French Village In Ba Na Hills
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French Village in Ba Na Hills

If you want to travel to two great cities of Vietnam – Da Nang and Hoi An, you will find many tours Da Nang to Hoi An very easily. The French Village in Ba Na Hills is a must-see place in Ba Na Hills.

The trip from Da Nang to Hoi An is the right choice for your holiday. You can have memorable experiences through this itinerary. Particularly you will have an opportunity of paying visitation to Ba Na hills, where many tourists feel loving as they travel to Vietnam. In Ba Na hills you can enjoy fresh air and a lot of sightseeing. The French Village in Ba Na Hills is one of the beauty in Da Nang that you should not skip in your journey.

Itinerary from Da Nang to Hoi An is a valuable opportunity to discover Ba Na hills?

French Village in Ba Na Hills

As one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. Da Nang is famous for its excellent beaches, tourist attractions, World-class golf courses … This is the wonderful place to set foot in. Ba Na Hills is a well known destination for investment and development. The mountains are immense and fresh air in the Mercure 4-star hotel. Specially with the architecture of the ancient French Village appears as a paradise resort that you imagine.

It is worth a visit French Village in Ba Na Hills

Ba Na is renowned for its Swiss-based cable system, which is recognized as “one of the ten most impressive cable systems in the world” by CNN and the Daily Telegraph.

With only 17 minutes from the ground to the top, 201 cabins can transport 3,000 people in an hour. Your Vietnam unique tours will be memorable ever. Because where you can see the world’s longest non-stop cable system. With a length of 5801m and the largest cable car suspension system at 1,368m. The design of the cable car is simple and quick to take visitors to the top safely, quickly and can be overwhelmed by beautiful scenery.

However, one place, which you should pay visitation to as have itinerary from Da Nang to Hoi An, is French village.

An unique experience with the French culture on top of Ba Na Hills

The beauty of French Village in Ba Na Hills

In the French Village in Ba Na Hills, L’Etable restaurant opens in front of you an interesting scene. Just step through the door, this large space will attract you right from the first sight. With a medieval European horse racing arena, reproduced through a series of paintings depicting the horsemen. They wear brilliant costumes with brave horses. Delicate lines, portraits of horses and horses are depicted in close-up, viewers can feel the excitement of the race, the restlessness of the horse before the start. Horses with soft, romantic sketches are like the beauty of nature and people.

Moreover, In the French village, the St Denis church impresses with the first time people see. This is the epitome of St Denis cathedral in distant France, with arched roofs, rough stone walls, soft glass frames with the shape of large rose petals. When you look up at the high arch, you will see the texture on the colored glass door, engraved on a number of very sophisticated pillars. This work was designed by the team of architects who collected the details of the Denis Cathedral in France, to redesign it to fit the whole of the place.

In addition, in the foggy space of Ba Na. The designs tell the story of a distant France, as easily touched and felt. This place makes you not only surprised and interested but also as an invisible link from the subconscious. Enthusiastic architects with French culture and architecture have been very successful in conveying that inspiration to many.

With 20 minutes on the cable car to Ba Na, you can just watch the forest. Just admire the beauty of the village of France (opened on 25/4). In addition, this place will bring you many interesting experiences such as watching the large love flowers garden full of colorful sub-temperate, play in the Fantasy home, swimming pool warm water, restaurant full of European dishes ASIAN…

Beside the French village you should not skip to visit Golden bridge. It’s one of the most highlight in Ba Na hills.

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In conclusion itinerary travel to Hoi An from Da Nang is the forgettable experience for your holiday. If you want to have more information about tours from Da Nang to Hoi An , you can find more at Origin Vietnam.

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Ba Na hill tour with visit Golden Bridge

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