9 Destinations In Cao Bang Global Geopark
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9 Destinations in Cao Bang Global Geopark

In addition to Ban Gioc waterfall, Pac Bo cave. There are many other attractions such as Thung mountain and Tran Hung Dao forest.

Cao Bang Global Geopark covers an area of ​​over 3,000 km2, including 6 districts: Ha Quang, Quang Uyen, Tra Linh, Trung Khanh, Ha Lang, Phuc Hoa and parts of Nguyen Binh, Hoa An and Thach An districts. With 90% of the mountainous terrain, this is home to 9 different ethnic groups, including the Nung, Tay, Mong, Dao, San Chay, Kinh… UNESCO recognized this as a Global Geopark in April 2018.

1: Thung Mountain

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Thung mountain or Mat Than Mountain is a hole in Quoc Toan commune, Tra Linh district. From the main road to go to Thung mountain, visitors will go for about 15 minutes through the trail, inhabited by the Tay in Ban Danh commune. There are yin-yang tile roofs and identical rice and corn fields.

2: Phia Thap Incense Village

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The making of incense in Phia Thap village, Quang Uyen district has existed for a long time. 5-6am, people started drying the leaves to catch; sharpening apricot; glue, sawdust and glue water with glue water. Because the incense here is made from natural leaves and sawdust, when burning, there will be a strong aroma.

3: Ban Gioc Waterfall

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Located in Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district. It’s the most famous attraction of Cao Bang province. The waterfall originates from the Que Son River and divided into two main and secondary branches. The main waterfall consists of 3 floors, about 35 m high, located between the Vietnam – China border. The secondary waterfall is located in Vietnam, including a 30 m high floor.

In the rainy season, from April to September, the water flows swiftly, releasing white foam. And in the dry season in October – March, the waterfall is quieter with turquoise. Tours Vietnam to Ban Gioc waterfall, visitors can experience rafting trips to explore the landscape of the waterfall.

4: Temple of King Le

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The temple of King Le Thai To is located in Na Lu citadel, Hoang Tung commune, Hoa An district. The citadel has 4 mounds, named Long, Ly, Quy and Phung through feudal dynasties. In particular, the temple was built in Long mound. During the anti-French resistance war, the temple and Na Lu citadel were places of secret revolutionary activities.

The temple was built in the style of a triangle with 3 houses and 7 rooms. Going through a large yard, visitors will come to the main temple. Inside the temple, there are diaphragm pictures carved dragon. Today, the temple was restored and become a place of cultural activities and festivals of local people in the area.

5: Nguom Boc Cave

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Located in Hong Viet commune, Hoa An district close to the temple of King Le. This is a natural cave developed in limestone, formed in shallow sea, hundreds of millions of years ago. From below the road, visitors will have to climb a slope of more than 100 m to the entrance. In the cave there is a path to the small cave below, where there are streams and lakes.

6: Tay craft weaving village

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Brocade weaving was formerly a daily task of the Tay women in Cao Bang. The fabrics are woven with large wool yarns with the main colors of blue, red, purple, black and white. The motifs on the fabric are mainly flowers, precious animals and birds. Today, this traditional culture is still preserved in Phu Ngoc commune, Ha Quang district.

7: Pac Bo relic

IMG 749367557

Coming to Pac Bo relic, Ha Quang district. You will visit the places associated with the revolutionary activities of President Ho Chi Minh in Cao Bang. The starting point of the route is the memorial to President Ho Chi Minh, on the Linh Son Range. Along the Lenin stream, visitors will come across Mark mountain, Bamboo forest.

8: Tran Hung Dao forest

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The forest is located at the foot of Slam Cao Mountain, in the special national relic of Tran Hung Dao forest, Nguyen Binh district. It has pristine beauty and cool climate all year round.

9: Kolia tea plantation

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Kolia tea plantation is located in Phia Den, Thanh Cong commune, Nguyen Binh district. Located at an altitude of 1,300 m above sea level. It has a cool and fresh climate. Visitors can admire the majestic mountain scenery, shuttering in the mist. Also from here, the brand Phia Den tea was gradually built and available in the market. Guests can relax at the Kolia eco-tourism site, enjoying dishes made from locally grown agricultural products.

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