Lung Cot Cau Eco-tourism Area


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Lung Cot Cau Eco-tourism Area

Coming to Lung Cot Cau eco-tourism area. You have chance to get real experience the simple life of Vietnam Mekong River delta. You will have to love to be involved in farmer experience here.

Lung Cot Cau Eco-tourism Area

How to go to Lung Cot Cau eco-tourism area?

This resort is only about 10km from Can Tho city center. Let start from Highway 61B connecting with Vi Thanh city. It is adjacent to Hau Giang province and you will see the site of Lung Cot Cau ecotourism site with special beauty that makes people fall in love. The resort has been associated with history of Funan Kingdom will have an memorable trip here.

How Lung Cot Cau eco-tourism area is unique?

This resort was formed about 20 years ago from the accident of people digging ditches and catching snails and discovering pieces of gourmet, warm cups of the Oc Eo culture. Along with the relics found and according to experts. Lung Cot Cau was formed 1,500 years ago. You will have extremely interesting experiences when you come to this place to have fun.

From gardening and digging fish ponds, the landlord has turned this place into a rustic tourist area for tourists to have fun. You will get exciting games when coming to this resort.

It’s a worth to visit Lung Cot Cau Eco-tourism Area

First, visitors to this place will be wearing extremely comfortable three-piece clothes to easily participate in fun activities. For the guests, the team will be divided into two teams to play the games like: catching ducks, catching fish in ditches,… when the team wins. They will enjoy the fruits of their catch, creating delicious dishes. Such as: duck cooking porridge, grilled snakehead fish,…

It can be said that the game of catching ducks and catching fish in the ditches is the most exciting games. That are typical of Mekong Delta, and visitors will have the opportunity to experience when they come to Lung Cot Cau eco-tourism area. You will be extremely excited when you chase the ducks in the field and shout when you catch these fish.

Being able to catch the snakehead fish in the water or dig in the deep mud will be extremely wonderful experiences. Visitors who come to this resort also feel extremely loved with folk games bearing the beauty of local people here.

With the spoils obtained such as perch, snakehead,… visitors will enjoy this result in a delicious way. The fish caught, the people will process into attractive dishes: grilled fish, sour fish soup…

Including the games in the tourist area. Also you can join the game without bamboo walks or canoeing. The bamboo bridges are the beauty associated with agricultural activities of farmer here. So to Lung Cot Cau ecotourism area you will experience this simple life.

During your Mekong Delta tours Can Tho, if you can visit this resort and experience the folk life of the people, it will surely be great moments. Visitors to this place will understand more about Westerners and you will have unforgettable memories in the tourist area.

It’s great for

  • Young people, student group tour

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