typical dish of Hue, especially delightful when served with pickled vegetables, herbs, and chili sauce.
  • Mam So (Salted Anchovy Sauce): A famous specialty of Hue, Mam So is an excellent choice for bringing gifts to loved ones and friends. The sauce is made from fresh anchovy and meticulously blended with spices, with a long shelf life.

Are you an adventurous lover? so Hai Van Pass is the best holiday destination in Vietnam. Let’s contact Origin Vietnam for details.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hai Van Pass

What Are The Most Amazing Things To Do In Hai Van Pass?

The most amazing things to do in Hai Van Pass are:
Discovery The Heritage Road
Central Vietnam Tour Package
Discover Son Tra Monkey

Which Place Is Must See In Hai Van Pass?

These places must see in Hai Van Pass & around:
Marble Mountains
My Khe beach
Lang Co Beach

Private Da Nang Tour Package 5 days

  • Get the panorama of this famous beach city from summit of Marble Mountain and Son Tra Peninsular
  • Take a cable car to Ba Na Hill to discover its beauties with cool climate all year round and especially Golden Bridge
  • Get the charming of Hoi An ancient town to back the past for a famous trading port
  • Understand more of Imperial Hue city with unique of Royal Palace and style of each mausoleum that show King’s opinion
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