Cu Lao Cau Island
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Cu Lao Cau Island

Cu Lao Cau is an emerging “paradise” that is causing a fever recently for all travel enthusiasts. Wild, mysterious, interesting the impressive points that Cu Lao Cau brings to those who have set foot here.

Cu Lao Cau is suitable for those who love to explore the beauty of the sea, love the feeling of Vietnam tour adventure. Please refer to the following Cu Lao Cau travel guide article if you are intending to come here to feel the masterpiece that nature has bestowed for us.

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Where is Cu Lao Cau island?

The small island of Cu Lao. It’s also known as Cu Lao Cau island, Hon Cau is located in Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province, about 110km northeast of Phan Thiet city. According to local fishermen, the island has such a name because it is full of spinach. The island is about 10 km from the nearest land, the length of this beautiful island is 1.5 km, the widest place is also less than 800 m.

From the mainland, Cu Lao Cau island looks like a battle ship moored at sea with the bow facing east. The island is very pristine with blue sea. It’s surrounding by thousands of stones of different colors and shapes. The stones here are so strange shapes and colors, changing abnormally according to the light of each day. The main source of fresh water on the island is taken from Gia Long well, in addition to rain water, so the island is only suitable for nature lovers and adventurous travelers.

When is the best time to visit Cu Lao Cau island?

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In Cu Lao Cau, there are two distinct seasons. The south monsoon and the north wind season. The southern wind season lasts from January to June in the lunar calendar, when the sea is calm. There are many boats crowded over the island. The wind season lasts from July to December in the lunar calendar, at this time the sea is rough, the trees are dry, the wind is against the big waves. So the best time to visit the island is from April to August of the lunar calendar. Because at this time the sea is calm, cool and charming.

How to go to Cu Lao Cau island?

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If you start yout trip from Ho Chi Minh City. You can travel by coach and only get off in Lien Huong town, Tuy Phong district. If you like biking that you can travel by motorbike following to the route. Saigon – Highway 51 – Ba Ria Vung Tau – Lagi – Ke Ga – Phan Thiet – coastal road – Bau Trang – Phan Ri – Tuy Phong.

To be able to get to Cu Lao Cau. You can depart from points. Such as Phuoc The fishing port, Lien Huong town, Ca Na town, Vinh Tan commune… Depending on the departure location, the time to move out different islands.

Starting from Lien Huong town. You can go to the island by fishing boats or by speedboat. Very fast, only 45 minutes you can set foot on Cu Lao Cau island.

Starting from Ca Na fishing port to Cu Lao Cau, It will take about 1h15 minutes. Ca Na has a large parking lot and the best service. Departing from Ca Na fishing port to Cu Lao Cau takes about 1h15 minutes. Ca Na has a large parking lot with best service.

Cu Lao Cau does not have a pier. But only a military pier, which is very high, so the fishing boats or canoes can not land there. So all the tourist boat will stop a bit far from the shore and then you can move ashore by basket boat.

Accommodation Cu Lao Cau island

Normally you can travel here for a day and then come back. However, if you want to stay overnight, you need to ask the border guards on the island. Because the island is under the border guards. A special feature on the island is that there is no accommodation service. So if you want to stay overnight here, you have to prepare your own tent, sleeping bag … Or you can also ask for sleep to the border station, the soldiers here very friendly too.

Sightseeing & Activities in Cu Lao Cau Island

Cu Lao Cau is a small island with an area of about 1.5 km. So you can easily explore the whole island within 1 day.

1. Ba Hon cave

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Ba Hon Cave is created by three large vertical rocks, very interesting shape, is an interesting place to take beautiful photos.

2. Bird’s nest cave

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Bird nest cave has hundreds of birds nest. Previously, people going to the beach or people who took oats often came here to exploit eggs and bird’s nests. But now there is the protection of border guards barracks on the island. So the nest proliferate more and more and still retains and untouched.

3. Nam Hai temple

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Nam Hai temple is a place to pray for the peace of fishermen whenever they go to the sea. This is the custom and common belief of the people across the country. Especially, on the full moon day of April every year. This place has a very interesting big festival

4. Dive and see coral

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The most unique feature of Cu Lao Cau is the surrounding water with the presence of typical tropical marine ecosystems. It has many advantages in biodiversity, with coral reefs, seagrass and sandy beds being important habitats with great biodiversity value. In order to make the trip to Cu Lao Cau Island more memorable. You certainly can not miss the coral reef with colors, diverse shapes, richness and also the habitat of many rare aquatic species.

When you come to the coral beach. You will experience many interesting activities. Such as scuba diving to watch the coral at no cost, so remember to bring diving gear and protect nature.

5. Camping and watching night stars on the beach

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If you camp here, you will have the opportunity to listen to the whispering waves under the sparkling starry sky.

Specialties in Cu Lao Cau island

1. Snails

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Vu Nang Snail is a delicious snail with a unique shape. It’s conical shell is deviated, on the top there is a small knob. From this material, people can make a lot of delicious and attractive dishes, which are mostly baked or boiled. If you buy raw, unprocessed snails here, it is also quite cheap, only 50,000 VND / kg.

2. Crab (Moon Crap)

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With fancy round spots on the apricot with a unique name. This crab has become the favorite processing material for many people. This crab is rated as good as king crab but the price is much cheaper. You can easily enjoy this dish at shops on the island.

3. Oysters

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This is one of the delicious dishes, specialty in Cu Lao Cau island that many people love and want to enjoy when coming here because this dish has never been seen in other places.

Above is the most important things need to know before travel to Cu Lao Cau island. We wish you a wonderful trip to Binh Thuan -Vietnam.

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