Thang Hen Lake
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Thang Hen Lake

Thang Hen lake is located in Quoc Toan commune, Tra Linh district, Cao Bang province. It’s situated on an altitude of thousands of meters above sea level. Thang Lake is a beautiful lake among 36 large and small lakes in the mountainous area of Tra Linh district. It’s one the way from Cao Bang city to the famous of Ban Gioc waterfall.

1. Where is Thang Hen Lake?

Thang Hen Lake is a large freshwater lake in Cao Bang province, Vietnam consisting of 36 lakes of different sizes, located in Quoc Toan commune, Tra Linh district, Cao Bang province, about 30 km from Cao Bang center. 30 km and about 300 km northeast of Hanoi capital.

Thang Hen Lake

2. How Thang Hen Lake is unique?

Situated in the middle of a mountainous region and the blue of the trees stretching out over the cliffs. Especially shimmering down the clear water, winding down the valleys of the reef. Thang Hen Lake has a diamond shape. With the width from 100m to 300m and length from 500m to 1,000m.

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The head of the source is a large cave, from the cave flowing water all day and night. It is especially interesting when people say about every 10 years, suddenly the water of the lake is almost dry and only after a few days water rose again.

Also impressive is that in the flood season, the water of Thang Hen Lake retains its distinctive jade green color, while other lakes in the red. Your Ban Gioc waterfall tours will be more interesting if can plus visit Thang Hen lake.

IMG 032327

Thang Hen Lake has very interesting myths. According to legends, in the past in Cao Bang there was a guy named Sung. He is very smart and handsome. He won the mandarin and was awarded the king seven days honored nest. Back home, he married beautiful girl. Her name is Booc. Admiration attached to his beautiful new wife.

He forgot the day returned to business. On Saturday night, he remembered, hurried to his wife and parents to run business. In the middle of the night in the wilderness, he ran 36 feet and fell head on the mountain and died. 36 steps of the guy today are 36 large and small lake with different names of dialects in Tra Linh district.

Legend has it that the place where he lay down is the current Lake of Thang Hen.

IMG 6189637581

3. When is the best time to visit Thang Hen Lake?

Unlike other river and lake systems, no matter what season of the year, Thang Hen Lake always has a blue color like jade, so no matter what season you come here, you will be able to admire the beautiful scenery of this place.

If spring comes to Thang Hen Lake, you will witness the scenery of flowers blooming and the buds of trees growing by the lake are budding. In the summer, the climate here is extremely fresh and cool. This is also a place to stop to avoid the heat for many tourists during this summer. Not only that, summer also coincides with the season of winter. rain, heavy rain, the water rises so high that you can clearly see the diamond shape on the lake surface, somewhere on the lake surface there are still glimpses of fishing boats created by the people here to fish in the lake.

Autumn is the best to visit?

Autumn is the time when tourists come to Thang Hen Lake in large numbers. Coming here, you will see images of natural mountains and forests covered with the color of ripe rice, or images of green trees entering the season. or leaves, not only that, when autumn comes to this tourist destination, on the way you can also easily see wild sunflowers blooming along both sides of the road, or Tam Giac Mach flower bushes. Winter comes to Thang Hen Lake because it is the dry season, so the water is often shallower than other areas. You can even see the bottom of the lake, the calm water along with the shadows of trees. falling down, boldly imprinted on the lake surface.

Coming to Thang Hen Lake is like being immersed in a peaceful space of mountains and forests and enjoying the extremely fresh atmosphere where it seems like all the worries of life, or the smog of the city, have been removed. behind.

4. How to get to Thang Hen Lake?

Thang Hen Lake is about 30 km from Cao Bang city and about 300 km northeast of Hanoi capital. To get to Thang Hen Lake, we must first travel to Cao Bang city. You can choose to take a bus or motorbike to get to Cao Bang city.

4.1. By motorcycles

For backpackers or those with hard driving skills, you can use a motorbike or private car to travel to Tra Linh, with the following route: follow the yellow belt road 3 / highway 20 to National Highway 1A, pass Thanh Tri Bridge merges into National Highway 1A – Hanoi – Bac Giang Expressway.

When you get to Hai Mai Co., Ltd., turn left onto Highway 1B, then turn left at the Traffic and Order Police Station onto an unnamed road. At the end of the road, turn left onto Highway 4A and keep going straight. When arriving at Cao Bang Cement Factory, turn right toward Hoang Nga Bridge to enter 3/10 Street.

At the roundabout, take the 1st exit to the end of the road, then turn right onto Highway 3. To Van Binh, turn left onto Provincial Road 205, then follow the signs for Tra Linh to arrive.

Because it is a mountain pass, many parts of the road are quite winding, so be careful with your steering. If you are not confident in your steering wheel, find yourself a companion with a very solid steering wheel! On the way, don’t forget to admire the majestic natural scenery of Cao Bang!

4.2. By passenger cars

For tourists traveling by passenger car, you can go to Giap Bat and My Dinh bus stations (Hanoi) and there will be buses to Cao Bang city and buses to Tra Linh district. After that, you can catch a motorbike taxi. or a taxi to Thang Hen Lake is very convenient.

From Cao Bang city, you move towards Highway 3 for about 21 km, then you continue to Provincial Road 205 about 4 km. At this point you will see a sign on the left pointing to the Thang Hen Lake ecotourism area. From here, you move about 8 km more along the pass to reach Thang Hen Lake. Although the distance is not too far, to get to the lake you need to travel more than 1 hour to overcome those passes to get to the lake.

4.2. By plane

For tourists in the Central or Southern regions of Vietnam, choosing to travel to Thang Hen Lake by plane is the most ideal choice, because you will optimize your time during the tour. mandarin. Although there is currently no civil airport in Cao Bang, however, tourists can travel to Noi Bai airport in Hanoi. After that, you can catch a taxi or go to the inner city by bus or other means as mentioned above.

5. Exploring the beauty of Thang Hen Lake

5.1. Admiring the beautiful scenery

Inheriting the scenery and mountainous terrain, Thang Hen Lake has beautiful green colors like a painting and is given the unique name “Tuyet Tinh Coc” by both domestic and foreign tourists. ”. The charming scenery here allows you to experience immersing yourself in pure nature.

In addition, the lake surface at Thang Hen Lake also adorns itself with the green color of jade and is surrounded by rocks covered with green forests of trees, creating an extremely poetic and mystical mountain and water picture. virtual for this lake.

5.2 Breathing fresh air

If in the city you are too stuffy with narrow spaces and roads full of dust and traffic, then come immediately to Thang Hen Lake to enjoy the fresh air of nature and see the plants and trees. The greenery and water here have partly helped make the atmosphere here become fresher than ever.

Coming to Thang Hen Lake, in addition to taking pictures with the boats, sitting on the boats you will feel the natural atmosphere from heaven and earth, sitting on the boat and closing your eyes to listen to the gurgling water and the whispering wind. Fences or the sound of leaves rubbing together create strange sounds like a piece of music that the nature of the mountains and forests has dedicated to you when coming to Thang Hen Lake.

5.3 Activities at Thang Hen Lake

Besides admiring the poetic and sublime beauty, the activities at Thang Hen Lake are equally interesting. At Thang Hen Lake, you can experience activities on the water including sitting on a boat and watching the blue water flow to admire the beautiful natural scenery or you can stroll around the Thang Hen Lake area to admire the beauty of nature. Enjoying the fresh, spacious air is enough for you to feel the peace of the mountains and water of Cao Bang.

Not only that, the tourist destination of Thang Hen Lake every weekend attracts many tourists to come and visit, especially young people. On the weekend, you can also choose this place for a small picnic. Some snacks with your loved ones while enjoying the food and telling each other good everyday stories, this will definitely be an unforgettable experience for you.

5.4 Saving precious moments with the wildflower garden

Thang Hen Lake eco-tourism area not only has clear turquoise lakes but also makes visitors nostalgic by the wild sunflower garden blooming across the sky.

A forest of wild sunflowers blooming brightly yellow adorns the beauty of Cao Bang’s mountains and forests. But to preserve these beautiful moments, you must go in October. This is when the wildflower forest blooms evenly and with the most beautiful colors.

6. Some attractive tourist sites near Thang Hen Lake

6.1. Magic Eye Mountain

About 2 km from Thang Hen Lake, Mat Than Mountain is a destination that many people choose to combine for a trip to Thang Hen.

Follow the provincial road, after turning right to enter Thang Hen lake, then you can ask for directions to Ban Danh village of Quoc Toan commune. Continue following the road at the foot of the mountain and you will reach God’s Eye Mountain.

6.2 Ma Phuc Pass

Coming here, you cannot miss the pass known as the most beautiful pass in Cao Bang province – Ma Phuc Pass. Ma Phuc Pass is about 3.5km long at an altitude of 700m above sea level.

Ma Phuc Pass is recognized by UNESCO as a geological heritage of Non Nuoc Cao Bang Global Geopark. With its shape crossing a limestone mountain forming a valley shaped like a horse, Ma Phuc Pass makes many tourists surprised by the majesty of Cao Bang’s mountainous nature.

6.3 Nam Tra Waterfall

Nam Tra Waterfall – located in the valley of Ban Danh village, Quoc Toan commune, Tra Linh district, next to Thang Hen lake. It’s about 4 km from the lake, this place has an extremely wild but equally majestic beauty.

Nam Tra Waterfall is not too high or has too many layers. But there are many winding flows between different rocky outcrops. Especially creating a majestic beauty, adding to the surrounding landscape with vibrant wildflowers. creating a very lively scene. In the coming rainy season, the stream flows down the clear blue water surface, creating many streams with soft water like silk ribbons flowing on the rocks, creating an extremely beautiful and charming landscape painting. eye.

7. Specialties when traveling to Thang Hen Lake

When traveling to Thang Hen Lake in particular and Cao Bang in general. You will not only be able to admire the majestic and pristine natural scenery here. But also have the opportunity to enjoy dishes with bold cultural and traditional features. system of this land. Let’s take a look at some of the specialties below with Origin Vietnam:

7.1. Coong Phu cake

Coong phu, also known as floating cake, is an indispensable cake during the winter solstice of the Tay and Nung people in Cao Bang. The cake is made from delicious sticky rice mixed with a little regular rice, the filling is crushed roasted peanuts, and can be mixed with sugar and sesame seeds. Coong phu balls are usually pure white. Many people mix the powder with gac or soak rice with green leaves and pandan leaves to create new colors, different tastes and aromas.

7.2 Banh Coc Mo Com

The name of the cake means “cow horn” because the cake has a pointed shape, looking like a cow’s horn. Cake made of sticky rice, wrapped in banana leaves or dong leaves, no filling. Banh coc mo com is also made similarly to regular banh coc mo. But the only difference is that the process must be done before wrapping the rice. Because it is made from delicious green rice, the taste of Coc Mo Com is better than Coc Mo made only with sticky rice. The cake has a rich aroma, sweet taste, and is chewy. You can eat it to your heart’s content without feeling bored.

7.3. Nam Khau

Nam khau – a dish of pork belly stewed in water, also known as “khau nhuc”. It is a traditional dish of the Tay and Nung Cao Bang people, commonly used during holidays, Tet, weddings… also elaborately and time-consuming to prepare, and must have all the necessary spices. Even if one spice is missing, it will not make a delicious, attractive Nam khau dish. The secret to making a Nam khau dish is to choose fresh, delicious ingredients, add appropriate spices and do it carefully in each step of processing, until it is cooked to the standard.

7.4. Roasted suckling pig

After processing the suckling pig, use paper to dry the pig’s body (if washed with meat juice, it will be mushy, not firm, and lose all its delicious taste). Then stuff the pig’s belly with honey leaves and other spices, then sew it up, use a bamboo stick to pierce it from the snout to the tail, then roast it on a charcoal stove. While roasting, use honey and other spices to spread on the pig’s body. Leave it crispy and prevent cracking. Delicious roasted meat is just cooked, the skin is golden, crispy, and has an attractive aroma. The broth for dipping roasted pork is prepared according to a very specific recipe.

7.5. Gam river fried fish

Cao Bang also has a famous specialty, which is Gam River fried fish. This type of black lentil fish was originally considered by a La Vong fish cake shop owner to be the best for making fish cakes. Fish intestines are considered by gourmets to be the most delicious thing in the world. Fried fish, some up to several tens of kilograms, are difficult to catch because they live in underground caves in the river. Anglers often build camps to wait for fish. When they catch a fish, someone will come to buy it.

8. Accommodation when visiting Thang Hen Lake

In order to make it convenient for tourists to move and use amenities when traveling to Thang Hen Lake. You should choose hotels, motels and homestays in the center of Tra Linh town. Most accommodation facilities are concentrated here, moreover, the distance from the town to Thang Hen Lake is not too far. You can refer to some accommodation facilities below:

8.1. Hotels

  • Thanh Binh Hotel. Residential Group 1, Tra Linh Town, Trung Khanh.
  • Rose Hotel. Residential Group 2, Tra Linh Town, Trung Khanh.

8.2. Guesthouses

  • Dong Luan Guesthouse. Residential Group 1, Tra Linh Town, Trung Khanh.
  • Thao Mai Guesthouse. Ban Hia, Tra Linh Town, Trung Khanh.
  • Ngoc Long Guesthouse. Residential Group 3, Tra Linh Town, Trung Khanh.
  • Dac Hieu Guesthouse. Residential Group 3, Tra Linh Town, Trung Khanh.
  • Lan Thao Guesthouse. Nam Tuan, Tra Linh Town, Trung Khanh.

9. Some important notes when traveling to Thang Hen Lake

This is a quite remote mountainous area, the road is a bit difficult and deserted, so you should go in a group. But if you go backpacking, you should go with a few experienced companions to ensure safety.

  • You should not go too deep into the foothills, especially for girls. Because there are many sharp pieces of rock and iron, which will be very dangerous.
  • Tra Linh is famous for its pure and beautiful nature. It’s not allowed to litter, trample on flowers or break trees… to damage the precious landscape that exists here.
  • You should bring thin jackets to both protect against the sun and prevent the temperature at night from dropping very quickly.

It’s worth a visit Thang Hen Lake

Traveling to Cao Bang without going to Thang Hen Lake would be an extremely shortcoming. When you come here, you will be immersed in the scenery of majestic nature. And enjoy the extremely airy atmosphere that “mother nature” has bestowed on the land of Cao Bang, like a blue pearl in the middle of the mountains and forests. , the mysterious wild beauty of Thang Hen Lake promises to bring visitors many memorable experiences.

If you plan to travel to Thang Hen Lake, please immediately contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour organizer and operator. With a team of tour consultants and tour guides who are experienced, dedicated and deeply knowledgeable about this land, we will take you on an exciting journey with unforgettable memories!

It’s great for

  • Photographer, natural lover, culture exchange, family private tour, young and old couple

If you are ecotourism in Vietnam lover so travel to Thang Hen Lake is a great idea. Let contact for detail.

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