Ca Mau Bird Garden


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Ca Mau Bird Garden

Ca Mau Bird Garden located in ward 1, about 2km from the center of Ca Mau city to the west. Ca Mau Bird Park of Cultural Park also called Lam Vien 19/5. It’s a large entertainment area of about 18.2ha with many miniatures include flower gardens, monuments, stilt houses and Uncle Ho fish ponds …

It also introduces many species of mangroves. Such as crocodiles, turtles, monkeys, varanels, pythons and snakes. … especially the bird garden area attracts many visitors everyday.

How to go to Ca Mau Bird Garden?

To come to this place you can move by taxi or private car. The total distance is about 38km. From central Ca Mau city, you can move to the southeast about 45km.

You can follow the road: Ca Mau – Hoa Thanh – Hoa Tan; then from Hoa Trung bridge to Dam Doi town, another 2km to go to Ca Mau bird sanctuary.

When is the best time to visit Ca Mau Bird Garden?

Time to explore this place, you can come any time of the year. However, the dry season (from December to April); usually the most appropriate time when water is not rising conveniently for sightseeing and exploration.

How Ca Mau Bird Garden is unique?

The garden was built in 1995 but until 1997 then officially put into operation. Previously managed by the Department of Forestry, now under the provincial Department of Culture and Information. Through the expansion, the area of the park has reached 18 hectares, of which the area of bird gardens is 8 hectares. Pham Hoai Nam, deputy director of the bird garden on May 19, said: “At peak time, it is estimated that there are about 10,000, of which stork, pile cuffs for 80%, the rest are cauldron and other birds.”

According to Mr. Le Hong Manh, Deputy Director in charge of the landscape of the garden, the precious birds in Ca Mau in general and in this bird garden in particular like heron, pelican neck cavity, cranes … very little. Every year, there are about a couple of precious pairs of birds come for laying eggs. Occasionally there are birds flying to gather.

It is worth a visit Ca Mau Bird Garden

At first the Park had a forest of about 2 hectares. But every afternoon came to be boisterous with thousands of birds, storks flying, gradually there were some other birds. Such as water ducks, cages also found back home to live and breed. In order to meet the growing demand for feathered residents.

The Park has expanded the forest to 6 hectares including a pond of water and trees with many foliage, magnifying trees along the lake to create conditions for birds to gather and develop. At the same time. It also forms a separate ecological area to protect birds and landscapes.

If coming to Ca Mau city. This will be the nearest and interesting address for all visitors. Only 6m from a ditch, visitors will see with their own eyes thousands of birds, storks, gongs, cauldron, nipples, water chickens… flying down to the mangrove plots, crowded bamboo shores. They dance, cuddle and play on the “great symphony” until the sun disappears. This bird sanctuary has existed for decades, always protected by the local authorities.

Perhaps the most impressive bird in this garden is a crane (also called crane with red head). Cranes are sacred objects of Vietnamese people, there are always symbols in worshiping places in all regions of the country. In the past, there were many cranes in Vietnam. But since 1952, they have completely lost shape in Dong Thap Muoi. The disappearance of the crane is probably due to the massive migration of people and the war. That makes the living environment change so they fly away.

In early 1998, cranes were crowded in Tam Nong cajuput forest, Tam Nong district, Dong Thap province . There are very rare red-headed cranes. Unfortunately, there are Melaleuca forests in the 19-5 garden. But cranes rarely stop here because of the simple reason: cranes only live in the natural ecological balance.

Is it interesting to visit Ca Mau Bird Garden

Visit Ca Mau Bird Garden is an interesting Mekong delta tour that anyone come to Ca Mau should visit. Coming to Ca Mau Bird Garden is to relax in a peaceful of natural.Coming to Ca Mau bird sanctuary, you will learn more about animals and plants; on how to feed, how to breed.

The peaceful life of the village here will impress you; and do not hesitate to visit simple simple houses; or people who are hospitable.

Hope the information above could help you have a wonderful memory Vietnam tours in Ca Mau.

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