Thi Tuong Lagoon


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Thi Tuong Lagoon

The peaceful space of the land at the end of the Vietnam map. Thi Tuong lagoon is an idyllic destination where the villagers clearly show the image of the Vietnamese village.

How Thi Tuong lagoon is unique?

Dam Thi Tuong is located in the districts of Tran Van Thoi and Cai Nuoc district. It’s about 1 hour away from Ca Mau city by car. The lagoon is one of the natural lagoons with the largest area in the Mekong Delta, about 700ha, 10km longer and nearly 2km wide. Thi Tuong Lagoon is divided into 3 main lagoons. There are Firt Lagoon, Mid Lagoon and Outer Lagoon. But the Middle Lagoon is the largest one.

One of the most highlights when coming to Thi Tuong Lagoon is the hut, stilt houses on the lake for fishermen to keep shrimp and fishes day and night. The image of it, that is a daily routine of fishermen. But in the eyes of tourists it is a joy, an interest in inspiring creative arts. Thi Tuong Lagoon it like the sea in the land.

When is the best time to visit Thi Tuong Lagoon?

The most peaceful setting may be early in the morning when the golden rays of light are gradually bringing light. At that time, the lagoon was like the dark picture, the fishermen’s face was still not clear. But life begin to bustle every compartment of the lagoon. That was divided by the fishermen days, starting the new day when feeding fish and shrimp.

Also when afternoon let the dark sunset light shone on the pink aura reflected down the lagoon face more and more shimmering. From this moment on, there is no longer a bustle, but a quietness. Only the laughter in the huts is enjoying the specialties of Ca Mau by the glass of wine and enjoy traditional folklore.

When you go to Thi Tuong Lagoon eco-tourism area, you can experience everyday life, witness the living on the lagoon. And this place is suitable for those who love nature, able to withstand the lack of living facilities.

Legend of Dam Thi Tuong

Legend of Thi Tuong Ca Mau lagoon said that in the past. Ms. Tuong was one of the first people to open land in Ca Mau. She bravely persevered to chase away the birds all day and night to fill the sea with stones made by the Tiger. Because King Water Qi refused his marriage proposal to the princess. The watchdogs are still intact, not filled with stones so that fish and shrimps can breed and feed humans. Touched by Mrs. Tuong’s heart, people took her name after the lagoon, which is Thi Tuong Lagoon today.

It is worth a visit Thi Tuong Lagoon

Travel to Thi Tuong Lagoon will bring you a feeling of relaxation and tranquility without the most luxurious restaurants, not many entertainment spots. At this time many original guests will feel strange, when climbing the creaking hut often afraid to collapse at any time. However, the owners are always grateful to welcome guests, exchanging and exchanging about the culture of life, the stories of local daily life.

Traveling to this place often tourists linger to be able to feel the interesting life that the Cape land possesses. Exploring Dam Thi Tuong Ca Mau will be an interesting Mekong delta tour destination in the journey to discover the beauty of Vietnam.

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