Con Phung


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Con Phung

Con Phung is currently a place to visit that cannot be missed when traveling to Ben Tre. Because the island located on the poetic Tien River.

It’s make anyone who set foot on the land of Con Phung has an incredible sense of peace, comfort and fun.


Because when sweeping the boat on the rivers, a region of the Southwest region appears before the beautiful, medium-sized eyes, both unique and incredible. A tour Mekong delta must to Con Phung gives you interesting experiences.

Con Phung is located in Tan Trach, Chau Thanh, Ben Tre. It is one of the famous four-spirit land located on Tien River: Long, Lan, Quy and Phung. With an area of ​​more than 30,000m2 and many interesting activities and services. Con Phung annually welcomes thousands of tourists to discover and experience here.

When is the best time to travel Con Phung?

Thanks to the nature bestowed by the sun for the warm, sunny weather all year round. Con Phung spread his arms to welcome tourists at any time of the year. Especially on the summer days of June, July, and August, when the trees are fresh and green, the fruits of fruit trees are full of fruit, tourists coming to Con Phung will enjoy extremely delicious fruits. Such as: Mangosteen, durian, rambutan, …

Sightseeing in Con Phung

1. Visit Dao Dua relic area


This is a place that attracts many tourists when they visit Con Phung. Because it contains a unique beauty of culture and belief of this land. Over 50 years of construction, the ruins still retain its original beauty.

Relic area is very large, about 1,500m2, making visitors to this place will experience in a space extremely cool, spacious and relaxed.

  • Dragon-shaped pillars


A special feature of the architecture in this relic of Dao Dua is 9 tall pillars engraved with 9 majestic and beautiful dragons. Dragons symbolizing power and majesty are painted yellow highlights on a cool blue background creating delicate, beautiful and equally solemn blocks of architecture.

  • Kowloon Tower


It is a place you have to visit when visiting in Dao Dua relic area. Because this is the place where Mr. Dao Dua sat down to teach the dharma and spread the religion. The architecture of the tower makes people look once as impressive because it is matched by the fragments of the exquisite dragon carvings carved by phoenix. All create a tower with vivid colors, looking a little closer and extremely sharp, traditional.

Cuu Trung Dai’s back has two large concrete pillars. This is the old place where Dao Dua sat daily every night, face facing the vast sea. With unique architecture associated with fascinating historical events, surely Dao Dua ruins will be a place you can’t miss for your trip.

2. Visiting bee farms


The families here also keep a traditional job that is beekeeping for honey. It is not difficult for you to ask a resident on Con Phung about visiting a beekeeping family. The bees here mainly take the honey from the flower of the longan and the honey here, which is sweet to enchant people. You can also experience this interesting work yourself but pay attention to the instructions of beekeepers!

3. Crocodile


A new and exciting activity for tourists coming to the west of the river is crocodile fishing. Dozens of crocodiles lie in the lake waiting for talented players to conquer it. This is a very special service when traveling to Con Phung, especially the more talented young man who is more interested in this exciting activity than ever before!

4. Ride a horse to explore Con Phung


If you try out all the fun activities in Con Phung then you can take the time to visit Con Phung with a horse carriage like the nobles of the past. Sitting on a carriage passing the green coconut-shaded road, cool rows of roadside shrubs, listening to the call from nature, creating things to feel more serene, to feel clearly The peaceful beauty of the western parts of the river.

5. Visit coconut candy factories


With a land of lush coconut trees, the coconut products are a feature of this specialty. Visitors to Con Phung will witness the whole process to make extremely delicious coconut candy tablets in this Southwest region: From the stage of making, cooking candies, cutting candies, packaging are made so from the heart and love of the people here.

How to go to Con Phung?


To move from Saigon to Ben Tre it will take about 1.5 to 2 hours. There are many reputable passenger car companies to choose from for your Mekong delta tours. Some suggestions about automakers that you can refer to are as follows:

– Hong Phuong Garage : 08.39613794 – 0913 965242 – 075 3857785

– Thao Chau garage : Running Saigon – Ben Tre route, there are 15 seats and 29 seats.

  • In Saigon: pick up and drop off passengers at 182 Su Van Hanh station, Ward 9, District 5 (near to Tran Phu street) and ticket booth of 16 West bus stations. Phone 08.3835.1917 – 38339954, mobile 0903.337.600.
  • In Ben Tre: 122A Nguyen Thi Dinh-Phu Tan – Ben Tre City. Phone (075) 3.837.837 – 382.2802 – 381.5565.

– Thinh Phat bus: Running Saigon – Ben Tre route , 15-seat car.

  • In Saigon: the car departs at 25A Su Van Hanh, Ward 9, District 5 (opposite to Hoa Binh Park – corner of Hung Vuong intersection – Su Van Hanh). Vehicles run from 5 am to 6:30 pm, each car runs. Contact booking 08.3830.3042 – 0913.965.050.
  • In Ben Tre: the car departs at 82A KP2 P. Phu Khuong QL60 TX Ben Tre (near Nguyen Dinh Chieu secondary school). Departure time 3h30-4h30-5h-6h-7h-8h-9h-10h-11h-12h-12h45-13h30-14h30-15h30-16h30-17h30. Phone (075) 356.1561 – 382.9317 – 382.4862

Private vehicles

For travelers who want to experience the feeling of traveling to a new land. They can choose personal vehicles such as motorcycles and cars to move. For private transfer will help you take the initiative, easy to conquer and explore the place here and the cost will be much cheaper than taking a bus.

Voted as a typical tourist area in the Mekong Delta. Con Phung is designed in an open architecture and immersed in nature. Con Phung is like a floating green oasis on Tien river that comes here, you will discover the rustic garden life of the people here.

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