Place not to be missed in Cat Ba


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Place not to be missed in Cat Ba

If you are wondering about summer vacation destinations in the northern Vietnam. So Let’s pack your pack to Cat Ba (Haiphong). It is one of the names that fit the scene and many activities for you to explore.

Why Cat Ba is Unique?

Foreign tourists often visit Cat Ba from November to March. But summer travel season from April to October every year is always interested for domestic tourists.

Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong City, is known for its enormous tourism potential. Thanks to the beautiful beaches and many unspoilt islands. Especially Lan Ha bay in the northeast of Cat Ba island is like “Forgotten paradise” of the north with magnificent scenery. Such as fairyland.

The article below will guide you about the summer travel guide to Cat Ba island and visit Lan Ha Bay.

How to go to Cat Ba?

From Hanoi, you can choose Hoang Long car at Luong Yen bus station. Direct trip to Cat Ba is 200,000 VND / person. Car departure time is 5h20, 7h20, 11h20, 13h20. Just buy tickets at the office in the bus station, the cost is inclusive of train fees.

From Hai Phong, you can choose to take the express boat Ben Binh with the price of 200,000-250,000 VND / person. The advantage of this medium is the speed, convenience. But the ticket prices are quite high.

You can also go to Dinh Vu wharf by ferry or speedboat. The speed here is slower, if you actively take private car should go this route.

In the case of departure from Ha Long (Quang Ninh). You can go to Tuan Chau Island, where there is a ferry to the port of Gia Luan Cat Ba. Then, you travel a long distance to the center of Cat Ba town, can go by bus, taxi, or use the private car.

It’s a very good idea if you book Halong bay 3 day cruise with 1 night on cruise in Halong and 1 night in Cat Ba town.

If you travel from Saigon, Da Nang … can take a flight to Hai Phong and then take a taxi to Ben Binh, catching the high-speed train to Cat Ba, about 2 hours a trip.

Place not to be missed in Cat Ba

1 Visit Lan Ha bay by kayak:

Lan Ha has a bow shape of 400 large and small islands. At a glimpse, you will feel a bit like Ha Long Bay. But in fact, there are many points in Lan Ha that Halong Bay does not have.

If you are adventurous, you can choose to explore Lan Ha bay by kayak, to explore each island, cave, beautiful beach of the bay.

The price of kayak rental from 100,000 to 200,000 per day. If you choose to tour and diving coral reef tour. So the price will be much higher. You can also book cruise in Lan Ha Bay to discover Monkey Island, morning cave, night cave, or Cai Beo fishing village.

2: Relax on Beautiful beaches in Cat Ba:

Do not miss bathing on the beach in the top of the most beautiful beach in the North. Famous in Cat Ba is the beach of Cat Co 1,2,3 are located near the center. In particular, Cat Co beach 2 is the most beautiful with clear blue water, sandy beach stretches. Traveling to these beaches is relatively straightforward, and you can rent swimwear outside the beach.

Alternatively, take a bath at the beaches in Lan Ha Bay, or at the Monkey Island Beach. These beaches are often wild, clear water seen in the bottom.

3: Cai Beo fishing village:

This is one of the oldest fishing villages in Vietnam. Come here, you can admire the full peaceful life of the fishing village. It is best to choose a guided fishing village tour, to hear the introduction and history of the fishing village, stopping to admire the seafood of the house here.

4: Viet Hai village:

Viet Hai is located in the middle of the sea, surrounded by high mountains and primeval forest in Cat Ba. The people in Viet Hai fishing village are very friendly, together with wildlife and peaceful atmosphere. This place is attracting more and more tourists. In the village there are quite a few resting restaurants to help visitors more comfortable in choosing the tour.

5: Sightseeing from Canon Fort:

This is a historic site of Cat Ba, another name is High Point 177, located near the beach of Cat Co. Here, visitors can see the large guns, the trenches, historical relics of the Cat Ba people in the two largest resistance of the nation. In addition, you can also admire the beautiful spots of Cat Ba Hon Quoc, Lan Ha Bay … through telescope lenses.

6: Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park is a biosphere reserve of the world, with a diverse fauna and flora. It’s one of the places not to be missed when traveling here. Admission fee is only 15,000 VND / person, you will be visiting wildlife, Doi cave, Trung Trang cave … or experience trekking, walking, biking in primary forest.

7: Travel to Monkey Island

Virtual Monkey is located in the Lan Ha Bay, formerly known as Pineapple Island. Because of the many pineapple trees that are soaked in soaking water. Today, there is a friendly pack of monkeys who often play with the visitors and eat the items you give them. In addition, in the Monkey Island. There are two beaches of sand pine 1.2 are beautiful beaches with clear blue water.

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Cat Ba Island "Off the beaten track"

This 1 night tour in Cat Ba Island and National Park as well as Viet Hai village will be the great chance for you to discover this National Park and Island. Our trip will bring you to have the chance to reach must-see places in the island to explore its exotic natural beauties from mountain to the “Off the beaten track” sea bay.
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