Ca Mau Floating Market


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Ca Mau Floating Market

If you want to have an interesting experience in a peaceful Mekong Delta tour to countryside. Do not ignore the Ca Mau Floating Market. You will try the feeling of floating on the water. Visit the floating market and discover the daily life of the people here. It’s the best experience!

How Ca Mau Floating Market is unique?

Ca Mau floating market is located on the end of Ganh Hao river. It’s about 200m from Ganh Hao bridge in ward 8, downtown Ca Mau. The place where you can see many merchant boats filled with agricultural products and goods.

This is a market where local people meet daily and operate in the busiest time between 2 and 3 am. Come here you will have the opportunity to experience Mekong delta tour of the floating market early in the morning.

Also it’s very convenience to visit the market. Visitors can move from Ca Mau city to Ca Mau floating market only about 4km. You can travel by taxi or by motorbike taxi.

What is interesting about Ca Mau floating market?

In this floating market in Ca Mau. It’s only focus on buying wholesale products of all kinds from food, necessities, fresh fruits, vegetables from the garden to the traders. People here are sincere, simple, they trade on canoes, big and small boats on the river, will surely leave you with unforgettable imprints on the unique characteristics of the floating market.

Fruits from gardens. Such as gourd, squash, guava, melon, water coconut, papaya, mango, pineapple, rambutan, etc. In addition. This floating market also sells hawkers, it’s a characteristic of Ca Mau.

It is worth a visit Ca Mau Floating Market

The best way to discover Ca Mau floating market by canoes or boats to visit booths to buy essential things or exchange goods right on the river, creating a bustling scene. You can buy gifts for people and experience the daily life of the merchants here.

What to eat at the floating market?

There are many types of fruits that you can enjoy, or buy some of your favorite fruits and buy them as gifts for your loved ones. You can ask the desk to peel the household to try the great taste of the fruits.

In addition, floating market also attracts a lot of people to eat snacks, eat daily in the city. There are also many shops on the banks of the river selling small cakes with typical taste of Southern people.

Ca Mau Floating market is an interesting tourist destination that anyone travel to Ca Mau should visit. Coming to floating market is to relax in a peaceful water area, discovery vibrant river culture. If you have a chance to go to Ca Mau, you definitely do not miss the opportunity to visit this famous market.

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