U Minh Ha National Park


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U Minh Ha National Park

Located about 40km from Ca Mau city. U Minh Ha National Park is one of the three core zones of Ca Mau Biosphere Reserve. It listed by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve of the world. This is an ecosystem area with the unique characteristics of wetlands on peat.

Plants here are most typical of melaleuca and vines. The animal system is relatively rich with the species of copper fish, python, snake, monkey, deer, boar… It’s a great idea place for enthusiasts and adventurous traveller. Because this is a part of Mekong delta adventure tour destination.

When is the best time to travel to U Minh Ha National Park?

Ca Mau has two rainy seasons (from November to April). And the dry season (from May to October). During the rainy season, the water rises, so you can easily travel by boat around the mangrove forest. However, if you travel in the dry season will be more convenient for moving due to the sunny weather.

How to go to U Minh Ha National Park?

There are two ways to travel from Saigon to U Minh Ha forest .

Motorbike: You move towards QL1A – over Ca Mau bridge – Ngo Quyen – Vo Van Kiet – follow the sign that leads to U Minh Ha forest (if you do not know, you ask the local people).

Travel by cars/bus: From Ho Chi Minh City to Ca Mau. There are passenger cars such as Lien Hung, Mai Linh, Giap Diep, Phuong Trang and Ngoc Ha at the East, West or An Suong bus stations. After arriving at Ca Mau bus station. You can take a taxi or motorbike taxi to U Minh Ha National Park. If you take a bus from Ca Mau bus station to U Minh town, you will have to take a taxi to take another 20km to reach U Minh Ha forest.

How U Minh Ha National Park unique?

1. Observatory

From the forest gate (Vo Doi hamlet, Tran Hoi commune, Tran Van Thoi district). The road is asphalted and clean, leading visitors to go through the observation platform as high as 24 meters. Climb to the top, can reach the eye, watching a cloudy sky, immense rich water on four sides, far reaching to the horizon.

2. Take a boat to visit the mangrove forest

The service of visiting the National Park by boat. It will be helps visitors to experience true mangrove forest tourism. However, this service is only open seasonally, if the water season is right or it is too dry, this form of travel will not work. To make sure you can use boat trip, then you should contact management before going. Floating on the Ca Mau river, you will be able to see the extremely diverse and abundant flora and fauna. There are many animals that listed in the Red Book of Vietnam.

3. Fishing or catch the bee bile in the forest

You can hire a boat to get deep into the forest for fishing. Summer and weekends are quite a lot of guests in HCMC and other provinces for enjoying jungle food and relaxing fishing. It’s quite easy for you to fishing here. If you are lucky you may catch big fish 2 or 3 kg. In U Minh Ha, wild fish is still quite abundant due to strict conservation.

In particular, under the canopy of the forest, diligent bees attract honey from melaleuca stamens to bring back to the nest, annually for large production. During the bee-feeding season from December to June, visiting the U Minh Ha forest. You will have the opportunity to follow the workers who guard the raft into the forest to get the honey. It’s an interesting experience while enjoying the freshly cut bee, adding a bit of smooth, golden honey. It’s sweet and smooth to the tip of the tongue.

What specialties does U Minh Ha have?

After the return trip of U Minh Ha, sit on the floor of the house under the shade of trees, hybrid grilled snakehead fish or spiky salt-spotted snake with green peppers and many specialties of the Melaleuca forest. Copper perch cooked fish sauce hot pot, eel-green eel, cobra cooked green bean porridge, stewed with lemongrass or grilled all, fried ham rats, sip with a rich flavor of left-handed wine – dubbed “forest wine” U Minh Ha. Sure that will bring visitors to feel full of wild taste but simple of a countryside country.


  • If you go in the rainy season, remember to wear long clothes or bring insect repellent because there are many insects, especially mosquitoes.
  • Bring hats and umbrellas to cover the rain.
  • Please call in advance if you want to experience the feeling of boat trip to explore the forest.
  • Regarding the overnight stay in U Minh Ha forest, there is no campsite, there is no motel service, so people who come to finish playing move back to U Minh town or Ca Mau city to rest.

U Minh Ha National Park is an interesting Eco tour destination that anyone come to Ca Mau should visit. Coming to U Minh Ha National Park is to relax in a peaceful of natural. If you have a chance to go to Ca Mau, definitely do not miss the opportunity to visit this famous National park in the South of Vietnam.

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