Ma Phuc Pass


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Ma Phuc Pass

Ma Phuc Pass is one of the most beautiful passes on Highway 3. It’s also a favorite destination for tourists on the journey to discover the beauty of the Northeast Vietnam mountains. Through the Ma Phuc Pass, visitors will admire the natural landscape pictures of both majestic and poetic. But extremely simple with undulating mountains, lush green terraced fields…

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How Ma Phuc Pass is Unique?

Listening to the name also saw the grandeur, the verge of the Ma Phuc Pass. The name is both strong and definitive. But few people know that it is set very simply. Any visitor who comes here can easily realize that on the road they passed, at a corner with two large boulders facing towards each other like the image of two horses in submission. Because of this outstanding image, the pass is called Ma Phuc Pass.

Ma Phuc Pass

Ma Phuc Pass is the most beautiful pass with a length of 3.5km from Phu Lo to Ta Nung border and about 620m above sea level. The pass has 7 swirls with unpredictable bends. The pass road is easy to go, south of the roundabout road up to four slopes, when there are only two slopes and a bend when reaching the northern pass.

The scenery around the pass is very beautiful. But equally attractive because of its ruggedness, making visitors admire and enjoy. One side is very high cliff, the other is very deep valley.

When is the best to go to Ma Phuc Pass?

Cloud over Ma Phuc Pass

Each season brings a different beauty, the summer visitors will see a green color of the corn valleys. But by the end of the early spring, the whole valley is filled with the pink and purple heart of the triangular flower circuit. the surroundings are always dreaming.

In one day, the pass scene also appeared colorful. Early in the morning when dawn came, the pass faded in the mist of illusion. By the time the sun rises, the clouds spread out and the mist dissipates, the pass becomes bright and vibrant like bringing a lot of energy to visitors visiting here.

Legend of Ma Phuc Pass

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Ma Phuc Pass is winding and adventurous, causing a heart attack for tourists every time. Because it is a unique street. It’s very busy and crowded. On the top of the pass are two limestone mountains. Also from the top of the pass, the road divided into two directions. One direction through the center of Tra Linh district and then Hung Quoc border gate. And the other one direction to four other districts. It is also associated with many historical myths of the nation.

“In the 11th century, the hero Nung Tri Cao belonged Tay ethnic group who led the people to defeat the invading Tong army, returning peace to the northern mountainous region. One day, Nung Tri Cao leader patrolled the pass to the middle of the valley and met fairies waving from far away. But he did not pass and kept his horse moving forward, to the place where the slope was high, Nung Tri Cao’s horse stopped and fell to his knees. It is also an integration with the name of Ma Phuc”.

The road of Ma Phuc Pass is associated with the history of resistance against French colonialism. It used to be fiercely bombarded by the French enemy to prevent their countries from going to aid. It’s also to block our only military route in Cao Bang.

Join the fair market at the top of the pass

Ma Phuc Pass on a dangerous and winding road, without flat land like this place, appears periodically these days on the 3rd, 8th, 13th, 18th, 23rd and 28th month. Conquering Ma Phuc Pass, watching the natural landscape and buying Cao Bang specialty right at the fair on the mountain pass is an extremely interesting experience for every visitor come here.

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