Nam Cat Island


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Nam Cat Island

The beauty of Nam Cat Island on Lan Ha Bay. It’s about 20 minutes away by boat from Cat Ba town. The small island of Nam Cat is the ideal destination for tourists, especially adventurous travelers.

How Nam Cat Island is unique?

Back to the beautiful island of Nam Cat in the tourist season, tourists are witnessed many positive changes.

It is still a pristine and charming Nam Cat, nestled amidst the countless small islands on Lan Ha Bay. The island is covered with a huge, green vegetation. The beach is about 500 m long, white sand, gradually down to calm sea, green and moderate depth. It’s the ideal place for swimming, safe. The blue sea embraces the smooth white sand and the small islands around create a separate scene and poetic to heart.

Legend has it that, in the past. Nam Cat Island was chosen by the heaven to be a place to stop enjoy playing with waves, explore the beauty of the world without worry about being disturbed by the eyes. of the mortal.

Human intervention in the island is also limited so that the pristine remains. That can make Nam Cat always attractive and impressive to those who have come here.

Come to Nam Cat not only have the opportunity to enjoy the seafood of Cat Ba. But also have the opportunity to explore the serene waters with small fishing villages. Specially separate from the rest of the busy life. The sea is quite gentle, no waves, convenient for visitors to do kayaking, round the small islands and through the underground cave the absence of people.

From Nam Cat, with a kayak, adventurous people can enjoy exploring the calm waters of the islands. Such as Cat Dua island, monkey island… The village of rafts raising specialties of the region such as snakehead, abalone, grouper… The fire camp nights on the deserted beach, enjoy seafood, always the unforgettable night for all visitors or groups of friends campsite for private play.

Nam Cat Island

Combined ecotourism is the strength of Nam Cat Island. Over the years, with the policy of “development associated with conservation”. Business man in Nam Cat Island do not over-focus the profit but the direction of sustainable development, close to nature. To do this is a great determination and vision of the people who travel here.

With the current trend of tourism development that is proving to be right. It’s not only promote the value of tourism. But also contribute actively preserve and honor the hidden beauty and charm of Nam Cat Island at Cat Ba island boat tours from Origin Vietnam.

It’s great for

  • Weekend holidays, old couple, young couple, relax

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This 1 night tour in Cat Ba Island and National Park as well as Viet Hai village will be the great chance for you to discover this National Park and Island. Our trip will bring you to have the chance to reach must-see places in the island to explore its exotic natural beauties from mountain to the “Off the beaten track” sea bay.
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