Dambri Waterfall
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Dambri Waterfall

Lam Dong is located on 3 plateaus and is the source area of ​​7 major river systems, it is famous for its many scenic spots. From poetic to majestic, from mountains to valleys.

It would be an extremely unfortunate thing if you come to Lam Dong without visiting Dambri waterfall because this is a tall, beautiful and majestic waterfall. Origin Vietnam will share experiences traveling to Dambri waterfall to make your trip more meaningful and impressive.

1. Where is Dambri Waterfall?

Dambri tourist area is located about 18 km northeast of Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province. This place is about 100km from Da Lat city center and 200km from Ho Chi Minh City.

In fact, Dambri Waterfall is the highest waterfall in the Central Highlands. On the way to the waterfall, you will pass through tea and coffee hills, fruit gardens and many other natural scenes.

Besides, coming to Dambri, you will be immersed in the pristine, majestic primeval mountains and forests with many rare flora and fauna species.

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2. How is Dambri Waterfall unique?

The name Dambri originates from the love story of the couple that the K’ho people named this waterfall. In the past, a couple loved each other and often went on dates by the waterfall. They promised to get married by the ripe rice season next year. But due to family circumstances, it was not allowed. Finally, the couple must separate. The boy had to leave the village and go to a place far away from where he could not return. The girl waited day and night but never saw her lover return. For a long time, the girl’s tears accumulated and flowed into a large waterfall.

Especially, Dambri Waterfall gives you extraordinary enjoyment. A stream of white water pours down vertically from above. Around the waterfall are tiny purple and yellow wildflowers growing on the rocks. At the foot of the rugged waterfall is a small bridge spanning the rocks. It’s a great ideal place for ecotourism activities here.

From Dambri waterfall, follow the stream and you will come across a suspension bridge across the stream. The suspension bridge was made by people from wood and forest vines simply, but very sturdy. When walking on the bridge, the suspension bridge also shakes slightly, very interesting.

3. When is the best time to visit Dambri Waterfall?

Because it is located in an area influenced by a tropical monsoon climate that varies with altitude, Lam Dong’s climate is cool all year round. The weather is divided into two distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season.

  • Dry season (from December to April of the following year): during this period, the weather is cool and sunny, suitable for outdoor relaxation and picnic activities.
  • Rainy season (from May to November): This is the time when Dambri waterfall enters the rainy season, which is also the time when the plants here begin to bloom. If you visit Dambri falls during this time, check the weather before you plan to go to Dambri.
Dambri Waterfall

4. How to get to Dambri waterfall?

4.1. Moving to Lam Dong:

To get to Dambri to explore, you must first choose a means of transportation from where you live to Lam Dong: plane, bus, private car, motorbike, etc. at a cost that suits you.

4.2. Moving from the city center to Dambri waterfall:

From the city you can move to the waterfall via the following roads:

  • Route 1: Starting from the city center, you move on Cao Ba Quat street to the west. When you get to Ly Thuong Kiet street, turn right and go straight along this road to the Dambri tourist area. This is the shortest and easiest route, so most tourists choose to follow this route.
  • Route 2: On this journey you also travel along Cao Ba Quat road. But when you reach the intersection of Ly Thai To – Ly Thuong Kiet, you turn left to Ly Thai To street. Going straight all the way to the end of this road, you will see the vast green tea and coffee hills leading to the entrance to the Dambri waterfall tourist area.
  • Route 3: If you are passionate about exploring Da Lat and like adventure, this is the right choice. However, the road is long and quite dangerous. From Bao Loc city, follow Nguyen Van Cu street to the North. Then, you turn left to Lac Long Quan street, continue straight to Ly Thuong Kiet – Ly Thai To street and you will reach Dambri waterfall.

5. Activities and experiences at Dambri waterfall

5.1 Conquering Dambri tourist area

In addition, when passing 138 steps on the cliff, you will reach the top of the waterfall. From above you will feel the fresh air, you will be extremely surprised to witness the rushing, white, straight streams of water. It creates a magnificent scene.

At the foot of the waterfall is a lake with large rocks covered with moss, creating even more pristine and charming features for visitors to this place.

5.2 Playing the water slide

With a length of up to 1,650m, this slide system is recognized as having the longest slide in Southeast Asia.

The moment the slide moves over Dambri waterfall is also the moment you will feel the waterfall pouring down. Although it is quite an adventurous game, this is a game that is loved by many tourists. If you intend to participate in this game, prepare yourself with good health and a strong spirit and don’t forget to take photos to preserve memorable moments.

If you are a fan of adventure games, you should not miss this game when coming to Dambri.

5.3 Pedaling duck shaped boats around the lake

If you are a nature lover, gentle and romantic, you can choose to duck around the lake connected to Dambri waterfall nearby. This is the right time for you to immerse yourself in poetic nature. Come with your family and friends to enjoy the romantic space, admire the majestic, majestic and wild beauty that mother nature has bestowed on this place.

In addition, you can also rent single, double or triple bicycles and ride around the lake. Experiencing cycling is a way to help you save time and improve your health while still being able to admire the inherent beauty of this place.

5.4 Experiencing the suspension bridge

The wooden bridge from Dambri waterfall to Chau Ma ethnic village will be a challenge that you should experience. Please ask relatives and friends to film and take photos to preserve this interesting experience.

5.5. Exploring the life of Chau Ma people

Chau Ma people living in the village are very friendly and hospitable. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to discover more unique cultural features of the people.

In addition, you will enjoy wine, participate in gong festivals of indigenous people and learn about the famous brocade weaving profession here.

5.6 Preserving memories with Central Highlands costumes

If you want your trip to be more interesting, go to the Central Highlands Silk – Costume Shop to rent clothes to transform into Central Highlands boys and girls with your own style.

Dambri Waterfall in Da Lat

6. Specialties when traveling at Dambri waterfall

In the Dambri tourist area, there is a rich system of restaurants and eateries specializing in serving plated rice dishes, portion rice dishes, and specialty dishes in Da Lat. So you don’t need to worry about what your food will be like if you have fun all day.

Below are some suggested restaurants you can choose from:

6.1 Damb’ri Restaurant:

The project is designed in the form of a French-style villa, with a beautiful view of Damb’ri lake, both ancient and modern, and can accommodate 700 guests per visit. The restaurant specializes in serving Central Highlands specialties and special cuisines of the North – Central – South regions

6.2 Three Monkey Restaurant:

The restaurant is designed in an airy open space, with a wine bar with a stage, sound and lighting system suitable for exchanges, meetings and musical performances.

Depending on your economic conditions as well as personal preferences, you can choose a suitable restaurant for yourself.

7. Accommodation when traveling at Dambri waterfall

Dambri waterfall tourist area has many forms of accommodation for you to choose from:

7.1. Unique tree lodge:

If you want to explore a new place, try this form of accommodation to experience it. This house is 3m height above the ground, leaning against the trunk of an old tree, creating a new feeling. The system includes 5 tree houses with a capacity of 10 people/turn, with full interior amenities.

7.2. Bungalow independent motel:

With 26 rooms, luxuriously designed and fully equipped. The system of high-class independent motels is located in a quiet space. The Bungalows are located near the edge of the forest, next to the Dambri waterfall, with a charming landscape of mountains and rivers blending together. This is the ideal space for you to visit and relax for a long time with relatives and friends

7.3. High-end camping area

The tent camp is located on a hill with an area of ​​about 10 hectares, about 500m from the center. This location is ideal for you to organize picnics. In addition, there is also a picnic restaurant adjacent to the canteen area specializing in camping services with a team of enthusiastic and attentive staff. With this extremely interesting overnight stay at Dambri waterfall, you can camp, sing, eat, dance,… next to the campfire.

8. Some important notes when traveling to Dambri waterfall

  • Bringing a waterproof phone case for convenient underwater activities.
  • Bringing swimsuits and comfortable clothes to participate in bathing and playing adventurous games
  • You should check the weather forecast in advance.
  • Preparing sunscreen so you can have fun without worrying about dull skin.

If you are a lover of natural beauty and enjoy exploring outdoor games, Dambri watefall area is the ideal destination for tourists. Hopefully our experiences in conquering the Dambri tourist area will be useful to you on your upcoming tour in Da Lat. Please pick up the phone and call us. Our a team is always ready to help you conquer the journeys you want to explore.

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