Hon Da Bac
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Hon Da Bac

It’s only 50km from Ca Mau city center, Hon Da Bac island with an area of about 6.43ha, is a beautiful island cluster consisting of three large and small islands close together.

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Ong Ngo Hon, Hon Da Le and Hon Da Bac. According to many records, Hon Da Bac is about 180 million years old (Mid-Jurassic period). With its wild and spectacular beauty and historical marks. This place becomes a tourist destination attracting many tourists to the last land on the map of Vietnam.

How to move to Hon Da Bac?

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From Ca Mau City to Hon Da Bac takes only 1 hour and 30 minutes by car or motorbike by road to U Minh Ha National Park, through Co Xang and Coc Nam. If traveling by waterway, from Ca Mau City, following the Tac Thu economic line. Then going to Dong Thanh Assembly to the west. It’s about 40km further to Khanh Binh Tay commune, Khanh Hai commune, Tran Van Thoi district. Going further the road is to Da Bac B hamlet, from afar, Hon Da Bac (Silver Stone) is seen as a rocky “mountain” over Kinh Ne village.

Beautiful scenery Hon Da Bac

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The first cluster contained the pristine beauty of primeval forests. Specially rocky mountains stacked on top of each other, and the coast was white with foam, racing against the shore.

  • The second group possesses the beauty of fairyland with Tien Tien, Gieng Tien, Ban Chan Tien, and five-finger stone hands.
  • These are marvels that the natural hands have molded to give here. It’s making visitors visit with admiration.

Besides that, Hon Da Bac also has an extremely rich and diverse forest ecosystem with extremely rare forest and primary vegetation.

According to the understanding, the people here said. Because at the sea, watching from the sea, when the sun shines on, the island shines a white light like silver. That why people name the silver stone islet.

Convergence of spiritual values

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Not only bringing the wonderful nature of the island. Hon Da Bac also has the spiritual values of the coastal people, namely Ong Hai Nam Hai temple. With a rudimentary, idyllic architecture, this relic records mystical legends about fish. He rescues people in distress at the sea.

Visitors to this temple will admire the large whale skeleton that people display for worship. On the 23rd of the lunar calendar every year, local fishermen, those who are fishing in the open sea and tourists cross the island to Silver Stone for the Nghinh Ong festival to pray for the wind and rain, national security and catch the season.

Historical vestiges of Hon Da Bac

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Also a place to record many imprints on the heroic history of the nation. On December 7, 1971, the army and people of Khanh Binh Tay commune withdrew an artillery platoon with an enemy 105 mm artillery cluster on Hon Da Bac. Where contributing to defeating the enemy’s pacification plot and completely liberating here.

In 1981, Hon Da Bac was the place where the CM12 project ended for 4 years. The dissertation defeated the sabotage attempt to overthrow the socialist regime of foreign exiles combined with domestic reactionary forces led by Le Quoc Tuy and Mai Van Hanh.

Hon Da Bac Stone specialities

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Come to Hon Da Bac to go fishing with brown fish or join fishermen who dive in to catch oysters that adhere to underwater rock holes. Then hire a kitchen, process and enjoy incense delicious taste right on the island. What is more relaxing Mekong Delta tours when enjoying the seafood dishes that I catch myself between the waves of the end of the country.

Hon Da Bac is an interesting tourist destination that anyone come to Ca Mau should visit. Coming to Hon Da Bac is to relax in a peaceful area. If you have a chance to go to Ca Mau, you definitely do not miss the opportunity to visit this famous islet.

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