Explore The Beauty Of Danang On Summer


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Explore the Beauty of Danang on Summer

Danang is one of the most attractive tourist destination in the central of Vietnam. If you have the opportunity to travel to Danang on the summer.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the most romantic beach in the world also admire the impressive bridge. Especially enjoy international fireworks festival … that is some of the points Most prominent of Danang in this summer.

How Danang special in the summer time?

My Khe beach in Danang

Come to Danang that visitors cannot ignore that lag Beach My Khe. It is famous for the white sand beaches smooth like ice cream, peaceful waves, warm blue water, the romantic poetic surrounds. My Khe Beach is beautiful in the dawn, like green silk stretching to the horizon. My Khe Beach is more attractive when the sun falls down with a peaceful scene, calm down to make people’s hearts calm, peaceful.

Dragon Bridge - A symbol of Danang city

Also, travel to Danang you will have the chance to see one of the most impressive bridges in the World. It’s called Dragon Bridge. The Dragon Bridge became the highlight and symbol of Danang at night. The bridge is made according to the image of the Ly Dynasty Dragon fly to the East Sea. With a total length of 666m can spray fire and spray water.

If you come to Danang on the weekend, you will admire the magnificent of Dragon Bridge with the fire screen, spectacular light show. With unique beauty impressive, Dragon Bridge has been recognized and honored by many international organizations. July 2014 The dragon bridge is CNN as the “symbol of prosperity” of Asia.

Ba Na hill

No need to go to France. Just in Danang, you can still explore an ancient French corner as a Parisian flower alone in Vietnam. It is Ba Na Hills with magnificent castles, majestic churches or ancient European streets. Among the typical French architectural space is the jubilant. Moreover, there is a festival throughout the summer time. Such as. Carnival, beer festival, wine festival, French cultural festival …

Asia Park - A popular destination that many young people love

Besides to Danang you also participate in the attractive games are currently most attractive in Asia Park. It is a popular destination that many young people love. There are many world’s most modern games. Such as Singapore Sling – the top adventure game in the world, Golden Sky Tower, the highest freefall tower in Vietnam, Monorail – the longest high altitude train in Vietnam … to the extreme moments have fun. After the exciting moments, you can choose to see the panoramic view of Danang at night from 115 m height with the rotation of the Sun Wheel – top 10 rounds of the world’s highest.

Danang International Fireworks Festival

Participating in the largest fireworks festival in Southeast Asia in Danang, visitors are eagerly awaiting two nights of the international fireworks display in Danang. The fireworks display a bright sky, making Danang glow in the night. Fireworks have become a symbolic event for Danang city.

So don’t delay. Make your plan travel to Danang now.

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Best 5 Days in Da Nang

  • Get the panorama of this famous beach city from summit of Marble Mountain and Son Tra Peninsular
  • Take a cable car to Ba Na Hill to discover its beauties with cool climate all year round and especially Golden Bridge
  • Get the charming of Hoi An ancient town to back the past for a famous trading port
  • Understand more of Imperial Hue city with unique of Royal Palace and style of each mausoleum that show King’s opinion
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