Monkey Island
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Monkey Island

When mentioning tourist and entertainment destinations on Cat Ba Island, many tourists will probably immediately think of Lan Ha Bay, Nam Cat Island, Cat Ba National Park, Cat Co Beach, etc. However, There is also a resort paradise here called Cat Dua Island, also known as Cat Ba Monkey Island.

Come to Monkey Island in the Cat Ba area of ​​Hai Phong city. Tourists will not only be immersed in the poetic, pristine natural scenery but also meet mischievous and adorable monkeys. Let’s explore this beautiful island with Origin Vietnam.

1. Where is Cat Ba Monkey Island?

Cat Ba Monkey Island is located in the south of Lan Ha Bay area. It is in the Cat Ba archipelago, Hai Phong, Vietnam. Only about 2 km east of Cat Ba town and about 60 km southeast of Hai Phong city center, equivalent to nearly 1 hour by car.

image of Monkey on the island

2. How unique is Cat Ba Monkey Island?

Among more than 400 large and small islands in the Cat Ba archipelago, Cat Ba Monkey Island emerges as a tourist highlight. This place has attracted countless tourists thanks to its charming natural beauty.

Cat Ba Monkey Island with its pristine and majestic beauty has welcomed tens of thousands of visitors every year. Although tourism has not yet been exploited and services on the island are not many. This place is still a favorite stop for many people when traveling to Hai Phong.

Monkey Island has an area of ​​only about 0.2km2 and has a lot of wild pineapples that people use to soak in drinking water and dry to make medicine, so it is called Cat Dua Island. Later, when a group of 20 monkeys were brought back to raise naturally. The island became known to more tourists and was called Cat Ba Monkey Island.

image view Monkey Island from above

3. When is the best time to visit Cat Ba Monkey Island?

The appropriate time for a trip to Cat Ba Monkey Island is from late March to October. At this time, the weather is cool, with little rain, so it is very convenient to participate in discovery activities.

Normally, most tourists will come to the island from June to August. Therefore, this time the island is often very crowded. If you have plans to go out, you should book air tickets and hotel rooms in advance to avoid running out of services.

If you go to Cat Ba Monkey Island from August to October, you should check the weather forecast in advance because it may rain. However, at this time there are usually not too many storms, so you can still safely explore this beautiful island.

4. How to get to Cat Ba Monkey Island?

4.1 Moving to Hai Phong city

If you want to get to Monkey Island, you need to move to Hai Phong city first and then move to Cat Ba and then go to Lan Ha Bay. For tourists in Hanoi or northern provinces near Hai Phong, to make it easiest, you can travel by motorbike or personal car. In addition, you can also choose to take a bus or train to Hai Phong city. After arriving, you have to rent a car to go to Cat Ba Monkey Island.

As for tourists in remote provinces such as the Central or Southern regions of Vietnam. The best way to travel to Hai Phong is to book a plane ticket directly to Cat Bi airport, Hai Phong. Traveling directly to Hai Phong airport will be suitable for tourists who only visit Monkey Island and Lan Ha Bay, not traveling to Hanoi.

If you want to combine it with your Hanoi tour schedule, you can book a flight to Hanoi. When booking tickets, you can book an airport shuttle to go to Hanoi city center to explore. After that, you move to the bus station to Hai Phong and conquer Cat Ba Monkey Island.

4.2 Traveling from Hai Phong city to Cat Ba Monkey Island

To get to Cat Ba Monkey Island, from Hai Phong, tourists continue to travel to Cat Ba by road or by boat.

Next, move to Beo wharf and then take the boat across the island. Accordingly, the cost of the boat ride is from 80,000 – 100,000 VND/person/turn. And the cost of a ticket to visit Monkey Island is 50,000 VND/person/turn. Travel time from Beo wharf to Monkey island takes 15 – 25 minutes.

During the trip, the boats will pass by Cai Beo fishing village. That you will have the opportunity to see green wooden houses floating on the sea, extremely peaceful. On days when the water is low and ships cannot dock close to the island, additional small boats are needed for transit. The cost will be 10,000 VND/person/turn.

Image Monkey on Beach

5. Activities and experiences on Cat Ba Monkey Island

According to the experience of traveling to Cat Ba Monkey Island shared by many tourists. When you come here, you will have countless interesting experiences.

5.1 Swimming at Cat Dua 1beach

When coming to Monkey Island in Cat Ba, the first thing many tourists choose is swimming at Cat Dua 1 beach. This is also the main beach on Monkey Island with a long coastline, wide and clear sea. It is like a mirror reflecting the diverse biological world below the ocean.

Coming to Cat Dua 1 beach, you can walk on the pure white sand, sunbathe, then immerse yourself in the cool water and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. After swimming to your heart’s content, going ashore and sipping a cool drink. Moreover, you can also inhale the scent of the sea breeze and it will bring you unforgettable experiences.

5.2 Admiring Lan Ha Bay on top of Cat’s ear rock

When coming to Monkey Island in Cat Ba, don’t forget to follow the trail to climb to the top of Cat Ear rock. Standing here, you can admire the entire scenery of Lan Ha Bay. The small, large islands undulating in the blue water look extremely lively and beautiful.

5.3 Kayaking

An interesting activity at Cat Ba Monkey Island is sea kayaking. You will be able to try their hand at this water sport. Is there anything better than exercising while admiring the pristine and peaceful nature at Monkey Island?

5.4 Renting a boat to visit the island

When traveling to Cat Ba Monkey Island, you can rent a cruise ship or canoe to run around the island and along Lan Ha Bay. It comfortably admires the beautiful natural scenery. The cost to rent a boat for about 2 hours for a boat from 10 to 20 people is 1,600,000 VND/boat.

If you want to rent a larger boat with a capacity of 20 – 30 people, the cost is about 2,000,000 – 2,500,000 VND/boat. In case of renting a private boat by session, you can negotiate the price, usually about 2,300,000 – 3,500,000 VND/boat.

5.5 Scuba diving to see coral at Cat Dua beach 2

At Cat Dua 1 beach, visitors can freely dive and swim, then at Cat Dua 2 beach on Cat Ba Monkey Island, you can experience scuba diving. With this activity, you will be equipped with the safest protective equipment to dive to see coral and observe creatures under the ocean.

6. Specialties when traveling to Cat Ba Monkey Island

When traveling to Cat Ba Monkey Island, you can enjoy fresh seafood dishes here. Especially shrimp, lobster, geoduck and grouper. Seafood on Monkey Island is very fresh and delicious, processed into many different dishes.

However, on Monkey Island there are not many places providing food services, so you can bring water and some snacks to the island. Don’t forget to clean up the trash after eating, don’t throw trash indiscriminately.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Cat Ba Monkey Island

Monkey Island’s area is not too large, so there are not many accommodation facilities. You can stay overnight at Monkey Island resort or you can visit Monkey Island during the day. Then, you choose resorts or hotels in Cat Ba to rest during your journey, such as:

  • Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa.
  • Hung Long Harbor Hotel.
  • Sea Pearl Cat Ba Hotel.
  • Cat Ba Plaza Hotel.
  • Bien Phong Hostel.
  • My Ngoc Hotel.
  • Phu Thanh Sea View Hotel.
  • Ciao Cat Ba Hotel.
  • Cat Ba Golden Palace.
  • Monkey Island Resort.

8. Some other famous tourist attractions near Cat Ba Monkey Island

8.1 Cat Ba Cannon Fort

Cat Ba Cannon Fort is a historical relic located on a hill 177 m above sea level. This place houses two historic cannons weighing tens of tons as well as a system of tunnels and fortifications built in the 40s of the 20th century. From the cannon fortress, you will be able to see the entire landscape. Cat Ba island scene with poetic beaches, large and small islands with wild beauty that captivates people’s hearts.

8.2 Viet Hai Village Cat Ba

This village has a fairly small area of ​​ 141 hectares with about 70 households living. However, nature has gifted Viet Hai Cat Ba village with beautiful and charming scenery. With sea forests and rolling limestone mountains on all four sides.

This is an ecotourism destination chosen by many domestic and foreign tourists to immerse themselves in the peace and pristine nature of the forest and sea. In addition, when visiting the village, you can participate in activities to learn about local life. Such as: cooking rice with a wood stove, growing vegetables, harvesting rice,…

8.3 Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay Cat Ba has an area of ​​more than 7000m2 and is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the east of Cat Ba island. Lan Ha Bay is known for its pristine beaches with clear water. Spend overnight trip in Lan Ha Bay, you can experience fun activities on the sea as well as explore the lives of fishing villagers.

8.4 Tung Thu Beach Cat Ba

When mentioning the top beaches in Hai Phong that are popular with tourists, you cannot ignore Tung Thu Cat Ba beach. With cool blue sea water and gentle waves, the beach has become an ideal place to rest and have fun when traveling to Cat Ba. There are many water entertainment activities here, such as: motorbikes, float houses, parasailing,…

8.5 Cat Co beach

The next stop is Cat Co beach. The beach is divided into three areas: Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2 and Cat Co 3. These beaches are not too wide but very quiet, discreet and surrounded by mountains and forests. This is one of the few beaches that still retains its wild, pure beauty and has no human impact.

In addition to visiting Cat Ba Monkey Island, you can combine tours to places in the center of Hai Phong city. Such as: Tuyet Tinh Coc Hai Phong, Do Son, Hai Phong Opera House, Hai Phong walking street, cafes Beautiful Hai Phong,…

9. Some important notes when traveling to Cat Ba Monkey Island

  • On Monkey Island, there are many monkeys living there. Therefore, when filming or taking photos or carrying things with you, you should be careful. Because they can quickly take your furniture and personal belongings and destroy them without returning them.
  • In addition, when coming to Cat Ba Monkey Island, you should not tease the monkeys too much or stand too close to them. Because the monkeys can attack and injure you.
  • And if you want to explore the mountains and forests here, you should also consider it because of the steep slopes, dense forests, and quite difficult terrain to navigate. Climbing the mountain will require a lot of physical strength and health, so prepare yourself mentally before starting the journey.

With the wild beauty bestowed by nature, Cat Ba Monkey Island has become a destination not to be missed on Cat Ba island. If you are planning your upcoming tour to Cat Ba island but don’t have much experience? Please contact Origin Vietnam immediately – a professional tour operator, we are ready to accompany you on your journey to explore Cat Ba Island also Cat Ba National Park. Let you immerse yourself in the clear blue water and enjoy the fresh, quiet atmosphere here.

Private Cat Ba Island Tour Package

This 1 night tour in Cat Ba Island and National Park as well as Viet Hai village will be the great chance for you to discover this National Park and Island. Our trip will bring you to have the chance to reach must-see places in the island to explore its exotic natural beauties from mountain to the “Off the beaten track” sea bay.
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