Phu Quy Island
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Phu Quy Island

Phan Thiet is a famous tourist destination with many interesting sightseeing. Such as Rom Island, Cham tower, Cu Lao Cau… Besides, there is Phu Quy Island, Phan Thiet is an attractive place for You. Because it is a relatively unspoiled tourist destination. Let check out all things need to know before travel to Phu Quy Island from Origin Vietnam detailed as below.

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Location of Phu Quy island

Phu Quy Island is a small island district in Binh Thuan province. It’s about 120km from Phan Thiet city, with an area of 16km2. Phu Quy island has been familiar to many people with many different names. Such as Co Long, Thuan Tinh, Cu Lao Khoai Xu, Cu Lao Thu …

Although it is an isolated island with mainland. The vestige finds that the island was discovered very early. Experiencing many changes of history, Phu Quy is the convergence of many immigrants from the continent with many different ethnic groups.

Phu Quy is blessed with not only natural resources but also beautiful landscapes. Your first impression when come here is the very pristine scenery and almost no touch of travel services.

When is the best time to go to Phu Quy Island?

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The best time to visit Phu Quy Island is from December to June. Because this time the sea is smooth and clear, which is convenient for moving to the island and sea activities. With beaches, coral reefs, black rock clusters and colorful rocks undulating the sea and the cool climate all year round should be a tourist attraction to attract tourists.

How to go to Phu Quy island?

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The only way to get to the island is to go to Phan Thiet city harbor. Then take the boat trip to Phu Quy. However, not every day ships go to the island. Because it’s depend on the weather so you need to contact the port to know schedule.

There are 2 types of boat moving to Phu Quy island.

1. Slow boat to Phu Quy

There are 4 slow boats going to Phu Quy Island, it takes about 6 hours:

  • Phu Quy 7 (phone number 0914430060),
  • Que Huong 2, Binh Thuan 18 (phone number 0908128110 – 0913172333),
  • Binh Thuan 16 (phone number 0907559410)

2. High speed train to Phu Quy

Travel about 4 hours with 2 main high-speed boat

  • High speed Hung Phat train: Phone: 0918737566

Sightseeing & Activities in Phu Quy Island

With an area of nearly 16.4 km2, there is no better way to explore the island than on a motorbike. You can rent a car at any of the motels on the island. The island is wild and unspoiled tourism is an advantage to attract tourists. Phu Quy Island owns clear beaches, long smooth sandy beaches and many beautiful color coral reefs.

1. Small Beach – Ganh Hang

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It is one of the most beautiful beach of Phu Quy with crescent shape limited by rock outcrops. The sand beach is small but very good for swimming. The sea here is blue year around. This is an ideal place for any tourists who want to immerse themselves in nature.

Ganh Hang is a large cliff standing up to the sea, with waves hitting the cliff creating majestic scenery.

2. Van An Thanh

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Van An Thanh is located on a white sand beach next to the coast of Trieu Duong village, Tam Thanh commune, is one of the thousands of worship islands and beliefs of Nam Hai. It has the second largest whale skeleton in Southeast Asia, beside only the whale skeleton in Phan Thiet. Currently, in Van An Thanh still holds nearly 100 skeletons including: whales, leather turtles…

3. Chieu Duong Bay

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A familiar place with many locals and tourists from near and far, with a wide and flat sandy beach, smooth white, clear blue sea. Especially on the shore there is a poplar forest. It’s very suitable for picnic travel.

4. Linh Quang Pagoda

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It’s a national historical site located on a high hill in My Khe village, Tam Thanh commune, the pagoda still retains the ordinances of the Nguyen dynasty.

5. Wind power

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“Wind power” are the fans built to create power for the island’s residents. On the island, there are 3 wind fans, each is known to have a height of 60m, and the length of the propeller is 37m. From the lighthouse and the peak of Linh Son Pagoda you can easily see these giant fans.

6. Linh Son Pagoda

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Is a beautiful landscape complex of Phu Quy island. Especially Cao Cat Mountain is considered as a sacred mountain by the islanders, located in the north of the island, where a majestic Guan Yin Buddha image is located on the top of the mountain.

7. Phu Quy Lighthouse

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Phu Quy Lighthouse is located on the Cam mountain with an altitude of 108m above sea level. It’s 3km west of the port in Ngu Phung commune. The terrain of the island is quite flat, there are not many high mountains so the Phu Quy lighthouse is the highest point on the island.

To conquer the Lighthouse, visitors must walk and climb with more than 120 stone steps along the ridge, about 200m long. Although climbing is tired, but up to where you will feel totally worth. Because from the lighthouse you will be able to see the panoramic view of the island from above.

8. Watch the sunset

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Come to Phu Quy island, no matter what you plan, you cannot take your eyes off the brilliant sunset here, no one can leave without watching the sunset. There are many beautiful sunset views on the island. Such as: Ngu Phung revetment, Thay Nai palace, Trieu Duong bay, …

9. Bathing on the beach

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Phu Quy island has only been known for the past few years. It is difficult to travel, so few people know to go to the island, so the beaches here are very clean, clear water and no crowded

10. Boat trip

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Going to Phu Quy island without hiring a small boat to stroll around the small islands along the island. You can easily rent a small boat in the harbor for about 300,000 – 400,000 VND depending on the number of people. Around Phu Quy island, there are many small islands. Such as Hon Tranh, Hon Den, Hon Egg, Hon Giua, Red Hon …

What to eat in Phu Quy island?

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Going to the island, the famous dish that no one can ignore is seafood. Seafood on Phu Quy Island has the famous moon crab, which is very tasty and has fragrant meat especially on the moon rising season, enjoying with salt and lemon pepper. Some delicious dishes to try. Such as moon crabs, king crabs, grouper, red grouper, snail salad,… If you are seafood lover so come here you will find the best seafood in Vietnam.

Accommodation in Phu Quy Island

On the island, there are currently no resorts and high-class hotels. It’s only motels inns,

cheap hotels and homestays. For regular days, you can comfortably book a hostel or homestay. But if you come here on Vietnamese holidays season. You should book in advance to avoid running out of room. Also you can stay in a homestay is the most interesting, close to local people, learn a lot of experience in life. You can find Ms Sang’s homestay at Alley 22 Hung Vuong…

Is it a meaningful trip to Phu Quy Phan Thiet Island? Hopefully, with the detailed information above to Phu Quy island, you will have the most interesting and wonderful tour to Phu Quy Island. Have a nice trip.

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