Ba Na Hills


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Ba Na Hills

It’s not wrong to say that Ba Na is known as the “green lung” of Da Nang City. Because this is the only place that can bring visitors cool climate, fresh and feel great 4 seasons in one day.
Ba Na Hills is an attractive tourist attraction of Da Nang city. If you are embarking on a plan for Ba Na Hills holiday, refer to the following article about Ba Na Hills. – Origin Vietnam will “tip” you all the wonderful travelling experiences.

How Ba Na Hills is Unique?

Ba Na Hill Resort is one of the many destinations that you definitely can not miss when going on a Da Nang tour. For a long time, this “hill” has been considered as “the trump card” that attracts thousands of visitors to Da Nang each year. With beautiful sceneries and many attractive games, Ba Na Hills promises to bring tourists many exciting experiences.

Ba Na Hill

Overall picture of Ba Na Hills:

Ba Na Mountain is located in Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District. It is about 40 km to the West of Da Nang city center. Ba Na’s tourist center is located at the peak of Mount Chua, 1489 meters above sea level. Ba Na ecotourism area attracts visitors with beautiful natural scenery. And the climate is always around 17-20 degrees Celsius.

History of Ba Na Hills:

This Ba Na Hills resort was discovered by the French in the late nineteenth century. They have built many large villas, sports grounds and a range of restaurants. The name “Ba Na” came out due to the fact that the area in front of this place is full of bananas. For nearly a century, war and time have made this place gradually desolate. Yet, since the end of the twentieth century, Ba Na Hills has been woken up with the efforts of local authorities and people there. This scenic area is being upgraded and expanded. Previously, if tourists wanted to climb to the top of Ba Na Hills, from the last parking lot, they might have to climb 282 stone steps. Now, when going on tour Da Nang, it is much easier to climb to the top of Ba Na Hills thanks to cable car.

Old European style house in Ba Na

Amazing weather in Ba Na Hills:

It is so wild and majestic! Here tourists will forget about the current world because of the fascinating scenery. A day seems to be divided into 4 distinct seasons. In the morning, the climate is cool because of mountain dew. At noon, it is the perfect time to enjoy the sunshine of the summer in the cool air. The afternoon is the moment of autumn. And then winter comes to a romantic evening by the flickering light of the wine festival of ethnic groups.

Transportation tips:

There are various options to go to Ba Na hills from Da Nang

  • By car: Rent a tourist car with driver and guide. The price ranges from 400.000 VND (4 seat car) to 2.000.000 VND (45 seat car). You can choose the road to take.
  • By taxi: Taxi is convenient for small groups of 4-7 people. However the price is quite expensive: about 420.000 VND/one way and 600.000/two way. Tourists can choose to share taxi with other to reduce cost.
  • Open bus: This type of transport is popular for Da Nang tour nowadays. About 100.000 VND/one way and 150.000 VND/two way. But you there is not to much flexibility in time.
  • By motorbike: Rent a bike from Da Nang from 80.000 to 200.000 VND

Majesty nature in Ba Na hills:

Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills
If this is the first time in Vietnam especially in Ba Na, you will be surprised since Vietnam has so many fascinating landscapes.

Road to Ba Na Hills has many slopes and folding twists. However, those twists are the turning point appearing behind the clouds. That’s what makes visitors feel excited. The paintings of nature appear right in front of visitors’ view with the forest trees, rivers, streams and waterfalls … All are interwoven with the sound of the wind and the murmuring water flow.

When traveling to this place, visitors will have chances to discover Chua mountain, Vong Nguyet hill, Nai stream, Mo Stream, Da Stream, Tranh Cave or Ba Temple. From the top of Ba Na Hills, visitors can see a large area from Da Nang to Son Tra Peninsula, Ngu Hanh Son and Hai Van Pass

In Ba Na Hills tourists can also start the journey from mountain to sea with a distance of approximately 40 km. There are beautiful beaches like Xuan Thieu, My Khe, Bac My An. There is nothing more interesting than enjoying the natural scenery from Ba Na hills.

Ba Na Hills is ideal to watch the sunrise or sunset. At the foot of the mountain, dawn is breathtaking when the horizon has six different colors. Then the clouds came in just in a flash to cover all the surroundings. This makes tourists feel even more excited. Like they are standing in the clouds.

Ba Na Hills, also known as Ba Na Mountain, is located in Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District. About 30 km southwest of Da Nang City. This is a tourist destination Da Nang is rapidly completed and developed into a famous resort to attract travellers.

Bana Hill

When is the best time to go to Ba Na hills?

Ba Na tourist area is located at an altitude of 1487m, the climate is cool all year round. And the average temperature in the summer is about 18 C – 20 Celsius. Especially in Ba Na one day there are 4 seasons: morning sunshine, spring rain, afternoon sunshine little afternoon, the evening will be cold autumn and winter freezing.

How to go to Ba Na?

You can easily travel by various means such as: motorbike, bus, taxi or car.

Motorbike: The vehicle is chosen by many visitors, especially the young ones. You only need to rent motorcycles around VND100,000 – 150,000 per day depending on the type of car. Motorbike to Ba Na you can freely see the scenery, beautiful way up, easy to stop to take pictures but because the road has many ramps, zigzag so be careful to remember that gas Before going and going very carefully, do not take risks.

Cars: Getting by car is also easy for guests. From Danang city center, you will take Duy Tan road and follow Nguyen Van Linh to the second ring. Then turn to Nguyen Tri Phuong street. Next to the circle, tourists going to Dien Bien Phu on the left turn to National 1A will see Hoang Van Thai, turn left, then go straight to Ba Na tourist .

Taxi: If you go with a family with children, you should hire a taxi package, both take and pick up 2 way plus time is 8h, cost about 800,000 VND.

Bus: Green Bus Da Nang tourists can contact Ms Tram Anh: 0988.159.152 / Ms Phuong: 0913.81.81.0 to book a car. Bus fare is 140.000 VND / person / 2 way. The bus is very convenient and ensures that since the car has a guide from the beginning of the tour to the end of the tour, each person is offered a free bottle of water when riding. The time to play in Ba Na is from 8:15 am to 15:30 pm, her guide will take visitors to visit and wait for visitors and take them back to the hotel.

With these great advantages. Travel to Ba Na for only one day, enjoy nature and admire the vast space of Ba Na with beautiful architectural attractions. You will be immersed in the miniature capital of France.

Ba Na cable

Ba Na cable car

The ticket price is 550,000 VND / person. You can experience Ba Na cable car to see the panoramic Ba Na Hill here. This is the world’s best cable car. Only 15 minutes, visitors can admire nature here with rich and diverse flora and fauna in the primitive forests stretching with a variety of rare animals.

Do not hesitate to save your photos with family or friends with poetic nature here.

Top Sightseeing in Ba Na Hills:

1: French village of Ba Na:

The village of Ba Na French

After taking the cable car to Ba Na natural scenery, you can reach the village of Ba Na French. Dubbed as a miniature Europe with ancient architecture, unique located at the top of Ba Na. You will find French culture very much when exploring the architecture of the French village here.

When you make a plan Vietnam destination tours come to Ba Na hills. You will find a unique architectural complex. Such as: squares, churches, towns and villages designed by famous French architects. Also can experience the subtle and religious living space of one of the oldest countries.

Visiting, exploring the ancient architecture of France from the outside looking in, the mysterious, majestic beauty of the cathedral with its characteristic curved dome, the glass window color The roofs of tiled roofs are engraved with elaborate motifs… Or the streets of La Grotte, the Palais De Justice, La Chancellerie as reminiscent of a small corner of France with romantic streets. Easily impress with visitors when coming here.

Not only that, in the peak season, the village of Ba Na French as a colorful bustling paintings of European culture by the festival. Such as to be immersed in the festive atmosphere, have the opportunity to relax like an ancient European experience on the mountain Ba Na.


Love garden
This is also a place to visit, called the love garden. Which contains thousands of beautiful poetic worlds of poetry. The garden of Le Jardin D’amour has long been known by people as romantic and mystical beauty with nine unique architecture.

Suoi Mo Garden with romantic Aparang purple flowers point with fresh flowers make up a charming Mo River garden, visitors easily fascinated by this garden, like a labyrinth that anyone here also wants to conquer. The sacred garden is also a place that visitors can not miss. Because there are gods of love, especially couples who love to come here to take pictures.

Come here you will admire the pink hydrangea with many colors, while watching the purple Lavender flower garden in southern France.

The flowers bloom red bell glowing in a corner of the sky, becoming the only highlight Ba Na alone where there is no place. The flower garden is full of colorful flowers that create a romantic garden.

3: Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

Enjoy the colorful LE JARDIN D’AMOUR garden, visitors can visit the cellar Debay. This is a French wine cellar located deep underground.

With a depth of 100m, this wine cellar is always preserved from 16 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius. Visitors come here to visit French wine cellar.

Visitors will especially have a great experience when enjoying a glass of French wine. The sweet aroma of grapes mixed with the bitterness of wine will certainly make it difficult for visitors to resist.

Not only that, Ba Na Hills also organizes many new and attractive wine festivals. Guests not only enjoy wine but also admire the artisans demonstrating how to process wine? You will feel like you are in the country of France with a beautiful and unique culture, interesting.

4: Wax Museum

British Royal wedding wax

This is the first wax exhibition in Vietnam, especially in Ba Na Hills . With the wax figures made very true of many celebrities in the world in all areas like Mr. Bean, the pirates of the Caribbean, President Obama … that visitors who come here will know.

Each statue is carefully and finely crafted, the work of artisans making the impression that visitors are directly meeting these celebrities, being photographed and standing near them. in the most honest way.

5: Fantasy Park

Fantansy Park

When referring to Ba Na tourism, visitors will immediately think of this attractive amusement. This is an ideal playground that not only attracts children but also adults enjoy this fun point.

The play area is divided into 3 floors, with an area of 21,000 m2 with a variety of games and rich.

From fun games for kids like ferris, electric cars to high-altitude thrilling games for adolescents or adults who love highs and lows. Or even adventure games like climbing indoors make it easy for travelers to take part in this journey.

Special for this amusement park, visitors have unforgettable moments when coming to 3D cinema, 4D and 5D with the adventure movie, interesting. You will feel like you are living your life in the movie.

If you are a speed enthusiast. Try to explore the slope in Ba Na. This is one of the experiences that visitors have come here should not be overlooked. This game challenges bravery as well as those who love speed. Have to swivel around the helical arcs. Only with the price of 50,000 VND, visitors will experience this game just to see Ba Na and the natural scenery of the sky from above. This makes visitors forget about these moments.

Guests will not only experience the game but you will also easily discover the dining area with a full range of European and Asian dishes in the amusement park.

It is very convenient for visitors to come here, especially couples with small children, visitors do not have to go far to find a place to eat that can be found right here.

The souvenir stalls with all the facilities promoting Ba Na tourism, please take a little time after the trip to buy some gifts for relatives or friends!

6: Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda

Located in the beautiful, sacred place of Ba Na from above. Linh Ung Pagoda is an impressive destination that visitors will not forget to visit.

The temple has a very special stand. The leaves of the pine are also strange because the pine leaves here are three leaves – quickly listed in the list of precious trees of Vietnam. The temple has become more sacred than ever, becoming one of three pagodas to protect Da Nang city.

The temple also has a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha carved very delicately, standing in the midst of the green mountains of vast, majestic. Statue of Buddha hidden in the mist smells that make Linh Ung Pagoda becomes sacred.

Accommodation in Ba Na Hills

When you come to visit, experience Ba Na often during the day and will return to the city center. But if you have time, you should enjoy a wonderful night in Ba Na – the mountainous, foggy, romantic dream.

Hotel recommendation: Mercure French Bana Hills Village

This is a 4 star hotel with all kinds of deluxe and deluxe rooms with full facilities: swimming pool, spa, gyms, cafe, restaurant, .. romantic time, can not forget. Referred article: Top 9 beauty sport in Ba Na Hills

Travel Ba Na, what will you eat?

1: Noodle

Quang noodle

If you have the opportunity to come here, do not miss the special dishes of Danang. Quang noodle with large noodles, yellow nursery combined with slices of meat, and a little bit of sweet water makes the Quang noodle bowl ever attractive.

2: Wet rice paper & pork

Wet rice paper & pork

This is also the food that visitors to visit are also preferred. Simple dish: boiled pork is cut into slices of thin meat placed in slices of wet rice paper. Especially with a few vegetables eaten rolled up to not break it. Dotted with fish sauce wedge is delicious.

Hopefully, the experiences above, will help you “pocket” the needed information for your upcoming Ba Na Hills tour in Danang. You can get in touch with trust-worthy Vietnam travel companies to book the best tour. If you want to find out more information, contact Origin Vietnam Travel. I Hope your holiday in Da Nang will be fun and enjoyable!

Ba Na hills

Above are some of the necessary information that you should include in your Ba Na travel guide.

Hope this useful information will help you travel to the Ba Na tourist destination in Danang is great!

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