Ong Pagoda
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Ong Pagoda

Ong Pagoda is an ancient pagoda with a history of over 100 years. It’s located at Tan An ward, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city. This pagoda was built in 1894 and took 2 years to complete.

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The temple is a place where the spiritual life of the majority of the Chinese people. So it has a bit of Chinese culture. Let follow Origin Vietnam on Mekong delta tour to Can Tho discovery this travel beauty.

How Ong Pagoda is unique?

The appearance of Ong pagoda stood out in the middle of the neighborhood. Especially the colorful architectural architecture attracted all eyes. The closed temple campus is built in the shape of a National letter surrounded by walls, in the middle is a large well yard. That welcomes natural light. The pagoda does not have a three-door gate like other. But only a single entrance, above it is hung a diaphragm and decorated with red lanterns. The two sides embellish the statue of unicorn.

The short slope of a straight temple pagoda does not have subtle curves like the traditional Vietnamese pagoda roof, the entire roof is covered with yin and yang tiles. There are many decorative animal shapes. Such as: Dragon flanking, carp fishing. dragons, birds…

Ong pagoda architecture

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There are many human meanings, enamelled ceramic mosaic pieces are very lively, mascot images mean long-term peace and prosperity. The dragon, phoenix, also symbols of luck, long-lasting sand. From the whole to the details of Ong temple. It is also a unified yin and yang architectural structure.

Are there any things special inside Ong pagoda?

The entire structure is supported by a solid wooden frame, the main column, the column, the porch pillar supports the temple roof. Below the foot of the pillar is made up of round stones. That are trimmed neatly in the shape. Most of the materials for the pagoda are transported by Chinese people from Guangdong, and many worshiping objects also come from China. But many objects show that the culture has been influenced by traditional Vietnamese people and has a cultural interference in ritual practices.

The space of the pagoda is brightly colored with worshiping objects often cleaned with glossy light to bronze, wooden pillars, mosaics, and verses painted with yellow cards. In the temple is very popular with incense. There are large incense rings, hanging high looks like it can cover an entire person.

The pagoda close to Chinese culture

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The pagoda originally had a sign bearing “Quang Trieu Hoi Quan” set up by a Chinese person from Guangzhou. It’s a meeting place for fellow countrymen gathered to help each other. It can be said that this is a symbol of solidarity of the Chinese community in this area. The first Chinese people came here to be protected by Lord Nguyen and assigned land to do business. In the early days of residing in the coastal area of ​​Thailand or meeting pirates and Siamese soldiers to rob them. They recruited for the help of the Nguyen lord to be assured of doing business.

Entering the yard in front of the temple is the most solemn place for the temple to worship Ong Bon and Ma Tien general who have great merits to help the Chinese gather to live and work. Deep inside is the main temple worshiping Quan Thanh De (Quan Cong), Quan The Am Bo Tat, Thien Hau Thanh Mau, former poet Dong Vinh. Quan Cong is a well-known character and admired by many people everywhere.

Visiting the temple, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the religious culture of the Chinese people, as well as to see the solidarity of the Chinese community working away from home. The cultural and spiritual values ​​of the temple have made a unique distinction unlike any religious in Vietnam. Ong pagoda also have great significance in making a rich form of Vietnamese religious culture, creating an environment of interference with indigenous religions and beliefs.

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Ong pagoda also followed a number of beliefs and holidays of Vietnamese culture. However, the pagoda had its own holidays. Such as: the death anniversary of Ong Bon on March 15 of the lunar calendar. He had merit in building the Chinese community in overseas; Day of Quan Thanh De – Quan Cong on June 24 of the lunar calendar; day of Thien Hau, March 3 of the lunar calendar.

On these holidays, the Chinese community concentrates on visiting very large worship ceremonies. In addition, this place also attracts many tourists because of the uniqueness of the Chinese-colored temple.

Hopefully, through the article about Ong Pagoda. You have more interesting information about this place. If you have a chance to come to Can Tho. You should visit Can Tho to have a chance to learn more about the Chinese community in Vietnam and have many new experiences with the ancient temple.

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