Lily Ecological Garden


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Lily Ecological Garden

About Can Tho, once you can see the beauty of Lily ecological garden will give you an interesting experience. Going to this eco-garden, you will learn more about the beauty of the Mekong river delta.

Location of Lily ecological garden

This is an ecological garden located on Highway 61B, Ba Lang, Cai Rang, Can Tho. With special beauties of a Cuu Long river region. Visitors come here will have extremely interesting experiences that make people feel ecstatic. If you want to enjoy the beauty of a poetic river, then come to Lily ecological garden you will have a meaningful tour.

How to get Lily ecological garden?

Firstly we need go down to Hau Giang in the direction of highway 61B, connecting Can Tho to Vi Thanh to cross Ba Lang bridge at 600m. Lily ecological garden will be present in front of you. Famous for a row of Areca tree rising straight to the blue sky with an idyllic beauty that makes visitors feel excited. At this place, you will admire a unique beauty of a famous Southern garden.

Activities at Lily ecological garden

Coming to this eco-garden you will have the opportunity to enjoy the garden cuisine with the countryside dishes of the Southern character.

About Lily eco-garden you can also enjoy the beautiful songs of the amateurs or the passionate people. One of the most beauty of Nam Bo you will see in this eco-garden. At the same time, you can also experience fishing for entertainment. Using the fishing rod yourself to get the fish in the pond is such a simple life that everyone must be satisfied and take beautiful memories.

Choosing this destination for Mekong delta special tour. You can comfortably immerse yourself in the idyllic beauty of the West River. With the cool and windy wind and heavy coconut left in the water and brilliant flowers on the lake will give you amazing experience.

You can also enjoy the beauty of the jackfruit garden with fruit and folk activities here. To experience such a peaceful life. Almost visitor like to come and enjoy it when travel to Can Tho.

After relaxing fishing moments. You can also process your spoils into delicious dishes of Nam Bo character under the help of the local chef. It is one of the very special beauties that visitors love when visiting this place.

The system of walkways in this garden is built by the wooden and sometimes you will see the image of a cow wheel in a small corner of the garden that looks extremely rustic. Because of that, many people love to come and enjoy the beauty this place. In the eco-garden there is a plank bridge located next to the hooves so that tourists come to the wind like a hint of a peaceful childhood in the southern village.

It’s worth a visit Lily Ecological Garden

The airy space with full of fruits and grass flowers makes you feel comfortable when you relax here. Make sure you enjoy the beauty of the countryside here and enjoy the dishes of the Southern region. Such as: fish pecking, stale snakehead fish with salt,…

If you want to find a place to hold seminars as well as picnics with be loved ones. The Lily ecological garden is one of the ideal destinations. You will have fun in a place with a romantic landscape. In the spacious setting of a garden with western features. Therefore, this place is considered one of the famous tourist areas in Can Tho that you should visit once.

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