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Pac Bo

Pac Bo is located in Truong Ha commune, Ha Quang district, near the border between Vietnam and China, more than 50km far from Cao Bang.

Pac Bo - Cao Bang

How Pac Bo is Special?

After 30 years of searching for a way to save the country and working abroad, on January 28, 1941, leader Nguyen Ai Quoc returned to the country through milestone 108.

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He chose Pac Bo as his residence and revolutionary activity for many years from 1941 to 1945. Here, leader Nguyen Ai Quoc opened training courses on politics and military for revolutionary in Cao Bang. Also he translated the history of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union into Vietnamese, compiled and published the documents. Such as. Revolutionary, History of our country, Tonkinese geography, Cao Bang geography. Special; Military training materials of guerrilla tactics. Such as Russian guerrilla experience, Chinese Guerrilla experience… With special values of history, culture and science. Pac Bo historical vestige has become one of the most important relics of the country about President Ho Chi Minh and the Party Central Committee.

After Uncle Ho’s death in 1969, to pay tribute to the great work of Uncle Ho and to preserve and promote the historical value of the relic, the Party and the State we have invested in, embellished zone Relics to serve visitors. In February 1971, Pac Bo Museum was inaugurated and opened for visitors to study. On February 21, 1975, the Pac Bo relic was ranked by the Ministry of Culture as a historical relic.

Stream in Pac Bo

Through the time of history. But the relics of Pac Bo are always receiving the attention of the Party, Government and all Vietnamese people. Coming to Pac Bo beside the most attractive Ban Gioc waterfall. Visitor have chance to know about Vietnamese history. It will be the nice things to know Vietnamese history though Ban Gioc waterfall tours to Pac Po.

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Pac Bo

Pac Bo

Pac Bo is located in Truong Ha commune, Ha Quang district, near the border between Vietnam and China, more than 50km far from Cao Bang.

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